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"Please don't do this. I beg of you." I mustered up the courage to speak these words. My voice is pleading, and my eyes are desperate to get to him. "I can't wait any longer. You don't know how bad I want you; even your tears turns me on." His face came closer to me. I could feel his warm breath on my face, and his words sent a chill down my spine. When a dangerous captor sets his sights on a young girl, he knows he needs to have her, even if it means taking her against her will.

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Great book
2024-07-06 21:49:17
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Olga Del Toro
Excellent story
2024-05-21 10:28:26
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Wow!!I never thought I'll find this book here, I've searched every novel app just to get this book after I lost it on light reader,I even searched it on this app but I used the name 'HIS CAPTIVE' am so pleased I stumbled upon it
2024-05-17 04:24:38
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Feel in love with the characters. Such a good read and love the ending ...
2024-03-22 11:37:54
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Nikki Tiedgen
Are there more books? This story was great!
2024-03-13 06:26:51
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Angelica Monteon
This is a great story! Loved it
2024-01-17 20:36:27
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Chrissie Slabberts
An Amazing book. Just loved it. can't wait for the other books.
2024-01-15 17:00:51
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Kim Williams Ferris
Great story! I want to read about Samantha and Alexander, Stephanie and Luca, and Athena and Lorenzo.
2023-12-07 10:12:05
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AZeezat Adeyanju
Amazingly good
2023-12-04 22:34:21
user avatar
Piyali Bhattacharjee
good story..
2023-12-04 03:28:39
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Raghad Hayatu
Beautifully crafted novel. A must read
2024-02-02 04:40:06
user avatar
sis Knight
very good read
2024-01-16 09:59:47
143 Chapters
Normani ParkerLazily, i rolled out of the warm and cosy bed when I heard the sound of the marvellous alarm clock.Note the sarcasm.I slam my hand on my stupid alarm, yelling for me to go to school. I feel so lazy today. Who am I kidding? I feel lazy literally every day. I curled into a ball and went under the sheets, pressing my head on my comfortable pillow.While letting out a disapproving groaned, I lifted myself up from the bed. After tiding up my room, I dragged myself to the bathroom, slamming the door as I turned on the shower, waited for it to get to the right temperature before taking off my pyjamas and hoping to shower, and ended up shaving my legs. Twenty minutes later, I came out with wet hair and smelling like vanilla.I chose a blue jumpsuit that reached my mid-thigh and had a bow at the waist because I wanted to stand out. I applied a moisturizer to my face, then a little bit of eyeliner, making my blue eyes pop out, and also applied my strawberry lip-gloss. I tied my
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After an hour of getting primed and plucked by Steph, she handed me a black short dress and heels that no doubt I would have trouble walking on. I put all my essentials in a tiny bag she gave me, and I must say she really outdid herself; I looked breathtakingly beautiful." Are you sure that is me and not someone else?" I asked, stunned as I stared at my reflection in the mirror." It is you, Mani. I just enhance the beautiful features you have naturally." She says back to me, "Now let's go; we don't want to be late." She grabs my hand and drags me out of my room towards the main door.The drive to club was filled with a lot of cheer and squeal, mostly from Stephanie, since she was the energetic one of us two right now.I clutched onto Stephanie's hand as we walked into the club. My fear increased as we took a step. Out of all the places Steph had taken us to, this was by far the most impressive and expensive. The club was pitch black. We wouldn't have seen anything if not for the bri
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It has been a month since Steph and I went to the club and I was finally done with the semester's exams. I still have one more week due to my assigned project and I'm done with school. I can finally graduate and then start my internship as a doctor.We were already at the beginning of summer, making the weather so hot and working as a per-time worker as a waitress in one of the most popular restaurants, V°I°P, didn't make it easy at all. I could feel the sweat gathering under my white shirt; my forehead needed constant wiping; and I was pretty sure my makeup was a mess at this point." Normani, table six and nine please"" Coming right up, Mrs. Smith," I said as I smiled at her, which she gracefully returned. She is the manager and a very good and kind one, which makes both the workers and the customers love her.I walked into the kitchen to meet her as she gestured to four plates that were lined up on a stainless steel surface. I managed to balance all four plates on my hands, and I
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I woke up with a ray of sunshine seeping through the window curtains. I stared at the light. Lying on my stomach, I recall the horror of last night. Thankfully, I felt nauseated but not enough for me to vomit.I looked around my surroundings and everything felt quite and calm. After managing to get up from bed, I turned my eyes to the door without wasting anymore time, running towards it fearing it might be locked. But let out a quick sigh when I noticed it was open. I gently opened the door, trying not to make any sound, and looked at the empty hallway before getting out of the room and cautiously descending the stairs.The view of the house is magnificent and very luxurious, which made me wonder who the owner is.My eyes went straight to the main door, and I gave a quick thank you to the man up there. Then I walked towards the entrance, but before I could get to the door, I heard a voice behind me."I wouldn't do that if I were you."I slowly turned back around like a deer caught in
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SIN POV."PL...please, have mercy."What an asshole.If he thought his pitiful plea was going to make me spare his pitiful life, he was so fucking wrong. He had already messed up when he tried stealing money from me and passing information to my enemies. I am the fucking boss of the Italian Mafia. Even when people hear my name, it sends a shiver down their spine. They would piss their fucking pants just by the sound of my name.Nikolai Violenta But I prefer being called Sin.People were scared of me, and they were right to feel that way. Only an idiot would dare to challenge and mess with me."Please, ha...have mercy," the man in front of me begged again, as if that was going to change my mind."Then you should never have betrayed the boss in the first place." Jason, One of my men shouted out at him before kicking him hard in the stomach. He groaned in pain, coughing out blood.Such a fucktude.As one of us, he should have known that there was no way for him to escape these. My men a
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Mani’s pov."Miss! " A distressed voice echoed through the room. " Please wake up, Miss."I felt a hand on my shoulder shaking me, dragging me out of my slumber. My heavy lashes peeled open and the first thing I saw was a worried expression of a woman in her twenties like me. She was wearing what I assumed was a maid's outfit. She was leaning over me on the same bed where I passed out yesterday. " Thank God," she sighed when I finally opened my eyes. " I came yesterday to wake you up, but Sin said I should let you rest. Are you alright?" " I'm fine," I croaked. My vocal cords dried like sandpaper due to all the crying. I could see the pity and remorse on her face, so I decided to try my luck and see if she could help me escape. "Please help me, I have been kidnapped," I begged. "You need to be careful and mind what you say. I can't help you," the maid replied back anxiously. " Were you kidnapped as well?" I asked. That was the only logical explanation I could come up with since
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Sin was already waiting when I entered. He was like a king at the end of the table. His unyielding gaze stopped me in my tracks. His tattooed arms were exposed, set in full display as his black shirt sleeves were rolled up. Heat spread through me when he sized me up. " I hoped you enjoyed your rest, since you slept through yesterday and today."I didn't bother answering him and took a seat further away from him. Sin looked greatly dissatisfied by this, but didn't say a word. "You look lovely," he said once more, his voice hoarse and his face cold. I couldn't read his face, but that didn't mean I didn't notice the heat dancing around his black orb, making them darker than ever, if it was even possible. His stare never wavered. I could feel it burning into my skin even when I refused to meet his gaze. I kept my eyes downcast, staring at the beautiful texture of the table just to avoid looking at him. " I know you have questions, so I will give you permission to ask. " The nerve of t
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I didn't bother leaving the room the next day. I stayed coiled up in bed, trying hard to avoid Sin after what happened yesterday. I was thankful to Zoey for bringing me breakfast and some books to read. I finally got tired of lying in bed. Zoey brought some clothes for me this morning. So what better way to unwind than with a hot shower? I pulled off my pyjamas and walked into the bathroom. After feeling refreshed and relaxed, I wrapped a towel around my body. I stepped out and walked towards the bed, where I put on my new pair of pyjamas. Just when I was about to unwrap the towel, a very familiar, cold, deep voice made me shriek, and I abruptly turned around to face the intruder. My blue eyes were met with piercing dark eyes. I quickly wrapped my hands around my body as I started to tremble under his gaze. "Impressed," he said in a rough, husky tone as his eyes travelled down and settled on my legs. He was leaning against the wall beside the door. His eyes remained fixed on my leg
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The sunlight streamed in through the gaps in my curtains. I had been up for hours just thinking. There was a brief, fleeting moment when everything that had happened within the week vanished from my mind. The moment only lasted a moment before it all came crumbling down. My shoulders shag on their own accord, obviously from being depressed. My mood briefly peaked when the smell of pancakes hit my nostrils. I heaved my body from the bed to the floor, beneath my freezing feet. I sulked my way through the bathroom. I sighed sadly, turning off the tap of the shower before discarding my clothes on the floor. I stepped into the shower. Tomorrow was supposed to be a happy occasion, but I just couldn't feel it. On another note, tomorrow is my graduation and I can't help but feel nervous and scared. I will be taken again by Sin. I felt like I was going to throw up at any moment. I walked back to my bedroom, wearing a white sweatshirt and shorts. I shoved some socks into my feet before saunte
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To celebrate my graduation, we decided to have lunch at a very fancy and expensive restaurant.When we stepped in, the hostess was already leading us to a table in the left corner, giving us a perfect view. We got seated and ordered our drinks first, then food. I ordered a chicken salad, Stephanie ordered a shrimp salad, Aunt Sera got soup, and Aunt Amelia and Uncle Carson ordered steaks, saying they were hungry."So Mani, Steph told us, you plan on going for a short vacation. Do you have a place in mind?" Aunt Amelia asked."I still don't know where I'm going; I haven't decided yet. Now that I've graduated, I figured I'd pack up and go on a short trip. You know, enjoy the things I couldn't, even if it's for a short while”. I replied."I understand, dear, and you need it. If you ever need anything, don't hesitate to call.” Uncle Carson said, and I nodded in response."Same here, Mani. Keep in touch and visit." My aunt Sera said"I will, aunt Sera. I'm grateful to have you all there fo
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