Bound to the CEO

Bound to the CEO

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Already a billionaire at a young age of 28, Sebastian Jackson "SJ" Kincaid has the world at his feet. He could have anything and anybody he wants with just one command from him.Ellisande Porter, an innocent, young, simple woman is secretly married to SJ, who only met him once and that was during their wedding, which their families had arranged when she was still 17.Four years later, she is being whisked into the limelight and being groomed to become the next Mrs. Kincaid. With nothing but hate she gets from SJ, will Elli be able to find a way to win his heart? Will SJ as well learn to accept his fate and learn to love her? Will a certain past that is catching up be able to help the two be together or tear them apart? Will their love story just stay as arranged or will they be able to fall in love with each other?

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Chapter 1
“It’s the fifth car, Mr. Kincaid.”Sebastien Jackson Kincaid, or as known by everyone as SJ, cursed over the phone after the butler from his country home reported another incident. He knew the butler is cringing at the other line.“Is she hurt?” He barked a few minutes after.“Minor injuries, Sir,” the butler answered. “Dr. Jones has already tended to her and she is resting. I already had the car towed. I fear that madam might shift her interests on the bikes once she recovers.”“Then, give her the damn keys if she does!” He scoffed hotly and then ended the call.“Let me guess,” his best friend, Brian Johnson drawled out with a laugh. “Does this had something to do with that simpleton you left behind at your country home?”“Apparently, that simpleton is far from what she is now,” SJ grumbled as he stepped outside the private elevator that le
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Chapter 2
SJ remained calm until he got inside his car. He gripped the steering wheel tightly as he sped through the city, cursing the heavens for the predicament he has been entered in four years ago. His phone rang and he checked the screen on his dashboard to see his lover, Carmela Steinfeld calling.“Are you coming over?” She purred at the other end of the line. “I got the tub ready.”“I’m entering the driveway already,” he replied and ended the call. He got out of his car and tossed his keys to the valet and entered the luxurious lobby of K Park Palace, an eighty-eight story, residential building that his family had built. He went to his private elevator and press the button towards the penthouse, where he had house her for the past two years.“Let’s get you out of those clothes to sooth those nerves,” Carmela greeted when he entered the penthouse. She quickly took off his jacket and placed them on the wardr
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Chapter 3
Ellisande Porter looked up from the painting of a scenery that she is doing when she heard a sound of an engine from outside. She placed her paintbrush down and reached for the crutches she has been since last night after the accident she was involved in during the race she entered.“Who’s it for, William?” She asked softly, standing beside the butler, who was giving back the paper he had signed. “What’s a Lamborghini doing here?”“Mr. Kincaid had it delivered,” the butler answered patiently as he assisted her back inside.Ellisande abruptly stopped and refused to budge from where she is standing, looking at William coldly. “So, he’s not giving in to my request, is he?” She shot angrily. She held out her hand. “Give me the keys, William! I’m going to wreck that piece of trash right now!”“Ms. Elli, please don’t be hard on yourself,” he said gently. &ldquo
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Chapter 4
It was two weeks later when Ellisande found herself, standing by in agitation as Cherry, one of the maids, cleaning some wounds she obtained a while ago in her husband’s country home office. She had taken one of her husbands Ducati motorbike for a spin to clear her mind after receiving no news on the divorce she is seeking and was surprisingly caught between a car race between two gang rivals. She tried steering away from the fight, but they suddenly thought she was part of the game and went after her. Her husband managed to save her just in the nick of time and got himself wounded in the process.“That’ll be all,” she heard a hard bark. “My wife will tend to me. All of you, get out! Now!”The maids scurried in fear and Elli watched helplessly as William, the last one to leave, closing the door quietly.“What the hell are you waiting for?!” Her husband shouted.Elli turned and hurriedly went to where her hus
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Chapter 5
Ellisande stood quietly behind her husband while they watched the elder Kincaid’s getting out of the car. She clasped her hands in front, gripping them lightly while trying to calm her nerves. She heard SJ greeting his mother softly.“Hello, Elli,” Mrs. Kincaid greeted with a warm smile.“It’s nice seeing you again, Mrs. Kincaid,” Elli replied formally with a smile.“Don’t you think it’s time for you to call me Mom?” Mrs. Kincaid asked gently. She turned to her son and gave him a light frown. “Are you disallowing Elli to call me Mom?”“No, he did not…, Mom,” Elli quickly answered to prevent any anger from SJ. “I just presumed that it’s more formal. My apologies for assuming wrong.”“Oh, dear,” Mrs. Kincaid stated with a smile. “I gained another daughter and I’m not regretting it. And, so does Mr. Kincaid. Your dad.&rd
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Chapter 6
SJ looked up from the report that he is reading when the driver told him that they are now approaching The Upper Hill Apartment on Saturday evening. He placed the documents on the space beside him and looked at Ellisande, who is sitting quietly on her side, her eyes staring out the window.Ever since she fell down the pool at the country house, she had changed drastically when she went out of her room that night when he came to fetch her for dinner. From the carefree and active lady, she became quiet and submissive, a complete turnaround from all the reports that William had relayed to him over the years.Unbeknownst to Ellisande, he has started keeping tabs on her when her father died. After pestering him with calls to borrow money to pay off her father’s medical expenses and the debt he had for his hospitalization, SJ became curious of the woman he had married. It took her months mourning her father and he assumed that when she called him up again several times
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Chapter 7
Ellisande opened the door to her apartment on a Thursday night, a week later from the day she started working at Kincaid Development at the Kincaid Tower. She took off her low heel pumps and walked tiredly towards the couch. She sat down and leaned her head on the soft pillow, closing her eyes.In her first week in the city, she managed to get lost on her way back from the supermarket by making a wrong turn and crashing into an ongoing store renovation. A furious SJ came picking her up on a late Sunday morning at the police station after paying for the damages. The policemen seemed to know him well enough not to say anything and watched her being dragged back to his car and berated at her furiously the entire way to her apartment. He yelled at her, for the car she was using will be taken for repairs. She tried explaining that she made a wrong turn but he never believed her.“I just said yesterday that it’s not for racing!” He shouted and he started po
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Chapter 8
“So, how is she doing?”SJ looked up from the construction drawings he is reviewing and looked at Brian coldly on a busy Tuesday morning. He then looked back down and continued his checking. He never said a thing and waited for Brian to continue.“I heard she got into an accident at the food hall last week,” Brian continued casually as he placed down the drawing he is reviewing as well. “No one even helped her up. Poor girl then has to suffer through some tantrums of some bitch she accidentally bumped into.”“Anything else?!” SJ sneered.Brian gave him a wry look.“Just letting you know that your wife is not having the time of her life in your company,” he commented dryly as he returned the drawing to SJ and made some notes on his Ipad. “On my way up in the elevator, there was this group of women snickering and gossiping about her. Presumably, your wife was discovered by one of the j
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Chapter 9
Elli went back to her desk after having a quick lunch at the cafeteria of the building’s service crew. Thomas Jones, a man in his sixties, discovered her having lunch at the broom closet last week. He then invited her to eat where the crew eats. After the accident she experienced at the food hall, she decided to bring her own lunch and find a small, private place where she can eat in peace. It would also be the time to allow herself to rest from all the orders her supervisor, Valerie is throwing her way.“Are the drawings done, Elli?” Her supervisor’s voice came.“It’ll be done in ten minutes, Ma’am,” Elli answered formally as she neatly stacked the drawing pages and filed them properly. “I will put it on your desk.”“I don’t have ten minutes!” Valerie sneered at her coldly. “I told you that I need them right after lunch! God! You’re such an idiot! Are you doing this to rui
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Chapter 10
SJ’s eyes hardened as he re-watched the file footages sent to him from the security office of all the accidents that Ellisande has been involved in. He watched as he saw the culprit, who whacked and pushed her inside the meeting room that made her lose her balance.He then clicked on another video where the supervisor she was assigned to, threw a thick file of drawings that landed on her face while screaming curses at her. After receiving a hard slap and some tongue-lashing from his close friend Florence over the predicament that his wife is going through, he called up security and ordered all clips that involve Ellisande’s accident sent to him. He was surprised to see that there are more than twenty files.“You are such a despicable man!” Florence screeched after slapping him. “Did you see the state of your wife just now? Let me guess. Of course, you didn’t. You just came back from lunch with your lover, didn’t yo
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