Fifty Shades Of Ugly

Fifty Shades Of Ugly

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Born with a deformity that makes him limps and weirdly shaped as well as undergoing some terrible incidents in his childhood,he is not as ugly as they come. He's worse. He has the shittiest job ever,a sister he needs to send to college and a ratty apartment that he shares with rats. But his life turns out much worse when perfect Chel enters the picture and creates the picture perfect disaster he'd ever encountered. Chelsea Waters has the perfect life. Perfect boyfriend,perfect parents,perfect house in the suburbs,and a perfect fan base. It all becomes ruined when Chel's perfect boyfriend cheats on him and ends things with him at a party. Turning to kiss the waiter by his side,he realizes the terrible mistake he's made and everything falls apart. After facing a backlash from his fans as the video of him recoiling in disgust from the waiter floods the web, He's left with no choice but to listen to his social manager and create the perfect replica of the story "Beauty and the Beast" Instagramingly and thereby creates more than a story for Arc. He creates a beautiful one. Love is love. Tag words: m-m (male x male), lots of hastags, Instagram, insecurities, Arc is not an Orc, a sub character that swears alot, other disabled characters, Chelsea's ex is a humbo, first time, past trauma, families are complicated and a happy ending. Author's note: Most of the places and celebrities that are mentioned are purely out of fiction and are a work of the writer's imagination. Also, the deformity Arc has doesn't exist and probably never will. This novel might the start of a series of other character's lives. XoXo.

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I’m hooked alreadyyy. 10/10!
2024-06-07 03:04:12
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Thick incense filled the dark shadowless room, as no light bothered to peek through since the room was windowless. Empty echoes drummed the air and drops of a dark liquid leaked into a wooden bowl. The cold slab underneath him was uncomfortable and the bile the room threw was enough to make him cry out for help. But he wouldn't be afraid,his Momma would come for him soon. It would only be a matter of time before he was healed of the disease that plagued him. That was what his Momma said,he could still remember the words she said before he was taken away. ". Be healed and come home to me my boy. Do not make a sound,no matter what they do to you or you'll make them angry. You hear me boy?". He'd vehemently nodded not wanting to disappoint his Momma. He was still,with frightened chills that poured in and out of his body,emitting sweat from every pore of his body. He had a inch down there but he wouldn't move. He'd been ordered to lie still and not move no matter what. He star
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CHELSEA *new post* Hey guys, it's your fabulous/awesome/ass eating/rainbow pooping/favorite person in the whole world. Me!!! I'm sorry you're not seeing a video of me right now because I'm #lookingfabulous. It's the opening of the new Summer getaway luxury hotel which Andrew Waters (who is my father) and his partner Harry Doe built together by the open seaside of Thorne. And like you've all probably seen on the news and every media channel that exists, there would be a masquerade ball going on there tonight. And guess who just got his liposuction. LARRY BARRY!! I know, y'all thought it'd be me but I'm as thin as whatever the definition of thin could ever be, so no liposuction for me fellas, thank you. I know y'all wanna see how beautifully done up I am but it's a secret till tonight fans so turn on that device, get popcorn if you wanna and make sure to stick to your devices at 8:00 clock cause you're gonna see me live at the event and make sur
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ARC He felt an itch on his back. He didn't bother reaching to scratch it since he also felt sore on that same area. So he ignored it as he continued his way home. He also ignored the looks he received as he passed a street. Normally he'd take the longer route of alleyways but he was nearly late for a gig Miss Sarah had set him up with. He still needed to take a quick, cold shower since the water heater at home had broken down years ago and he knew his landlord would kick him out if he dared utter a word about it. It was the cheapest house in town and his landlord was a forty something, always as high as a kite and had no family member visits. He tried putting more weight on his left leg to help ease the ache that was starting to worry his right. He needed to hurry too. The income from the gig would help with a month's groceries. Two months if they wanted to be stingy. Miss Sarah, the very nice old lady who lived in a lovely bungalow next t
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CHELSEA Glamour was one way to describe the ball. Daintiness was another. The chandelier glittered seductively overhead, long tables with white linens were filled with hors d'oeuvre in small ceramic plates. And then, other tables had, of course, caviar, and was that roasted duck? Chicken? Foie gras, oysters, truffles, the typical highlight of rich people's exquisite tastes. Large windows overlooked a very beautiful garden and a large surreal pool that glowed a bluish hue in the dark. It was simply entrancing. To think his father had pulled all of it together, with help of course, it was amazing. The debacle going on in the wide, expansive hall was nearly humorous, the elegance of the guests was intimidating, an array of timeless classiness and bold colours and he'd somehow decided to be himself, meanwhile going against the societal dress code and went all out in his; purple tux, a matching hot pink mask and bowtie, and suede boots. H
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ORC She was here, the counterfeit gold big ear loops she always wore were rusted and her skin tight jeans were dirty. The expression she wore on her face was forlorn and distant, her dark hair done in a rough ponytail and she wasn't wearing her flip flops. She was barefoot. "Momma?" She didn't answer, almost as if she couldn't hear him. She stood by his bedside, her sharp blue eyes boring into him but it appeared she wasn't really seeing him. "Momma." She shook her head and got up, walking slowly towards the door. He tried to get up but he couldn't. It was like he was tied down, couldn't breathe. He needed air. "Momma wait." She didn't turn back. In the blink of an eye, she was no longer there. He jolted up from the dream. He gasped and breathe heavily, trying to take in air as sweat dripped down his face. His eyes shifted around his surroundings as he did so. Sunlight drifted in the open window, a
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CHELSEA *new post* Hi. So last night happened which was unexpected. Wish everything would feel better already.#kevincheated #chelseabrokenheartemojis #upheaval #harrywatersballnightcrash #amhurt The comments started to come in. lolligurl ×are you okay Chelsea?× foreignbibee ×Kevin deserves to burn in hell× nofaker101 ×you both looked so good together (crying emoji times three)× gaylord ×WE LOOVVEEE YOU CHELSEA× screamingbanshee ×ugh, last night was so dramatic× Chelsea smiled as he read the encouragements and threats against Kevin. He would have to do a live video really soon, with fake tears dripping down his face and tissue boxes surrounding him. He'd sniff and cry and bring snot out if his nose, then after a few weeks, he'd post pictures and videos showing that he's moved on and is on a path of self discovery. He would've done it now but he wasn't in the mood to be vulnerable. He neede
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ARC The weather was a scorching promise that left Arc a sweaty mess. He knew his face and neck was red all over. His skin was beginning to feel tight, which was very painful since he had to stretch his muscles to shovel pig shit. He hasn't been under the sun for more than an hour and he felt hot underneath his skin already. He puffed out a breath, trying to rail in the pain. He still had chores to do that required being exposed to the sun so he'd have to deal with it. His leg was a numb mess,making it more difficult to work and Bill didn't like lazy. The pigs had done a great job of leaving mucks of smelly feces everywhere last night and it was his job to clean it all out. They all ignored him as they sun bathed in muds, clearly trying to soak up in the wetness that contrasted the heat. The pigs were neutral with him, showing no favor or outright dislike for him. They all squeal excitedly when Sarge feeds them and most of th
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CHELSEA Chelsea sliced a knife into a lime. He squeezed the cut fruit into a glass that was already almost half filled with sour citric liquid. The anger and embarrassment that filled him was a turmoil of feelings he didn't want to feel. How dare the fecal, scar faced pig worker treat him that way? Anger burned through him, more from shame. He'd pushed him in pigs' feces, disgusting animals as they were. He took another lime from the bowl beside him and sliced into that one too. Chelsea had never been treated that way in his entire life. He'd just wanted to help him and he'd been pushed away. Into shit. He wanted to scream. It was like the universe was trying to show him what his situation was currently like. Shitty. And she'd used an ugly slipshod to foretell it. Ugh. Who did he even think he was? He felt the pain before he realised he'd cut himself. He swore before cleaning it with the dish towel next to the bowl. He felt so st
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ARC Arc decided to take a trip to the drug store. His limp was getting much worse and he needed his 'special sunscreen'. It annoyed him to go but it was a basic necessity if he wanted to survive while shoveling pig shit. It was a Sunday, the sun was a bit friendlier and Penelope wasn't around to see him in a bad mood when he got back because he always ended up getting riled the few times he went to town. Penelope mostly did the groceries shopping but he didn't want her to see him as a coward. Or a deformed weakling. He hopped out the door and locked it, not that they had anything valuable that was worth stealing, they didn't even own a Tv. He hid the key under the flower pot that was one of the few things his Momma had left him. The aloe Vera plant was a thriving nuisance that persisted with little water and lack of care. He'd never considered throwing it away, no matter how much he hated seeing it mocking him at his doorstep. He ran his
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CHELSEA "I think I'm lost Lily." "No you're not, your GPS is clearly pointing to the right direction." "I thought digitalization should not be trusted." "Humans are not to be trusted Chelsea, eyes on the road." "Wish you were right here with me, it would be less scary. Why am I even doing this now? Why couldn't I wait till tomorrow?" "Um, you panicked and defiantly said you were going for it immediately. I tried convincing you to confront him the next day, at noon, but you insisted you had to do it tonight so you wouldn't chicken out." "Ugh, still wished you were here." He gripped the steering wheel as he looked ahead. "It's so dark. I damn well hate this town Lily, it's so eerie." "You haven't been here for nearly four days so you shouldn't judge it yet. I heard tourists stream in every year with it's picturesque environ." "Well there's nothing picturesque about being on the road at night, in a
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