Chapter 47: Vomit

Jacob gazed at Stefani, who was devouring the mango he had purchased, without pause. A smile graced his lips as he admired her. When Stefani noticed his gaze, annoyance washed over her.

"Why are you staring at me like that? It's so creepy!" she blurted out without thinking.

Jacob's mouth dropped open in response to her words, but she paid no attention and continued eating. Jacob hoped she would retract her statement, but she simply ignored him as if he were invisible.

"Hey..." he called out softly.

"What?" she responded, annoyance evident in her tone. When she realized the mangoes were already gone, she looked at him coldly. "Look! The mangoes are gone because of you!"

"What? Why are you blaming me?" Jacob was completely taken aback. "I... I didn't even touch them because I bought them just for you."

Stefani glanced at him indifferently, washed her hands, and didn't bother replying. She simply returned to bed. However, before closing her eyes, she turned to him and glared. "Don't slee
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Gemmalyn Enriquez
i love your story not only that specially the way you wrote's so exciting,hope the author will release .more chapter!thanks for your wonderful novel and the style you chose to wrote it..thank u once again and Godbless!im waiting for more chapter and other story from U.

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