The Prince and His Sex Slave

The Prince and His Sex Slave

By:  shilps  Completed
Language: English
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Nadia's fate was sealed the moment she was born. She was born in the courtesan community, which solely existed to please the king and other royalties in the palace. Her family loved their profession and the riches that they amassed from their kinky exploits. Nadia, however, yearned for a normal life with a simple guy, growing vegetables and cooking gourmet delicacies, being the foodie she was. Ian was the young Prince of a powerful kingdom who was popular for two things: his conquests on the battlefield and those in the bed. He was proud of his ability to turn any woman into a sex addict, that is until he met Nadia.

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default avatar
Good story with lots of emotions.
2023-09-10 21:53:44
default avatar
That was a really cute book
2023-06-27 18:39:55
user avatar
nice love story
2022-12-20 17:23:43
user avatar
Im glad that i take time to read this book nice to read this is the 2nd time i tried to review but i hope GN will allow to post it this time
2022-11-03 15:01:15
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Traci Williams
Great story, steamy scenes, and a heartbreaking whirlwind of emotions! I highly recommend this story, and I’ll be looking for more from this author.
2022-10-27 03:06:53
user avatar
Michelle Navarro Arguelles
really like this book.hope its a long happy ending.
2022-10-23 01:39:10
default avatar
Could hardly put this book down! Love the characters, especially Nadia! Totally recommend reading this! Can’t wait to read other books from this author!
2022-10-08 04:19:48
user avatar
Palos Verdes
Amazing Story!! Couldn't put it down ...️
2022-08-25 23:02:16
default avatar
Carissa Marie Bell
I can’t get enough of this book a true love story gem! Thank you keep writing!!
2022-07-08 05:37:16
default avatar
Anita O
Loved this book! Although I had hoped for a little more closure on some secondary storylines. Still had a great story arch for the main plot.
2022-07-01 13:05:38
user avatar
Great story skipped a few chapters at the middle end but it didn’t take away from the story at all. In all I greatly enjoyed it and basically crushed it in a night!
2022-06-25 21:08:29
user avatar
Kathy Aponte
wonderful story! Thank you Author!
2022-06-21 03:59:36
user avatar
Lucinda Finley
... ... ... ... ...
2022-05-22 11:48:09
user avatar
Love love this story. Great work ...️
2022-03-28 21:25:28
user avatar
Ashley Gwin
Loved this book . And so glad it was completed and not dragged out . Thank you
2022-03-28 09:27:09
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56 Chapters
~Ian~    Is she for real? Did she really say no to me?! I was the hottest guy in the kingdom, rich and powerful. All my life I have only met smitten women who liked to flatter me or beg for more. They meant nothing to me but bodies to conquer and move onto the next.    This woman was born in a pleasure house. What else does she think she existed for? I called her into my room to punish her for disobeying me yesterday. I expected her to have a good reason for refusing my offer.    "Please, sir! I will send my sister to you." Her eyes were brimming with tears like her worst nightmares had come true.    I pinned her to the wall and caged her between my arms, with our bodies separated only by a few inches. She was scared-stiff to move as if it was a sin if her body accidentally grazed against mine. Her reluctance only made my cock grow hard, very hard.     "Look at me!"   &nb
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~Nadia~    My sister loved to be whipped and spanked. She was kinky, like most other courtesans that I knew. Sometimes I wondered if I got accidentally swapped when I was a baby. Women in my family were strikingly beautiful, my sisters, mother, cousins, and aunts. Gorgeous curves, seductive faces, and the worked hard to keep in shape.    I was an exception. I had the potential to look sexy if I tried hard. The thought of orgies and polyamory didn't excite me, it disgusted me to the core and I wanted to run away. But life was harsh and I would probably end up in a brothel sooner or later if I pulled such a stunt. It's a man's world and all men were assholes. At least the royal assholes had money and treated us with some respect.    Life in the palace was great for me until my 18th birthday, almost great, except for one thing—the live demos that I had to watch—group sex demos. People of my kind were trained from a young
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 ~Nadia~    Thoughts about him caused the familiar tingling sensation all over my body. I went into my bedroom and plopped on my bed. My body was aching with need like I had never known before. I rubbed my happy button thinking about his erection. He told me that I turned him on. That got my juices flowing. I rubbed harder and faster, imagining his tongue running over it.    "Nadia?!"    Ugh! My mother was looking for me.     "I'm here!"    I got up and ran to see what she wanted.     "It's almost dinner time for the royals. Why aren't you in the kitchen?"    I told the head chef how passionate I felt about cooking and she gave me an opportunity to watch her cook and help her out with preparing sauces sometimes. But most other responsibilities that she gave me were useless to me. Take coffee to the Prince's bedroom, serve dinner, and wait at th
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~Nadia~    I was terrified that Ian was going to rape me. His eyes were filled with lust and longing. He locked the bedroom door and pushed my back against it. I squirmed in his grip trying to reach for the doorknob.    "What's wrong with you? Calm down!" He said sternly.     He sounded unhappy that I was reluctant. It must be strange for him to see someone who actually doesn't want him that way. At least I would like to think that I didn't want him. But my body was a traitor and it was enjoying his closeness and towering presence.    "Sir, please! I w..."    "Ian. Call me Ian."    I was confused. He wanted to punish me for rudeness but also wanted me to address him by his first name?    "We are equals in the bedroom, except when I tell you we aren't." He said, roughly caressing my cheek.    He grabbed me by the back of my neck and wrap
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I rushed back to the courtesan quarters looking for my cousin, Julia. She was a year older than me but much prettier and bolder. She made a lot of money at a young age by initiating sex all the time and being present at every orgy. "Where have you been? It's almost midnight so mom was wondering if you snuck out or something," said Lydia, my sister. "I had to go to Prince Ian's chamber and..." She clutched my wrist in excitement before I could finish. "Did you do it?" "No. I couldn't." "What's wrong? Anyway, did he ask for me then?" She ran to the mirror to get ready, frantically brushing her hair. She had jet black wavy hair just like me, much shorter than mine. She carefully put on eyeliner to enhance her already large dark eyes. "He asked for Julia. I can't find her though." "Julia?!" She scrunched her face in annoyance which slowly changed to a disappointed expression. "I will go look for her first b
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~Ian~"Aren't we going to go to your room?" She asked me nervously as I sat her on a granite counter."Why? Does it matter?"I couldn't wait for her response and ravaged her little mouth.The need in her eyes, that pure unadulterated kind of lust, fueled a fire deep inside me. My hips jerked forward; I wanted to give her everything she needed. But I couldn't get past those hungry lips of hers. They pressed lingering wet kisses on my face, and her hands were urging me to get closer, squeezing me into an extra tight hug.I was lost in her touch and kisses. No great victory on the battlefield came close to the sense of accomplishment I felt when she wrapped her arms around me. Feeling wanted by her was all I cared about these days.Those soft whimpers when I molded my body into hers drove me off the edge. I kissed her hard and deep, not able to get enough of her juicy ruby lips. My cock throbbed against her stomach in anticipation when I imagin
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~Nadia~"Really? Three days?!" I asked my sister Lydia."Yeah, didn't he tell you?"I shook my head. Ian was gone on some hunting expedition for the next three days, and everyone seemed to know except for the clueless me."Well, that's a surprise. Considering how things went last evening, I thought he was going to take you as his mistress.""Right, he didn't even look at me by the time we were done.""Let me guess. You were stupid enough to refuse him again? And he felt that enough is enough and asked you to get out?""Not really. He didn't say anything, so I left.""Well, you can redeem yourself when he comes back. There will be another one of those sex parties when he returns. Don't turn him down then.""I think it's too late for that already. You all got an invitation, I didn't. I wasn't even aware of his trip."I was surprised by how emotional I felt today. I had a really good time yesterday where someone made
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~Nadia~It was the harvest season, and I finally got a chance to get out of the palace. My grandfather worked in the orchards and was involved in moving the harvest to the cellars or for processing.I accompanied him along with my nephew, Ethan, who was six years old and loved plants just like I did. Ethan always helped me around the garden as well, and we had a great time moving cart fulls of peaches and apples today.I watched the sunset on my way back, feeling happy that it was the third and last day without Ian. Another night to go and he would be here tomorrow morning.I returned to the palace in high spirits, only for my excitement to be immediately cut short."There she is!" My mother was delighted to see me which was a horrible thing in itself. I hoped that she didn't sell me off to some foreign merchant while I was away.Lydia patted my back as if I returned victorious from a war or something."What's going on?" I asked, not
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"Will you have sex with me?" I asked Noah, who was now standing outside my bedroom. "W-what?" He said with a dazed face. "You heard me. I feel a little fucked up right now, and I think a good fuck will help me." "Nadia... The risk is too high, you know that right?" "I won't tell anyone. I had a boyfriend for a year and even my sister didn't know about him, not even his name." I reached out for his hand, but he moved away. "I'm sorry, I can't." When I was sixteen, Julia was caught with a man who wasn't a Royal. They both were sentenced to death but my cousin lied that he had forced himself upon her. She was spared because of her good acting skills. This was one of the reasons why I could never find a man. Even my boyfriend back then was too scared to do much and then he drifted away. I have to be deemed unfit to be a courtesan first, and that isn't going to happen until I cross twenty-one or twenty-two, depending
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He didn't flinch when I slapped him. Instead, his soft lips crushed harder against mine, forcing a moan out of me. The deep hunger in his eyes left goosebumps all over me.Get a grip on yourself, you fool! He doesn't feel anything for you. I reminded myself about last night and my temper began to rise again. But the more I fought him, the more he kissed me. I would be lying if I said that his kisses didn't calm me down. It was black magic for sure.I wanted to close my eyes and relish the warmth of his lips. The stinging sensation when his fingers dug into my skin felt like it was his way of saying that he missed me. That's where the problem lied; he never said anything about missing me. It was all in my head because I only saw what I wanted to see. The one thing he ever said was that he wanted to fuck me, and that shouldn't even be remotely flattering to me.I needed to get his hands off of me before I lost my mind. I pressed my body against him, causing him to
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