Lawyer or Miss perfect?

Lawyer or Miss perfect?

By:  Caren Ctartie  Ongoing
Language: English
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She is the best lawyer in town while he is the most handsome billionaire in town a custody battle is what brings them together and does all the magic.

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Eri Ca Savellano
good story!
2021-02-14 21:22:48
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Interesting beginning and I want to know more
2021-01-29 20:15:39
30 Chapters
“A custody battle is the next case Miss P "  Eric my assistant informs me.“How many kids are involved?”“Two, a three years old boy and a seven months old girl”I always hate custody cases, mostly because kids are the ones that come to suffer because of their parents’ mistakes and at the end they have to stay with one parent. No kids deserve that. I stop what is doing and look at Eric, waiting for him to continue.“That’s all the information I have “I look at him questionably and start laughing knowing that he’s joking as always. When he maintains his serious face I knoWw he’s not joking “Why and how? “I ask astonished. I mean if you want assistance, you got to give out all the information required “who is filing for the battle?”“I actually don’t know, I only talked to the assistant who said that, her boss needs an appointment with you on custody battle of two kids. “He pauses and looks at his watch “and the client w
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chapter one
“…the court finds Julia Sanchez not guilty …..”The judge trails off giving me another win of the week.  Julia was accused of being involved in a murder crime from her ex-boss. Well it happens that her former boss Mrs. Annie Michaels since her thirteen years old daughter was found dead on the day Julia was doing her day to day cleaning at the mansion. As a lawyer, I wasn’t supposed to judge anyone yet here I always knew she couldn’t kill even a fly. She’s just an innocent forty three years old mother of four trying to make ends meet. It happens; the daughter died from food poisoning, and guesses who made the food? Julia did, but left the food in the fridge for the family. It appears the girl committed suicide. I had also begun seeing Julia as the guilty one since all the evidence was pointing directly at her. I couldn’t bring myself to believe that that’s why I tried harder to make her not guilty. Until
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Chapter two
“What you are telling me now Miles is that your ex-wife ….:” “Ex-girlfriend! He clarifies the ‘nth time. “Ok your ex-girlfriend whom you were dating six years and a mother of your two kids decided to just call it quits on you and the kids “ “Yap, but that doesn’t matter anymore, she wants to go away with my kids so that she can start her life somewhere else with another man…” “Wait how do you know there’s another man in her life?” He sarcastically laughs “do you not know who my ex-girlfriend is? Don’t answers that don’t you know who Anne Evans is? “I look at him questionably. He gets out his phone and walks behind me on my chair and shows me a picture of a beautiful brunette lady. I shrug my shoulder and look at him from my shoulder and notice him loo
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Chapter three
“Ooh no, she still is so single ……..not exactly but don’t worry I will tell you immediately when P gets a boyfriend “I listen as my best friend, Kennedy talks “Who are you talking to? “I ask after hearing my name “My sister. “She says continuing to talk. “But you know siz I already have got a date for her” “Which sister “I interrupt her once again. “The one who gave birth to you daah!” she says continuing with her talk. I being the stubborn me decide to chime in. “Hey mum, don’t listen to her. Ooh and mum when are you coming home? The rag rats are too much” “We are not rag rats!” the rag rats themselves shout as they take away the remote from me. “Ooh no Kenzie, I got here fast so I decide wh
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Chapter four
“Amanda , phone off the table !” mum shouts across the dining table. “ Yes mum.” I say eying tony who is yet to be noticed by mum , he is using his phone from under the table. “Tony!”Kenna shouts ,”can you pass me the salt please “ she silently says. We all know she doesn’t need the salt since its near Mike and not tony . “ So mum , what was the announcement ?” Andy asks . “ Be patient my dear, and stop talking with food in your mouth .”Mum scolds her. “ As you know, Shirley and I have been seeing each other for over seven years now ,” Phil mum’s boyfriend begins “ I know we are already old , but I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her ,,,,” “HE PROPOSED !” mum shouts happily lifting her hand up showing us her beautiful diamond ring .
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Chapter five
“She came by today at my office,” “What did she want now?” “She told me she only wanted to talk and she thinks that she needs to move back at my mansion.” “How long has she been out of the mansion and what caused her to leave?” “She’s been out so the mansion for about three months now, I know what you are thinking, nope I didn’t chase her away. It all started a year ago when she was about four months pregnant with Danielle, I was happy, I knew we were happy so I did what a logical man can do, I proposed. She looked happy but I didn’t know those were some façade. A few weeks after I proposed, she begun coming home later than usual , not wanting to spend time with Danny ,even though she never spend a lot of time with him. I didn’t notice right away. One night while I was on a business trip, one of my maids called me an
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Chapter six
The day is normal as always , Eric is being his usual annoying self and I’m already done with today’s work load at two pm. I mentally give myself a pat in the back as I smile widely.  Being hungry is one of the side effects of working eight hours nonstop. I stand taking my phone and make way towards Eric’s office. “Let’s go for lunch. “I say once in his office startling a very concentrated Eric. “I’m busy “he says as he continues typing. “I am the boss come on I won’t fire you “I beg “Still nope “he states not even looking at me “I will pay “I say the magic words making him shut off his laptop and smile at me. “Let’s go!” he happily says. Making me groan, man this guy will make me broke. “Tell me what is happening i
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Chapter seven
Today I feel like crap, which is always a feeling of a bad day ahead. I ignored my alarm clock for the first twenty seven minutes that is until Pearl came to my room and begun jumping on me telling me he is hungry. It’s always a routine that I wake up at 6:30 and prepare myself for the day and get Pearl ready for the day later on.  Being the lazy ass I am I also forgot to pick my outfit of the day yesterday night, making me spend another extra twenty minutes looking for suitable clothes. Today not being my day, it took me around thirty minutes to drop off Pearl at his kindergarten and arrive at work because of the traffic. As I enter in the building , all eyes turn on me, well I think for many reasons one of them being I am an hour and a half  late and  two having worn a purple  unofficial dress. I was used to putting on official clothes that I almost forgot of my dresses. I walk to the elevators. I sigh as it closes towards my floor 52
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Chapter eight
“I need popcorns the drama is about to begin!” Kenny says as she makes herself comfortable. We all glare at her and she matters a ‘what’ to me. “Pearl and Dannie can you go to Uncle Eric?” Pearl nods and takes Dannie’s hand and they run out of my office. “Since you were so eager to talk, why don’t you tell Miles why are here Marianne?” I ask her too nicely, she glares at me and looks at Miles who is still standing with Ellie in his arms. Damn he looks loveable. “I decided to pay Amie, my niece a visit,” she starts. I snort. “Niece!” Miles asks glaring at me. I glare back at him and say “it wasn’t relevant.” “As I was saying, I wanted her to be Annie’s lawyer since she is family, you know.” “But she is already my la
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Chapter nine
He slowly goes back to my mouth and kisses me with a lot of passion, I find myself responding with the same intensity. A minute later, his shirt is off as I run my hands on his bare chest. I moan as our bare chests come in contact. My sensitive nipples become more aroused as his chest start to move sideways.His hands push my dress all the way down and his hand skillfully enter my panties and start playing with my wet parts... I moan loudly as one of his large fingers enter me. His other hand rips my wet panties and leaves me with his merciless fingers which are moving at a faster pace. He adds his third finger moaning of how tight I am.. I feel already at the peak and I want to come so badly..." My virgin eyes! "someone shouts from the front door."Damn Ken, I was enjoying the show " a voice I recognize as Miles best friend replies.I hide my face in Miles' chest as he shouts a get out. He smiles sweetly at me and helps me put on my clothes back well wi
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