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“I know what you had to go through, William, not knowing what was happening or what you did wrong, but trying to fix and make it right.”


A few weeks later, a few things were back to normal... Or at least that was how it seemed to everyone watching us from afar, but to William and I, we knew it wasn’t.

After the night when it all went to hell, William suggested I take up therapy to help handle the trauma my body might develop because of the ordeal with Noel, but I didn’t see it as important and just shrugged it off.

Since then we tried out sexual activity in the bedroom, but I couldn’t let him touch me because I feared being naked before him. William wanted to know if it was something he did and I told him it wasn’t, but I couldn’t tell him I was seeing Noel’s face whenever he touched me intimately or affectionately.

I loved him so much and I needed him to satisfy me sexually and be there emotionally, but it is hard to do that when the face you see is the face of the man tha
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