His Personal Maid

His Personal Maid

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“Why do you defy me, little dove?” He demanded and Desire was torn. Torn between pleasing her Master and bending one of the rules holding their region together. His blue eyes bored into hers for a while before Desire finally looked away again, waiting for her judgement, her dead judgement for breaking a rule“The first option is to have you killed by hanging, the second one is to send you to the Harem while the third one is to make you my private maid and you’re the only person who has the privilege of this rare chance. So, my dear little Dove, what do you say?” “I’ll pick the first option, let me die at stake or by hanging. Whichever option suits you, My lord but please just let me die a quick death” Desire pleased with a determined look on her face.

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Good One ...... Keep it up Author.
2023-03-22 01:34:56
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Mamma Mia
Amazing!!! New book
2021-01-18 11:53:21
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Louise Stevens
Was enjoying the story but paying for every chapter is bit much for me.
2021-06-17 21:49:06
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Desire stared at the mirror in front of her, observing her curves and how long her legs had grown since she clocked 18, two years back. How time flies!  She smiled at the memory of her eighteenth birthday that also happened to be her first day out of the mansion ever since she was brought by the master of the house.  Every year, a new girl is brought to the mansion as a slave and gradually ranks up to a servant till she becomes a house maiden which is the highest rank ever held by a slave girl.  The slave is the lowest rank in the mansion and it’s usually held by a set of girls who were brought from the southern part of their region that is plagued by poverty, diseases and hunger. The servant rank is usually for girls who had served the house for more than four years, they’re believed to have more experience and insight on how to please the master. 
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Desire tried to cry but she couldn't anymore. The tears she'd cried the first day she was thrown here was more than her body could carry. She was scared of the darkness and whatever lies within, not knowing that wasn't even half of what she would go through during the night.  Even though it had been two days since she had been subjected to the dark hole situated at the lowest part of the mansion, Desire felt life running out of her. She was exhausted and felt the punishment was tough enough to end her life.  Without food, without water, and she prayed to the heavens to quickly kill her rather than subject her to this type of punishment.  The dungeon is usually cold at night and hot during the day.  She had to endure the cold nights without an extra cloth to keep her warm. The only thing th
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Desire found herself standing in the middle of  her Master's room as if she was a dancer on display. The scene reminded her of how ladies from the Harem were made to perform in front of senior ranked citizens.  The only difference was the clothes she was putting on, the prostitutes were said to be made to dance naked. The Harem is a place where prostitute stays and the only place where prostitution is legal.  She looked around the room and realized there were mirrors everywhere, at almost every corner of the room. Something was glaring back at her. It was her reflection.  She observed herself for a while and realized she had lost some weight within the past two days, her hair was all over the place, her eyes swollen from the tears and her clothes tattered from dragging her down the stairs.
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Sylvester Ho looked at the tiny lady in front of him and realized just how much he'll love to see her crumble in front of him, begging for mercy and regretting her decision of accepting death as her favorite option.  He was supposed to be angry, yet, he was puzzled at the sudden decision of his dove.  Sylvester had seen her in his Mansion once and when he asked the court lady, she had replied with an answer that he wasn't sure of.  He needed something from her and in every way, he'll get it!  "I'll choose death, My lord" She repeated the second time, affirming her decision. Desire knew picking this option might first subject her to suffering but still she'll do just that. It's easier to die once than always. 
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Desire had just a few days left to become a housemaid and how her destiny changed in the past few days left her bewildered and baffled about how she had been forsaken by her creator.  The image left on her head was that of her being hanged or worse, burnt at stake. She couldn't stop the tears from rolling down her eyes.  After she had picked the death wish, Mr Ho had her sent to the dungeons for two days and when a tiny bowl of food was given to her, she consumed it hungrily and wished she could ask for more or perhaps had eaten the food her master ordered for her in peace.  After she had spent two days at the dungeon; two lonely, cold and dreadful nights, she was sent to the Harem.  The place recked of sex and alcohol and for the
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Desire was left in awe and bewilderment even after the Queen had left her room. She didn't have any good reason to convince herself of the fact that the event that took place a few minutes back was real and not that she was dreaming.  She was the Queen and also her Master's elder sister. Why will such a royalty come to a filthy place like this? Even though the Harem was the closest building to the palace, she still couldn't believe the fact that the Queen of their Kingdom will stoop that low to mingle and befriend a Servant girl like her.  The whole visit was strange. Maybe she was about to be killed for disobeying her master. All sorts of thoughts ran through her head and she couldn't think straight.  It was recorded that the Harem was built so as to allow the king's men to satisfy themselves
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Sylvester Ho was in his suite when he received a letter from his King to attend a banquet held by the Royal Household. Sylvester wondered about why a banquet was being held at that time of the year. 
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Sylvester was almost at the door leading to the inner part of the Harem when he heard a voice that made his blood boil. He was ready to kill and double ready for his consequences.Prince Li Wei
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Ying gingerly led the girls to his horse, he knew just how to treat a lady right.He knew they were still scared and shaken from what happened at the Harem, especially Desire and he knew not to
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Sylvester left Desire in the Queen’s care and left just as he came; without a notice.Desire looked at the door from time to time, hoping her master would come back in and take her to his mansio
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