In-Between The Mafia Brothers

In-Between The Mafia Brothers

By:  Otis Bright  Ongoing
Language: English
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Sylvia Jones meets multimillionaire Christian Ferraro, and after signing a contract for a sexual relationship with him, becomes his mistress. She falls in love with Christian and finds herself in the crossfire when his estranged brother, Carlos, who was the boss of a notorious Mafia gang, returns for his share of a family heirloom, wreaking havoc on his and her life… But he's not the only problem. Monica, who is Christian's disgruntled ex, returns as well and threatens to reveal his secrets; secrets that could destroy his entire empire.

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5 Chapters
Date The Christian
Being introverted, anytime she went to a party, she usually just watched other people from a corner and tonight was no different. There was a small gathering at the VIP lounge, about five men. She had been staring at them for a while. They seemed to be really important people and she was a short distance away from them when she noticed one of them was watching her. She didn’t get a good look at him but he kind of stood out amongst the other men. He was also in a dark suit and his dark hair shone in the blue disco light. She tried to not pay attention to his inauspicious gaze, but she kept turning to look at him until another guy, one just about his age, walked up to her. “Hey baby, looking good,” he slurred. “Thanks,” she simply said. She didn't know him and the fact that he was old enough to be her father didn't help him in his attempt to get her attention. “Can we go somewhere private and talk?” The guy asked and she scoffed. “No. Thanks,” she turned away from him and search
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Family Reunion
Christian's POV....After her friend called her away, I watched her walk away with a smile around my lips, fully intent to find out more about her and get that date.It was about time I tried again with a new woman. My love life was a mess and I had to always handle my romantic affairs delicately, which was why I didn't insist she stay. I needed to be calculative about my approach.My business associate, Martin Lowe's birthday party became tiresome after a while and I was getting bored. After realizing that the beautiful Sylvia Jones was no longer at the party, I decided to leave as well. I found Martin and gave him my congratulations before I took my leave.I rode in one of my SUVs with my driver, Jay, and my bodyguard, Silas. It was a quiet ride back home, but after a while, I broke the silence."Silas! Did you see the young woman I was talking to at the party?" I asked."Yes, sir. I saw her," Silas replied."Her name's Sylvia Jones. I need you to find out everything there is to kn
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Slave Of Desperation
3rd Person POV… She was always in debt, trying to pay off rent and buy the basic necessities. Sylvia's life had been one interesting rollercoaster ride and although she had rich friends like Jason, she always kept her problems to herself and tried to solve them on her own. Her mother was the only real family she had left, and with her terminal illness getting worse, she needed to find the money for the treatment. “So, you’re telling me some hot rich old dude asked you out and you said no? Isn't that every young woman's dream man?” Daniel, her colleague and friend at work said after she told her what happened at the party last night. “I didn’t say no. Jason called me away before I could even think of what to say to him.” “Who is this guy anyway? He tell you his name?” Daniel asked. “Yes,” she nodded, “Christian Ferraro, I think.” “Have you looked him up yet? If he was at Jason's Dad's party, he must be a big deal,” Daniel said. “I don't care about his money,” Sylvia said dismis
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Bright Like A Diamond
She was at Christian’s house the following day. A black SUV had come to pick her up. Christian's house was a manor; the type of house a King would own. There were many beautiful gardens, a water fountain and a golf course. There was surely more but because she had just arrived, she still had time to see the rest of it. “Sylvia,” Christian called as he entered and she got up immediately, flustered at his presence. “Thank you for coming,” he hugged her and she was thrown off by the heartwarming gesture. He carefully helped her to a seat and sat close to her. She could perceive his minty cologne and despite her disappointment at the whole situation, she still found him irresistible. “Is this really how it has to be?” Sylvia tried one last time to changed Christian's mind about starting off their relationship in such an unconventional manner. “Trust me, Love. This is the only way you and I could work,” he said, “Would you still like to do this?” Her mind recalled the purpose of he
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The Plot Thickens
3rd Person POV...."I don't care if someone stole it, you still have a week to get it to me, so I suggest you find a way to get it back," Carlos yelled on the phone."I will, but it might take a while," Christian replied."Don't let it take longer than a week. You don't want to find out what I'll do if you cross me, hermano!"Christian didn't like Carlos' tone and the threats it implied. He decided to agitate his brother, just to see what lengths he was willing to go to get his share of the diamonds."And if I fail to get it to you by a week, what then? You're gonna kill more of my drivers? Huh? Come to my office and kill a bunch of random employees I've never met?""Ah! I see what you're trying to do, Chris. Well played! And you're right. Killing a bunch of random people who mean nothing to you is pointless in scaring you into cooperation...but killing a family member will surely be enough incentive," Carlos said sinisterly.Christian faced his mansion from the gate where he stood,
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