Dear Zaddy

Dear Zaddy

By:  Obassi A-n  Ongoing
Language: English
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"I am going to be your daddy little girl. And I'll adorne you with treasures you still haven't dreamt of. I'll make you a queen of all queens. But you'll have to belong to me. Just me. No one else but me."

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15 Chapters
Dear Zaddy 1.
The early morning sun rays were already warming their way through the see through blinds of Adewumi's sardine canned room; she stretched her hand a few centimetres away from herself, and it met with Shola's lower back causing the latter to groan,"Wumi! Stay on you side nah!" She grumbled pushing her cousin's hand away,"Guy go to work nah," Wumi replied, still sleeping. Then someone violently knock on the door shaking the entire place right to its foundation."Shola! Shola it's almost seven oh! We are going to be late!" She glances nervously at her watch, "aah! Shola see if you're not up yet eh? Me I'm not waiting for you.""I'm up! I'm up!" Shola shouted, haphazardly picking up her things to take her bath. "A beg eh, give me five minutes. Let me just complete my makeup.""Must you put on makeup? See just hurry please."Piece of cake!!!Shola could do her makeup in three minutes and still look like a black barbie princess. But taking
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Dear Zaddy 2.
"What is the meaning of I lost my job? I am asking you Shola?" "Abi you don lose you reasoning sense? It means I no get work again!"Wumi had just messed up her perfect liner when Shola dropped the news on her. If they were sharing a box for a house, the also had to share the bills and that was not going to work if they were both jobless."See eh Omashola, this thing you're saying is not funny. How are we supposed to cope? You know I can't sustain us both on what I get from the club,""I know I know! I know ma! That's why I'm beginning a new job hunt tomorrow. I'll get a job before you know it, don't worry." Shola answered scrolling through jobs offers on her phone,"I must worry oh! " Wumi continued, brushing a blonde wig on her hand, "the last time you were job hunting, you deny job wey go afford better living space for go dey smile and bow for restaurant,""It was a stripping job,""Ehen! And so? It's not like you'd be doing
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Dear Zaddy 3.
(Flashback )"Daddy!""Yes princess,""I want you to have this," a blonde little girl hands a gold necklace to a younger Solano."¿No ex este it collar favorite in amor? ¿Por qué me lo das? Ni siquiera sabres dónde ponerlo,"(Isn't this your favorite necklace my love? Why are you giving it to me? I wouldn't even know where to put it,)"Lo pones en tu cuello papi, o si es demasiado pequeño, tu muñeca," she chuckled,(You put it on your neck daddy, or if it's too small, your wrist,)"But it's so girly and daddy is a macho man," he takes the necklace from her little hands, "where am I going to put it?""Just put it in your wallet daddy. Te traerá buena suerte cuando ha no este aquí,"( It'll bring you luck when I'm no longer here,)"Now why would say that? You're my good luck charm and nothing in the world could change that. Nothing could ever separate yo
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Dear Zaddy 4.
Solano's eyes kept running from his watch to the door. Whatever the contractor was pitching to him was of no importance whatsoever. It was almost the agreed time but she still wasn't there yet.Damn you little girl!"Mr. Vicenze? Sir!""Just do what you have to do Mr. Coker. All I need to see is result." Solano replied with an expression of boredom, "the Lauretta Vicenze Paradise has to be the best. Every investment I make under that name must be nothing less than number one. That should be enough of a pep talk because if you deliver anything less, you might never get another contract in your life! Understand?""Yes sir. That's why we are the best of the best, you'll surely be impressed." The contractor stood up, "it's my pleasure doing business with you sir," he stretch fort a hand, but it was ignored once Solano set his eyes on a figure 8 in a black dress."The pleasure will be mine when my work is done to perfection."  He left from where th
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Dear Zaddy 5
What ever did her relationship statues ever have to do with her job? or the job Solano was going to offer her. Shola almost choked on air when he asked."You have to answer little girl. Silence isn't going to make me forget or skip the question.""yeah! Usually, silence means 'Thank U Next' but OK. If I most answer, I'm single." It was like a wave of good wine had just washed down the heaviness Solano carried in his heart: thinking of the possibilities that she could have already been taken drove him nuts; mentally that is. He rolled up his sleeves and jotted on the paper in front of him. "Will that be all sir?"Sir? sir! oh he loved how that sounded. He was going to make the most of every single time he had left in Nigeria; he didn't have much anymore. He had just gotten a call from his business overseer in Milan and his very first business accomplishment was falling down. It's not like the fall of one supermarket in his chain of supermarkets in his chain of bu
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Dear Zaddy 6.
Sometimes Shola will think to herself that she was just very unlucky. First it was the very unfortunate incident with the white guy as she now regarded him. His name left an unwanted taste in her mouth even though the man himself was a grade-A beefcake. Then came the evacuation notice. What the hell was she going to do now? If she was by herself it would have been better. But there was no way she was going to fend for herself and abandon Wumi. The latter was no help to Shola with inconsistent dramatic wailing."Adewumi Akindele! Guy stop na! This your drama is not helping oh,""I should stop when we have less than 24hours to find a new roof for our heads," Wumi replied sobbing heavily, "This house that that useless Chidi left me before flying abroad, promising to come back for me. Everything is finish," she burst again into much more dramatic wailing and crying. With every single sound she made, Shola got angrier and more frustrated. Not wanting to hurt her cousin to s
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Dear Zaddy 7.
"Hello little lady," she gently pushed passed him, leaving him half drunk off her scent that lingered behind. Shola strolled majestically into the enormous compound straight to the apartment, and to the dinning area where she picked up the papers and started going through them; one by one. Few seconds later, Solano realised he was still holding the gates open. The lingering scent of her perfume was already driving him wild. Practically drugged on it, he closed the gates and followed like a junky following the scent of weed. He found her at his dinning table, giving him a tempting view of her. His pants got tighter as his cock grew harder."I don't see a check here Solano," her soft seductive tone sounded in the room. Too lost at the sight to even understand what she was saying, Solano just continued staring with sexual intensity in his eyes at the miracle in front of him."Vincenze!" Shola waved her hand in mid air,"What are you saying?" He asked b
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Dear Zaddy 8.
He'd just made a few calls here and there and boom! She had a tourism visa and ticket! She was travelling to Milan with her new sugardaddy. Even though it wasn't in a private jet, first class was way better than she'd expected.She'd never been a sugar baby before so Shola had no idea on what to do. She just laid in their private lounge, a glass of Champaign in her trembling hands. She'd watch movies where people had sex on board to calm their nerves; especially during first time flights; like Beyond the Lights. She wondered if Solano would want to make love to her. But how would he if he hadn't taken his nose off his pile papers since they got on the plain. It was like she wasn't even around him. And she taught she was about to get laid on a bed of roses.Shola just sipped in embarrassment her champagne,Great! Just great!It was her first time on a plane and she wasn't even that excited. Her excitement was pending elsewhere. And he wasn't even paying at
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Dear Zaddy 9.
After their little first class flight adventure, Solano had become sexually distant from Shola. It worried her. He made her get a whole new wardrobe every time the moved to a new place; they'd visit at least one specialist (Gynaechologist) every time they'd change countries. She now had to take all this pills she had no idea what they were for though he'd assured her they were just birth control pills. Birth control? For what? He wasn't even touching her! It had been three months already since Solano had taken her away from Nigeria, but after sex on a plane, nada! Nothing else happened. A few times he'll kiss her till the air was filled with sexual tension then break it all off, kiss her on the forehead telling her to get some rest because he had work.Had Solano gotten tired of her already? Shola wondered. Even the twenty-five thousand dollars anklet she wore wasn't cheering her up.She was living the life. None of her cloths cos
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Dear Zaddy 10.
"What do you mean by you haven't seen her yet. She was suppose to meet you.""Sorry sir but she hasn't. I've been waiting here for almost an hour but she, I haven't seen any signs of the lady Mr Vicenze."Solano wiped his forehead. He couldn't quite believe it. Where could she be? He decided to call some of his associates to know if anyone had seen her but no one had. They'd all already left the venue and no one had noticed her. He tried her phone again but it wasn't going through."Where the hell are you Omasola?"Solano soon joined his chauffeur who had followed his orders and met up with him. Together they drove around the city looking for her."...You let me know when or if she gets there," he finished talking to the concierge of the hotel they were lodged in. "Simon, can I borrow your phone?" Simon, the chauffeur gave him the phone. He tried using it to call and like magic, it rang."Heyy! Sup?" Her drunken voice vibrated through the ph
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