In just five seconds, nobody knew how to breathe. Dawn couldn’t believe what he was hearing. His eyes were wide behind his sunglasses as Aqua let her larynx steal everyone’s soul with her. 

He had heard Aqua humming. He had heard Aqua gurgling in her sleep. However, Dawn did not know the mermaid’s definition of singing was literally transforming into an entire choir by herself. Most musicians needed accompaniment for performances. It was very difficult to sing acapella. Most pop stars even required auto-tune to sound decent. How was Aqua doing this?

The four men he pulled over over lecherous intentions had their jaws slack in disbelief at the raw gem before them. Aqua continued to sing, and Dawn turned behind. The crowd started to grow quickly, but the mermaid was still clueless as to what was happening.

Seizing the chance to slip out of the crowd while he still could, Dawn walked towards Aqua from the side and waited behind her beside a tree in
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