Love Strategy

Love Strategy

By:  yojan_francheska  Ongoing
Language: English
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Sef Janessa Addison - known as Jeff - is a student at Jameson University; also an aspiring singer and lawyer. Growing up without a mom, she had nobody to turn to, not even her father for he had already remarried which turned Jeff's life into a living hell. She then started supporting herself, by doing several part-time jobs because she knew that asking for her father's help would be useless. A famous music producer had overheard her singing one day at her workplace, approaching the young lady with good intentions, Jeff cannot believe that this man has acknowledged her talent. Stepping foot inside the special school for aspiring singers, there she meets Axl Karlo Silas, whom she was dreaming of working with. There was never a time that a work of his has not made it to the charts. But as she gets closer and closer to her dream, Jeff's voice suddenly weakened; it's hoarse and raspy, she could not almost speak. What could possibly go wrong? As far as she could remember, she always do everything that she was told whenever it comes to taking care of her voice- her talent. Will Jeff ever achieve her dream or will she just give up?

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6 Chapters
Chapter 1: Cinderella Does Not Need A Prince
"Hello sir! Good morning, and welcome to Nathalia!""Why, good morning Jeff," the first customer in line has flashed me a smile. "Aren't you energetic today as well?"I giggled. "I got to be, El." "Haven't your father ga—"I held up one finger and she stops. "Your order? The usual?" "Come on.." Elaine sighs, resting an arm against the counter as I turn myself around to get her coffee ready. "Jeff.. why don't you just let them help you? Don't you want to go to college and become a lawyer, just like your mother?" "Stop it, Elaine," I glared at her. "I don't want to talk about it." "But—""Next customer please!" Elaine groans and I could feel her glaring at me but I didn'
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Chapter 2: Running Away is (not) Childish
"Hey!" I heard screaming and clattering from the outside as I roll onto my back and yawned. My step-mother must have woken up on the wrong side of the bed today too, that's why she's breaking things up. This is normal for me though, if what is normal for everybody else is waking up to your parents happily preparing breakfast for you, well mine is different. I wake up to my step-mother complaining as my father gets himself ready for work. My step-sister, Yumi, was still sleeping sound inside of her room. Isn't my life interesting?"Wake up!" I groaned as I heard the witch's voice inside of my room. "What the hell are you still doing there sleeping, huh? Didn't I tell you to wake up early to make breakfast for us three?!" I don't remember her telling me that. "Is that how you repay me, Jeff!? Are you forgetting t
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Chapter 3: Stranger Danger
I am really doomed. Looking down to the phone in my hand, I find that the time is already 12:04 AM. I didn't realize myself that I had been wandering around the streets for hours, no wonder my feet and legs hurt. I needed to take a minute or two to sit down and rest. With yet another sigh, I formed my hands into a prayer and closed my eyes; leaning my forehead against my arms. I really don't know where I should go.. there is no one that I know that will gladly take me into their home, let alone let me stay there for the meantime until I finally have enough money to rent myself an apartment. Pulling a little notebook from the side of my hoodie, I opened it up to check how much I have earned so far -- unfortunately, it still is not enough. Living by yourself is much harder than I think it is, because not only the rent is your problem, also your stuff. I know that I've got to
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Chapter 4: Musika
I was awoke by a loud knock at the door, it sure is not new to me - getting my sleep interrupted - but who could this be? Is it the man that helped me last night? If yes, then I'd use this chance to thank him since I had forgotten to express my gratitude to him last night. I am really indebted to him, although he has not explained to me about this place. Twisting the knob and pulling the door open, I was surprised to see another man standing before me. My eyes shot big and wide, the man I was expecting to greet me today was behind this one in front of me. He is wearing an evil grin which caused me to blush; I am looking like an old woman right now for God's sake!"G-give me five minutes!" I scream, slamming the door shut and immediately headed inside the bathroom to wash up. I have not even brushed my teeth yet - oh my gosh, how could I forget my toothbrush?! It is not in my bag! This is a disaster!
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Chapter 5: First Day in School
"Hello?""El!"I can hear a yawn from the other line, now that makes me feel guilty because I may have disturbed her sleep. But I couldn't care less, I am feeling very happy right now and I have to have somebody to share this joy with! "I wish this is something that's good, it is only six in the morning, Jeff." She growled. "Wait, shouldn't you be preparing for school?""I am at school," chuckles come out from my lips and added in, "Musika. You definitely know that school, right?"She groan, "Yeah right, your dream school. You've been wanting to apply to that since we graduated from high school. Come on, you know better than that, Jeff..""But I am for real right now, I'm really enrolled here!" I received another groan as she replied, "Prove it." I smirk, tapping on the screen to tur
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Chapter 6: A Flower in the Garden
"Are you insane?" I distanced the phone to my ear just as my friend Elaine shouted that. Then rubbing my left ear, I let out a depressed sigh. "You do realize that what you did was wrong, right? Isn't this your dream? It is finally coming true, Jeff! Would you like them to drop you?!" "I know, I know.. I shouldn't have picked a fight with the greatest producer of all time.""Watch your tone," she warns. "Now I understand that you don't like him, but you will have to deal with it. This is for your dream, Jeff.""I can't believe him, honestly. He has zero consideration towards me, why couldn't he at least let me adjust, right? I am still not used to this place, and yet-""There is no use being angry about it right now, what's done is done. Now you've just got to deal with it, or you want it all to g
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