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Eden a girl born with powers strong enough to manipulate the earth and bend its waters. In a world where plants have long withered and the rivers dried, it is only a matter a time before her powers are the only thing saving humanity.

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Chapter One
I have always loved the forest, it is always so peaceful. So colourful. I move around the beautiful path between the trees, with my arms spread out so I can feel the breeze flow pass me. Each leaf has a different feel to it. It is as if I can communicate with each of them. I smile at the smooth feel of the leaves on my small hands as they brush softly against it. "I could live here forever," I think to myself. "NOOOOO!" I am suddenly brought back into reality with the piercing sound that robs peace from the environment. "Where did it come from? And that voice," I ask myself, trying
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~Dead Plants
 "Eden come on get up! We can't afford to get there late!!" Elsa says, kicking me out of bed at the same time.I get up lazily and head to the bathroom. When I finish my business, she is already dressed up in her Forager uniform shifting her weight from one foot to another impatiently waiting for me."Elsa, why are you in such a hurry? We still have like an hour before the exams start." I say, smirking at her."Yes, I know that, but we need to be there early so we can already be on the captain's good side." She pushes me into the room playfully, "dress up already, we can continue talking about this on the way.""Fine mother," I say, with sarcasm lacing my voice."I HEARD THAT!" she shouts back at me from somewhere in the house.I quickly put on the same kind of uniform as Elsa; which comprised of a dirty brown leather sleeveless top, matching pants t
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~We found it!
________________________________We move quickly towards the tree as if pulled by some weird forces and Elsa goes on her knees to try and reach the brilliant green plants that seem to glitter like someone just watered them, as she stretches her fingers towards it, her eyes aligning with the belly of the trunk, she notices more."E! I think we need to call someone to help raise this tree from the ground, there might be enough for everyone," she says with a bright smile."What ever you say El, you are the boss." I reply giggling with excitement."Hey guys!! We found plants!"The rest of our team gathers around with a mixture of shock and joy plastered on their faces, we were all officially permanent members of Amazon City!We gather the plants which were a large quantity of broccoli, asparagus, cabbages, carrots and even potatoes, back to the city.Everyone is
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____________________________**"Come on sleepy head! Why are you always been difficult in the morning. Get up!" Elsa drags my legs out of the blanket."Let me sleeepp- I am sooooooo tirrreedddd. Go away!" I say slurring my words purposely."Don't make me do something terrible to you. Get up!!" She yells at me."Okay, okay, I am up already." I drag myself lazily out of the tiny bed we both share and head to the bathroom to clean up my face.It has been months since we graduated and getting up early is always my nightmare.After about twenty minutes of Elsa pushing me around, we head to work.The foragers' meeting hall which is what we decided to call the training Grounds is located in the farm reserve area of the compound, since we work closely together. On our way we pass the farmers trying to save the little crops we have left
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Chapter Five
________________________________My feet stops moving suddenly making Samuel bump into me, realising that we have actually wasted our time going back to the spot we found those plants, the water source Elsa seem to be chasing after is a dead lake, all dried up!"Elsa! Elsa!" I try to call her back but she already ran from my horizon and earshot."Come on let's go after her," Samuel says, nudging me forward.We keep running for a few more minutes until we get to the old lake.Just like before; it is still dried up.An empty space. Filled with cracked and dried up earth. Empty.Elsa is crunched on the ground looking defeated; hands folded into fists by her side."El, It's going to be fine," I say kneeling by her side."How? They are going to throw us out E! How would we eat? Without a profession, we are lia
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