Flirting with his friend

“Could you please pass the dish over here?” Kathleen extended her hand so Charlene could hand over the dish to her. .

Instead of handing over the dish, she assisted in setting the table for dinner. “Did Veronica stop by today? She told me she's coming over, I thought I was going to meet her here.”

“She was supposed to have an appointment with her doctor today. You came a bit late. Charles was also here, he promised to be the one to drive her to the hospital.” Kathleen explained.

“That jughead. Did he say anything to you?” She peeked into her eyes as she halted.

Kathleen stared back. She moistened her lower lip with the heel of her tongue. She shrugged off. “Like what? If it's something about you, he didn't mention anything. He was here because of his wife and he didn't stay long.”

“I thought he told you.”

Her eyes darkened with suspicion. With her focus on Charlene, she settled for her eyes, trying to fish out the secret in them. “What are you talking about? Is there something about
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