Dancer Or Soldier Of Time

Dancer Or Soldier Of Time

By:  Spartan Mom  Ongoing
Language: English
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Welcome To A World Of Different Possibilities! Where Fiction Is Explained. Where Travel Through Space Is a Breeze. Where The Mysteries Of The Unknown And Forgotten Are Rediscovered. Follow Kyrniz as she journey's to Remember What and Who she is. From Different points of view, we will Uncover Mysteries You, have Thought of? Dreamt of? Hear about?.. but probably forgot.... maybe ... A Different Form of Writing that Allows One to Think about Different Things. That do have something to do with the progression of my story. From the Evilness of disappearances, to what goes on when specific events happen unexpectedly, to the past that is a dream but not, What happens when specific 'locked in time' moments that cannot be undone happen? To a new world that is older than the oldest, deadly secret. Do you dare to challenge your mind on being a Descendant of an Impossibiliter? Or Discard this book for being Impossible to read? The Choice Is Yours

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15 Chapters
Possible Class On An Impossible Planet
On a distant planet, lava rages as ice falls from the sky like comets, every few minutes out of the clouds that block the view from space. Your typical newly made planet undergoing a Terra Transformation Situation, or TTS for short, since it depends on the special environment that determines how long until a planet it done. Or should be if not for the Impossibiliter headquarters being in the worst place to be yet the safest. If one looked closely they could see Red Rocky Mountains formations scattered all over the surface and had started the cooling process. Yet at odd angles there are odd color lights that are similar to the lava, at what would seem to be like random spots of small different shade of light than the glow of cooling magma. If one was near the surface, which is difficult to do with the falling ice chunks, one would probably be able to see small figures transferring from light to light. From a high point of view, if not for the glare of the magma mixing with the fallen
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Answers To The Questions In The Dark
*Sigh* looking at the eager Young Beast Master sitting in the middle of the classroom with his hands on the front of his seat as he rocks the chair with curiosity plastered on his face but his hands gripped the seat with rage. "In order to your questions. Yes it does, Because of your Grandfathers very over-powered Allies are visiting, Because nothing is broken and you're being monitored because of this Overview, No One, can 'Control' your Grandfather, so he will show up when he wishes to, You will never find out, I also teach Combat and Stealth and Medical, When you 'Pass' in the Top 8 of The Test, !_! W...where did you hear that from? ... It is unconfirmed, Yes, Maybe, No, Unsure, it depends on what she is already capable of, probably more powerful than you since she survived this long." ~Slam~ The chair comes down to the ground as he gets up with ease and comes forwarded in front of me. With his head down to where even with night vision I cannot see his face ~Sigh~
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Soo Times Up! Pencils Down!" An array of thuds echoed in the large classroom as multiple students put their pencils off to the side. With desk collums of 15 and rows of 20, an array of male army shaved heads lined every desk.... except one who had longer hair and seemed to be sleeping as everyone around her seemed to be in a hurry to finish the writing assignment. Many seemed happy, while others slightly frustrated as the time ticked down to Zero and the skinny ruthless instructor hollard for them to stop. Everyone flipped their papers over and slid them slightly forward onto a paper size rectangle in the middle top of their wooden looking desks. ~Ding~ ~Ding~ ~Ding~ The multiple squares turned green, eliminating the surrounding faces as the lights turned back on as to have been to prevent any cheating, as soon as all the papers were placed. Once all the lights were illuminated in unison a blue light started to scan the writing and sent them to the Head Teachers computer as a St
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Dream Or Run?
Finishing the exam early a young girl stretches then pushes her paper onto the faint rectangle at the top of the desk. Taking a quick look around her in the dark as her eyes can see fine due to training, she lays her head on her arms on her desk and drifts into sleep as her body gives off waves of exhaustion that pulls her mind deep into sleep almost instantly. ---- -BOOM- loud explosions echoed at random interval's. "DUCK!" Someone yelled at the top of their lungs. "HIDE! THEIR COMING!" Another yells as footsteps could be heard running in another direction. "NO!! THIS WAY!" Someone hollard from a different location. "FALL BACK!! FALL BA..." -CRASH- -BOOM- As buildings fall in a city as smoke rises. Explosions could be seen going off on the planet below from Space. Looking down on multiple shuttles launching out of orbit out of the sky of the once known Mining Home, was currently being invaded and rescuers were sent down to grab who they could at the same time so chaos had i
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Never Seen One Before?
Watching the cameras as the students filed out of the assembly hall, noticing the only female in the room still sleeping. "Is that one of them?" A curious deep gruff male voice asked no one. "Yes," An electronic monotone voice replies, "She was done first and there are similarities between 'hers' and four others. There were six others who had similar subconscious stories, but extremely different." Looking back at the cameras, I notice that four male students were off to the side chatting and slowly but surely did six others join in the conversation. They seem to be waiting for someone... Pressing my com, "Wake her up." "Gladly! I now have a reason to hit a female! Why did you even allow her entry?" The exam teacher asked in an irritated tone. "Classified. Do as you're told." The Director replied sternly. "Tch" Watching him approach the sleeping female, as he raised the Ruler high, he had brought it down with enough force to break bone.... Only for her to just rub her arms as
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Distorting Star
Gladly she accepted his invite to share a seat. Many might not have seen what she did.. but as the team leader who decided that our primary mission would to be to protect her since she's more ambitious than other females. Other females are usually kept on certain planets inside of a personalized castle that provides for all needs a female would ever need as well as the utmost protection. Many females leave only to find a suitable 'match' for their... Tastes... or plan to have many multiple 'matches incase one gets killed. Everyone of the female species, no matter the kind, does this for it is their instinct to do so... Not Her. Not since I grew up with her while I trained openly to be a soldier... she would do so in the shadows mimicking the experts as best as she could. Though I do have to say... The amount of hiding places in a child's play sector!!! She found soooo many!.. In an extremely security obsessed location was outstanding! Though now that I think about it... it was lik
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Fail Safe
Peace and quiet was welcomed with a soft strong rhythmic pounding beat, like that of a drum, echoed all around me. This bliss... I know deep down that it won't last. Soon I need to wake up... Soon... I'ma take a nap right now! The process of how I get out of here is still lost in my memory and I don't feel like doing anything. It's a rare thing for me.. to get this much relaxing sleep. I just dont want to miss it. Dreamless sleep still envelopes me though, as I feel that something large yet quite younger than me has been slowly getting closer ever since I closed my eyes. (I'm still a teenager.. so something that younger.. than me.. must be the younger kids on the shuttle!) "Chuckle" a sound was heard from all directions so I when I looked for the source, I could not find anything. A soft rumble sounded again and rippled throughout my surrounding as multiple deep soft chuckles sounded in succesion as if something was funny. I realized that i could not open my eyes to see, trying t
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The situation was not looking good! From an Outsider perspective a super ancient red star, just went Super Nova, with a small transport vessel at its Horizon. Blinding every system in the Galactic Quadrant for a thousand-year rotation as the core condensed and expanded and collapsed. The mist like substance that blanketed this particular Quadrant was pulled, into the Star, like a vortex of a whirlpool before it reaches the sea floor as an anchor before going chaotic. Inside the ship everything is in critical condition but is happening on a slower scale then the rest of the Galaxy. The walls bending and stretching in odd ways like melted metal ripples on a surface of a lake due to the heat waves bombarding from the outside vs the life support and coolant system set on maintaining a specific life supporting temperature. The male soldiers in training could not move from their harnesses as they are assaulted by super levels of radiation and gravitational pull from all directions, plus
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Dream or Memory
***This Chapter Uses Brackets to Distinguish Speech For none of the Words are Spoken*** Fields of grass swayed on a mountain side as a little girl is laying down amongst the tall grass asleep as fluffy clouds drifted in different shapes in the sky. As the clouds moved a setting sun was casting layers of red, orange, and white shone in equal splendor but could not penetrate through any of the clouds. On the other side of the tall grassy mountain two bright blue moons were beginning to rise casting a cool dark azure color towards the setting suns fading light. When the two different sides met above the tall mountain a phenomenon, that only occurs on this planet, happened. Purple Lighting was storming all along the entire planet as day was replaced by night and vice versa. As the crackle of thunder was distant, it was still just a soft constant rumble, that shook the ground faintly but strongly. With enough 'oomph' to penetrate the core of this planet that was under construction by litt
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Dreams Collide part 1
***This Chapter Uses Some Brackets to Distinguish Speech For not all of the Words are Spoken*** [Hannible! Ask for us too!] [I Wana Hear Too!] [How is she able to make that? Does it work? If so how come we haven't been able to do so as well?] Hannible looks at the small female as the pheromones of his brothers enveloped him as he still tries to come to terms with forgotten words. With his mind on concentrating on forming words in his mind with the Band for her to hear, he shut off his pheromones so his brothers wouldn't sent how he phrased himself. Getting to his feet he dusted himself off quickly and took a few steps towards the female to where he realized just how smaller she was. "More? Make for Brothers?" Making a gesture behind him to three males on one knee in grass and three standing close together blocking her view of an Armored one sitting on a boulder. On this small green planet they made to stand on to deal with this unknown material comet that drifted past them and tu
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