All Chapters of Divorcing My Ruthless Husband : Chapter 1 - Chapter 10
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Chapter 1: Divorce
Summer’s Point of ViewI married the youngest handsome rich guy like I've ever dreamed of.It was our third year anniversary and yet this was the gift he gave me. A divorce paper.I used to think that my life would be complete when he would choose to stay with me, but I was wrong. Those three years “together” felt hollow, as our relationship could not be considered a genuine marriage, since he never gave us the opportunity to build a family together.Why did he marry me again? Oh, I already had forgotten.He is rarely in my presence. Most of the time, I only hear about him on the TV news.[Breaking News! Steven Carter was spotted having dinner with Amby Black, a famous model and actress at a VIP Premium restaurant. It was widely believed that the two of them had had an intimate connection since childhood. Could this possibly be a suggestion that the feelings we believed had been extinguished will be reignited?]The news I heard didn't seem to register in my mind.In the darkness of my
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Chapter 2: I agree to divorce
Summer’s Point of View [One Month Later] “Just don’t push yourself too much. I am confident that you will make a speedy recovery.” I was relieved when the doctor told me the news and I couldn't help but smile, feeling the pain in my head subside. For the initial weeks following my awakening, it felt like my brain was being freshly plucked from my head and the pain was unremitting. The doctor told me that this was one effect of the memory loss I experienced from the trauma of the accident. To tell the truth, I didn't remember the details of how I got into the accident or what caused it. But I saw messages on my phone. “Thank you, Doc,” I replied to the female doctor, then returned her with a small smile. She smiled at me in return and then went on her way. The moment she stepped out of the room, I picked up my damaged phone again and swiped it open, reading the message that still left me baffled and confused. [I’m going home tonight and by the time I get home you should have
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Chapter 3: Hold me
Summer's Point of ViewA heavy stillness descended upon us, so loud it felt like a deafening silence. My ears felt as though they were completely numb, and I could practically hear the chirping of crickets. The phrase that I shared with him was like a moment of enlightenment. Not even a trace of surprise was visible in his eyes anymore, but his expression had become a bit more gentle. Even though it seemed unlikely, I still held onto a spark of hope that perhaps what Celine had said about my husband was all made up and that the news had been twisted, intending to damage his reputation.Nonetheless, my hope dwindled to nothing when he asked me with a much colder and callous question, "When?"The once complete heart I had has been slowly breaking apart, leaving it more and more fragmented. My head was wrapped in thick gauze and I couldn't move because of the casts on my hand and foot. He turned a blind eye to my current situation. He had not bothered to ask a word about it since ente
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Chapter 4: Rightfully hers
Summer’s Point of ViewIn the space of a split second, he released his hold on my waist, pulled my wrist firmly, and shoved me solidly into the bed. Before I had the chance to respond, he swiftly lifted both my arms up above my head and buried his teeth in my shoulder.His movements were so fast that I could not keep up with what was going on. It was like I was soaring through the sky, pursuing something intangible and elusive. And as soon as I comprehended what he had done to me, I rapidly elevated my foot to kick him.“Mr. Carter, what on earth do you think you are doing?” I looked at him in surprise as I tried to kick him, yet he was quicker and locked my legs with his knee, then pushing his other knee in between my thighs, not allowing me to move.“What am I doing, you ask?” he asked, grinning slightly before glancing down at my somewhat exposed breast. “Don’t act virgin. We both are aware of who typically insists on sex and who made the loudest moans on the first night we spent t
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Chapter 5: Mistresses
My eyes again sought the woman who shamed me in front of those who praised my husband and his mistress. Nonetheless, instead of finding her, I noticed Steven's glue-like stare directed at me.His gaze was not fixed on me, but it was directed towards my neck and the slight exposure of my chest. Adding a unique touch to the formal event gown I was wearing, I had a slit design on the side of my legs.I was just about to return to him the strange stare he was giving me. However, when my eyes turned back to his and Amby's eyes, a woman entered behind them wearing a Maxi Dress and her echoing stilettos up to five inches long. The red of her lips matched the excitement of the evening and her ponytail was styled so high that it was appeared like she was the star of the night.She rushed in front of me while chewing gum and raising her eyebrows. After she had stopped, she gave me an impish grin that revealed her intentions to tease me."Long time no see, great pretender," she taunted.I return
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Chapter 6: Change your outfit
I was feeling restless and anxious as we made our way to the hallway that was lined with a red carpet. I wanted to think about when this night was going to be over, but how could I do that when the man's eyes behind me were drilling into my back?I knew I could not put it off any longer, so I paused my steps and bravely looked him in the eyes. Drawing in a deep breath, I said, “I'm not here for your entertainment, Mister Carter, so kindly take your eyes off my back. There is nothing enjoyable here but my bare skin.”"That's what I'm wondering about. You know it's not a good view, so why did you even thought wearing backless," he said and maintained his cold air.Despite the hallway being too dark for the sun to penetrate, his eyes radiated a powerful energy, though they were dark and tranquil.They typical Steven Carter. Elegant and majestic.I was jolted out of my trance when I realized his words. I gritted my teeth because I was so irritated and astounded because he still had time to
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Chapter 7: Chaos
Summer's Point of ViewSteven tightened his jaw and the coldness of surroundings fell into his eyes. “Have you ever seen a Lion in a raging state because someone else had taken away its prey?”I shook my head disapprovingly and then I turned away from him in repugnance, as the overbearing tone of his words was unbearable. I immediately made my way to the elevator to go to the banquet hall, where I was planning on finding Celine.As the door closed, I heard him once again say, “I warned you countless times, Summer. Are you trying to test my limits by doing this?”In the end, I ignored him completely.When I reached the banquet hall, I scanned the room with my eyes, desperate to glimpse Celine, yet I couldn't spot her. Somehow, the guests seemed to have such a good time that it distracted them from me, which resulted in their gossip about me dissipating. Nonetheless, to my dismay, on my way back out to the spot I had left Celine, the server bumped into me and drenched me with a cocktai
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Chapter 8: Punishment
Summer’s Point of ViewThe room seemed to shrink around me, and the air was filled with tension, depriving me of breath. The noise was so chaotic, compounded by my anger at Hailey and my pity for Celine. It was because of me she found herself in this situation, and I had no way of giving her any sort of aid.A wave of exhaustion was washing over me, and I felt my eyes beginning to close of their own accord as I estimated that my body would soon collapse. Unexpectedly, Hailey’s face was once again visible in the wave of people.“Her! That woman tried to kill Jay Brown! Perhaps she found out that Jay is from a rich family, so she tried to seduce him and when she failed, she attempted to kill him—”“You liar! You have no evidence that she did that! Celine will never do that!” Desperately trying to catch my breath, I shouted out to Hailey.Even though I was feeling weaker and the darkness in my vision was encroaching, this was not the time to focus on my own needs. Celine was there when n
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Chapter 9: She is innocent
Summer’s Point of ViewSteven went ahead while I assisted Celine in cleaning her face. As the crowd dispersed, I caught Hailey's quietness. I simply stayed away from her and did not argue any further because it was often said that there was no use in trying to persuade someone with a very unyielding mindset.I quietly returned to the dressing room with Celine. I gestured for her to sit on the bed and implored her to remain in that position and not to leave. “Hang on just a little longer, and I promise I will do everything.”The trauma of the incident still seemed to be present as she remained silent and could not break her gaze from the floor. As I did not want to be too pushy, I left the room and went to the other room where Steven was.As soon as I entered the room, the icy blast of the air conditioner greeted me. Despite how freezing it was in the room, I still felt like I was being scalded every time Steven's gaze fell upon me. It turned out that his dispute with my outfit was not
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Chapter 10: You're selfish
Summer’s Point of ViewAs we stepped into the Senior’s room, I could sense an unmistakable apprehension in the mood. Earlier when I greeted him, he tried to contain his temper, but now his loathing was evident in me because of the turmoil I created at his birthday celebration. Even though I couldn't stand Steven, I still feel the need to use him as a shield.“Summer Ramey! From then until now, you have been hindering my family from living in peace! Don't you find it exhausting to feel the shame of your past actions, and now bothering about offending one of our business partners?” The loud and distinct voice of the Senior reverberated off the walls of the room.“No, grandpa. That is not—”“What could my family have possibly done to make you act this way?!” He rumbled again. “You—ack… ack... ack!”As the Senior was in the middle of expressing himself, he suddenly touched his chest, and started coughing one after the other, and the intensity of his anger had left him gasping for air and
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