Dear Don

Dear Don

By:  DestinyAitsuji  Completed
Language: English
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[A Mermaid x Mafia Boss Fluffy Romance] "Stay away from humans," Aqua's mother used to tell her. Until the age of eighteen, she spent most of her time in the deep depths of the ocean. Occasionally, she would swim to the pier at night when there were no humans to explore. One fateful night, a human fell from the sky covered in blood. Using her tears, Aqua saved the mysterious man and spiralled into a life of crime. Dawn Daniels did not expect to live. His advisor had betrayed him and tossed him into the cold watery depths. Yet, like a ray of light, he was given another chance to live by a mysterious mermaid like no other maiden. Touched by her gentle and innocent nature, Dawn tries to live his new life with her but his past catches up to him. Dying for the third time without a way for Aqua to save him using her immortality, the unlucky couple exchanged one last vow, transforming their lives forever. For the price of granting him a new life, Aqua loses her voice forever. Dawn promises to take care of her for as long as they live and marries her. Away from their tragic pasts, follow Dawn and Aqua as they learn more about each other's species and fall deeper each day. [Completed]

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kami nari
I'm a sucker for fantasy stories so I started reading. The fast and dynamic action from the first chapters really gets you to read more. I also love and enjoy the development between the main characters so far. More people should get into reading this story you will enjoy it!
2023-04-08 16:12:13
91 Chapters
Raining Humans
"Aqua! Don't go too close to the land. Stay away from humans. They're nothing but terrible creatures who destroy anything they don't understand. If they see you, swim to the bottom of the ocean as fast as you can and don't look back."To this day, Aqua remembered her mother's words. Unfortunately, the old mermaid was severely injured by a crazy orca and passed away several years ago. Aqua only had her mother growing up. The lady taught her everything she knew, from hunting to astrology. She was still grieved thinking about the horrible day. However, the young mermaid knew that life had to go on. She might not have her mother with her but remembered everything she was told.The deep sea came with a different set of dangers. There might not be many humans in the deep sea, but there were sharks and whales that loved to eat merfolks. Aqua’s village was wiped out by a school of hungry whales, and her mother escaped with baby Aqua in her arms as her father and brothers fought valiantly. Com
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Die Proudly
At the age of twenty-seven, Dawn Daniels had everything anyone wanted — women, money and power. His father was an infamous mafia don, and it was no surprise that he would inherit the family business after his father died from a heart attack. There was no other family apart from the old don who refused to remarry after Dawn’s mother passed away from childbirth. However, the young don always saw his subordinates as his family. In particular, his father’s advisor had always been a big brother Dawn never had. Ricardo was the last person Dawn expected to betray him. Yet, reality was constantly disappointing him.“This is the end of line, buddy. It’s been a joy watching you grow up all these years. No hard feelings, Dawn. I’ll send you off without pain to reunite with your parents.”Growling at the traitor under his nose, Dawn couldn’t help but regret overlooking the signs. His father’s death had been suspicious from the beginning, but the young mafia boss had many things to settle on the t
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Fishy Angel
It had to be a dream. There was no way mermaids existed, right?Dawn couldn’t see much in the dark watery tomb. However, he questioned his sanity when thin arms wrapped around his torso with a scaly tail pulling him upwards to the surface. Maybe he had already died, and this was the underworld.Although he could not see, Dawn could hear the splashing of waves and feminine grunts as his mysterious angel pulled him up on the rocks. She struggled with his weight for a while before shredding his shirt.If Dawn were still able to move, he would have leered at the action. However, he was too tired to care. Whatever, he was dying anyway. Nothing she did would help. A ruined shirt was the last of his concern, although dying in the arms of a fishy stranger wasn’t what he had in mind when he threw himself off that bridge.Instead of getting violated by his fishy saviour, Dawn heard faint sobbing sounds. Was she really crying for a total stranger?It wasn&r
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Turquoise Tail
Before Aqua could answer, the sun dipped below the water, and in a glow of light that blinded Dawn, her legs transformed into a beautiful turquoise tail.Gaping, the mafia boss stared at the large fish tail flicking on the rocks. Aqua took the opportunity to escape with a large splash.Cold water rained over Dawn, and he covered his eyes to prevent salt from getting into them. Spluttering, the shocked man looked to the sea. He couldn’t see anything, as if the mermaid who saved him earlier was only his imagination.He was still alive, and the gunshot wound from earlier had disappeared. There was no doubt about it. That wasn’t a dream. Dawn had been saved by a mythical creature with a turquoise tail.“Dammit!” he cussed silently and looked up. That was the bridge he jumped from.Without a way up or any hint of where his saviour had gone, Dawn weighed his options. His shirt was torn, and Ricardo was probably still trying to find his body. It was too risky to return. Ther
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Unusual First Date
As far as crazy first dates went, this had to be Dawn’s worst first impression. However, he reasoned that more crime wouldn’t hurt his criminal record. Aqua didn’t have to discover that this yacht did not belong to him. He usually committed graver crimes like murder and money laundering, but he wasn’t against dining and dashing when the situation called for it. He was a mafia boss behaving like a ruffian, which was humiliating. However, pride won’t fill his stomach. Food did.Together, they finished Aqua’s stash of snacks, and Dawn told her his plan.“If you know any boats that don’t have people, we can go up there and take some of their food.”Aqua knew what boats Dawn was talking about. She often dodged them from beneath the water, and sometimes, she would smell very delicious things coming from them. Occasionally, if she waited beneath them, the humans from those boats would throw food down into the water. She d
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Dawn did not know much about cooking. However, he knew some basics. It wasn’t difficult to follow the instructions behind the frozen food packaging. Besides, those gentlemen did not seem like they were professional chefs. Most men were only good at using the microwave and grilling meat.Aqua rolled around on the sofa and looked at the strange box that talked while Dawn cooked. She could smell all sorts of strange scents as the human busied away. Those new smells made her stomach unhappy, and Aqua lost interest in the talking box.Sniffing the air, the mermaid watched the human she saved, removing strange things from cardboard boxes. When he tossed the cardboard boxes, she gasped in alarm at the waste of edible material.“What are you doing? Why do you throw those away? It can be eaten!”Startled at the outburst, Dawn turned around. Aqua flailed on the couch with a panicked look on her face. He followed her line of sight, and it landed on the fro
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Shower Lessons
Pizza was a strange human food. It was a lot of things at once, and Aqua had no idea what to make of the flavours that burst on her tongue. Most importantly, this thing called cheese stretched when she pulled it. She had never eaten anything like it before. Not only was it fun, but it was also tasty.“Do you like it?”Chewing happily, Aqua nodded. Dawn ate his pizza and watched as the mermaid stretched the cheese until it broke. She was like a child trying to see how long she could stretch the mozzarella before it snapped. He didn’t mind. However, they had to eat and leave quickly.“You can finish the rest of the food,” he told her. “I’m going to shower and find some clothes for you.”Nodding absentmindedly, Aqua continued to eat. She wanted to know if the cheese had a limit. So far, she could only stretch it as far as half her arm. Maybe if she tried hard enough, it would reach the end of her arm, and she could slu
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My Way is the Highway
It wasn’t very different from driving a car. When Dawn figured out where the steering and the throttle were, he turned on the engine. The key was still in the ignition where the original owners had left it. However, the boat refused to budge after a certain distance of moving. It took Dawn a while to figure out why.The anchor was harder to locate than the mafia boss thought. These boats were engineered to be advanced and had no manual anchors to throw overboard. Instead, there was a button in the cockpit to retract it.Once that was resolved, Dawn was finally able to move the boat. He didn’t want to run into any of Ricardo’s goons who might be searching in the area, so he ran along the city coast until he reached the end of the pier. These boats couldn’t dock in shallow waters, so he had no choice but to disembark at a different end of the same pier.Stopping the boat was easier than starting it. Dawn slowed the speed and dropped the anchor af
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It was close to noon when Dawn decided to exit the highway. It was to a small town he had never heard of before and about a hundred kilometres from the pier he was shot at. It would be a great place to find what he needed and swap to a different car in a more isolated spot. Besides, the Cadillac was starting to run low on fuel.There weren’t many cars in this small town. Most people would be at work, so the mafia boss decided to visit the most way-out hypermart to buy what he needed. For now, he needed to stock up on more food, drinks and some clothes. He didn’t have a lot of money on him even after robbing the fishing yacht. Rich people did not carry with them a lot of cash.The hypermart staff were busy restocking shelves, and housewives were buying their daily necessities, some with young children strapped to their backs. Nobody had time to pay attention to Dawn, so he grabbed a trolley and threw the food he needed into it, along with a carton of water.
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Seat Belt
It felt weird. Was it raining, or was there a school of fish passing by?Aqua cracked open an eyelid sleepily and noticed that colourful sparkles were dancing before her eyes. She had no idea what they were, but they looked pretty. On instinct, she reached out to touch them, but they slipped past her fingers and went behind her.Bleary-eyed, the mermaid woke up and noticed that something was different. She couldn’t move when she tried to flick her tail. Instead, pain shot through her foot when it hit something solid.“Hng!” Aqua bit her bottom lip and reached for her tail when she noticed something horribly wrong.There was a long fabric covering it, but Aqua could feel it at once. She didn’t have scales beneath the fabric, and even her webbed fingers were un-webbed now.“Huh?”Beside her, Dawn watched the mermaid wake up in confusion. Instead of saying anything, he let the bewildered creature recall last night’
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