Dark Obsessions (A Devil's Knights MC Series 1)

Dark Obsessions (A Devil's Knights MC Series 1)

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Margo aka Bridgette lost everything that was precious to her in one single night. Her family, her safety, and her innocence. After spending five years in captivity and three years in hiding she's back and ready to face the demons of her past. However, she isn't returning alone and must plan her next steps carefully or the people hunting them will have both of their heads. Kane is ex special forces and a member of the Devil's Knights MC. He has hardened his heart against the fairer after his ex wife turned his world upside-down and left his heart as broken as his body. When they run into each other Kane is reminded of a young woman he helped escape while Margo tries desperately to hold on to her heart. After all, who would want someone as broken as her. They soon find themselves in a race against time and Kane can't help his attraction to the woman who seemed ready to to protect everything she holds dear. Danger lurks around every corner and old wounds will be ripped open. What Margo doesn't know is that Kane wants her and will to keep her and her ward safe. Steamy scenes await as they plunge head first into the dangerous world that is his home and has Margo dancing a fast paced tune of revenge. In this book Margo will learn that nothing is as it seems and that only one man will keep her safe and her warm.

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This story is well written, checks all the boxes. Emotional, surprising, laughter, tears, anger, love & undeniable need for justice, good to triumph over unimaginable evil. It’s the middle of the night I am starting to read the sequel as sleep has just taken back seat for need to what happens next.
2023-04-29 15:51:31
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Are you a biker?? This by far is my favorite and best MC related book since watching Jack Teller n Sons of Anarchy. You've gained a new fan so Kudos to you author.
2023-04-03 19:40:17
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Absolutely amazing story! We’ll written & definitely intriguing! Highly recommend reading this one. Cant wait for the sequel!!
2021-12-31 12:21:39
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Jude Ekpo
Great read. the writer makes the book simple, yet engaging.
2021-09-14 21:56:51
104 Chapters
"Mom! Dad!" Margo screamed, bolting up from her nightmare.Nightmare was putting it lightly. No. That night was the beginning of hell as she screamed her voice hoarse hoping and praying that someone would hear her. She had spent most of her life aware of the world's dark deeds. Still, nothing could have prepared her for that night or her life after. It was the night that she had lost everything. Now she knew that it was up to her to get herself out of the situation that she was in as she stared at the tiny lifeless form laying on the rusted cot next to her. Tears filled her eyes as she cradled the infant against her breasts.Margo knew that no one would be coming for her. She didn't know how long she had been there but enough was enough. She was tired of being beaten and raped. She had never submitted and that was something that she would be forever proud of.Margo had begun to plan her escape when she realized that she was on her own. That was also around the time th
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Chapter One
Three years later Bridgette stood outside looking at the remains of her childhood home. All that was left was a charred frame and a foundation that had been weathered by the years of bipolar Texas weather. The fire that she had started to remove any trace of her existence still remained heavy on her mind. She had whispered a sad goodbye to her home and the memories of her family that night. She had buried her daughter’s remains in the dirt floor of the old shed her family had built years ago. Bridgette said a silent prayer begging for forgiveness for not saving her from the horrors of her father, covered the grave with straw and old boxes, and left vowing that she would one day return. Now she was back. “Hey, Bridge.” A small voice called out to her. Bridgette turned with a small smile on her face as the six year old girl climbed out of the car. Her only friend for four years had passed away. Like Bridgette, she was all alone so she had asked her to take care of the litt
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Chapter Two
Bridgette started up the car and turned it around to start back the way they had come. Bridgette didn’t miss the dark look Ginny had on her face as they pulled away. She knew that the miserable woman was up to something. She heaved a sigh of relief when they finally put some distance between them. Bridgette took a deep breath and told Sammy that she could finally sit up. Once she had strapped into her seat, Sammy turned serious eyes on the woman who was now her guardian. “Who was that woman and why did she say that the land belonged to her husband?” Sammy asked, frowning. “That woman is my Aunt Ginny and she’s not someone that you should trust.” Bridgette whispered. “Is she like my daddy?” Sammy asked. Bridgette sighed sadly, hating that she had someone to compare it to. Bridgette looked at the girl in the rearview mirror and shook her head. “I don’t know, honey.” Bridgette whispered. “I sure hope not.”   “You would think
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Chapter Three
  It's been three years and Kane found himself in an annoying situation. He had gone to The Coffee Palace to see his sister, hoping that she would divulge some of the information that she had on the young woman he had met. Somehow he had managed to get caught in the middle of a fight involving a one night stand and a fuck buddy of his.  Kane rubbed at his temples as the two shrieked at each other. He was regretting his decision to even come into town. If it hadn't been the Prez sending him he would have still been asleep.  “For the love of God take this shit outside and out of my fucking restuarant!” Mary yelled, coming out of the kitchen. “Kane, you’re my brother and I love you, but for the sake of my sanity you need to get better taste in women.” Mary growled.  “Excuse me!”A tall bru
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Chapter Four
Kane stood outside of The Coffee Palace watching her leave. For some reason that look of recognition seemed to stick out to him the most. He wasn’t sure where she would have seen him before or why he wouldn’t have remembered her right away. She was a beautiful woman and definitely one that he wouldn’t mind having in his bed. Granted he didn’t get much of a look at her because the clothing she wore seemed to hide her figure rather than accentuate it. He let out a frustrated sigh and walked back into the restaurant to go speak to Mary.    “Kane.” Mary said, raising a brow at him.    “I swear to God, Mary, I had no idea either one of them were here.” Kane said, holding his hands up in surrender as his furious sister stood there with her arms crossed.    “I’m only
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Chapter Five
A/N: This chapter contains explicit violence. I will mark where it begins and ends so feel free to skip it if it makes you uncomfortable. Look for the *****     The large opulent mansion stood erect once again. It had taken over a year to complete and Bernard had spent that year in a violent rage that scared even his men. Bernard Shaw was now pushing fifty and he was glad to be done with rebuilding his mansion. He felt like the fire and the escape of his song bird had been the wakeup call he needed and as a result he had increased his security ten fold. After that night it had become very clear that he had become complacent and allowed his ego to get the better of him.    Bernard thought back to his younger years. How he had reached such successful heights at the age of twenty-four. The death of the cartel boss that had
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Chapter Six
“Bridgette!” Sammy said with exasperation. “I don’t want to go!”  “Why not?”Bridgette asked with concern. “I just don’t want to.”Sammy pouted.  “Sammy, if you don’t tell me, I can’t help you…” Bridgette said, kneeling down to her level. Sammy was a bright kid who enjoyed school back in their old town. It had been three weeks since they moved back to Bryan, Texas. However, lately Sammy threw a fit when she had to go to school. Bridgette couldn’t help but be worried. She had been to the school and spoke to the teachers and staff. She had been assured that Sammy was fine and that there weren’t any problems. But Sammy’s increasing refusal to go to school had her questioning just what was going on in that school. 
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Chapter Seven
For the last couple of weeks Kane had been plagued by thoughts of the  young woman that he now knew as Bridgette Thomas. He found it annoying. He didn’t want to think about her small curvy body and how good it would feel to have her underneath him. Nor did he want to think about her crystal blue eyes that seemed both guarded and fragile. He found himself considering her every feature, such as how her nose had a smattering of freckles across the bridge. The way her lips pouted and how plump and kissable they looked.  Kane frowned into his beer, lost in his frustrating thoughts of the petite woman. Occasionally his image of Bridgette would meld with the scared young woman from three years ago. He wondered why the two seemed synonymous to him.  He had been staring at his beer for a while now when a loud noise alerted him to a commotion at the fron
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Author's Note
Good Evening my lovelies! Sorry for the late update!!!! I have been busy unpacking and things have kind of gotten away from me. I know that it took a while but I will have chapter eight uploaded later tonight. I am working on some interesting developments for this story so be sure to hang in there and bear with me! I've got twists, turns, and lots of steamy (and some very disturbing) scenes. I know that I said it before but I beleive the best villians are the most brutal.  Be sure to leave comments. I love hearing feed back from my readers. Happy reading, my lovelies, and have a blessed day. :D
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Chapter Eight
“God dammit!” Digger shouted, throwing his phone across the room. He had been looking for Margo for years now. He had finally caught up with her when a contact of his was arrested for beating the shit out of a woman who had taken off with his baby. Digger didn’t give a damn about that though. No, it was the woman that had been with her that caught his attention. The same woman who had once again slipped through his fingers. For three years she had him chasing his tail putting out false leads all the while she was out doing whatever she wanted. Digger, like his boss, believed that her place was in a cell waiting to service the men in any way that their hearts desired. He still couldn’t believe the bitch had taken out her guards, set fire to the compound, and then escaped. As much as her escape frustrated him he found himself admiring her. She reminded him more and more of her mother except she didn’t seem
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