Love was when I loved you

Love was when I loved you

By:  Abhimaya Aryan  Completed
Language: English
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The story revolves around Blythe who after participating in a competition falls in love with his room partner Andrew because of which she soon ends up proposing him which shocks Andrew but he takes some time in order to process her proposal but unfortunately ends up declining her proposal due to which she is broken but real shock comes on her way when she comes to know that there is no one with the name of Andrew in the competition which makes her set on a journey to find Andrew , so will she be able to find him ?, Will she be able to prove that he really exists ?, And many other questions will form crux of the story and will surely keep its readers at the edge of their seats as it is a never witness love story which is amalgamated with almost every kind of emotions a human have and most most importantly don't miss the climax as it is going to blow mind if it's readers for sure

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Abhimaya Aryan
It's twists and turn were keeping me at the edge of my seat as I can even barely wink my eyes while reading it , one of the most beautiful simply complicated story with amalgamation of almost every genre in it , a must read for everyone
2020-08-29 16:26:45
43 Chapters
Sometimes end is the new beginning whereas some beginnings lead to an end as well and that's what exactly happened with me a while ago when I was just torn between my needs and wants because at the very first I decided to surrender before him but fate had something else written for me and so now I have also decided to go with the flow called life as it's not at all a good idea to go against the stream or flow because if you do so than you are doing nothing else but moving towards your destruction and nothing else , well without much delay I'll tell you my story , I am Blythe Williams and this is my story , the beginning of my story or maybe end , I think you should decide what it is exactly ...   So  It all started around five months back when I got the biggest opportunity of my life to be part of the world's biggest wildlife travel blogging company, “Wanderer's Wish” where I got selected in the competition for wildlife tour blogging depending upon
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Soon after I came in and I greeted him and told that I am his room partner to which he didn't react anything which probably amazed me so to avoid any embarrassment for him I walked out of room respecting his privacy, after a while we set back to relax and I ordered coffee so that we can have chat over coffee, as I wanted to know him more, but unfortunately before coffee can arrive he slept as he was very tired, I could understand why as I was also in the same condition, but he was like an energy booster for me,so I just took a mug of coffee and sat before him and started sipping it staring again at him and while sleeping he was looking even more attractive and charming like a cute baby that I felt like I should kiss him but I really needed to control myself, but one thing which was in my control were photos, so I just took my phone and started clicking few of his pics and after a while got into balcony to take view of the scenarios outside and kept standing there until he woke up, a
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To which I too replied him," And what about you , where should you be kept , in which museum because there is no such museum to keep a human like you , today you just have broken the head of yours while shooting", to which we both started laughing and he explained ," Actually , I was trying to take a good shot which I was getting from the above side of the tree , so without any further thinking I just went on top of the tree only to soon realise that the tree trunks are not suitable to carry load of a human and fortunately I am standing before you with my head and whole body in a perfect condition      After having food we kept talking whole night and slept as usual in morning only to wake up with a bang on the door,”C'mon, get ready for meeting in next 20 minutes as our CEO is about to reach here soon”, the voice ordered in a heavy tone because of which I woke up only to remember about the meeting which we completely forgot about as we didn't have
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And we started chatting as usual which continued till morning and without sleep I went on the field trip where I almost met with an accident due to feeling sleepy as I was about to fall in a pit made for catching leopards but was saved by Andrew on correct time which left me with the twisted ankles so badly that I was even unable to walk  So leaving field trip in mid-way Andrew brought me straight to the hotel where I got treated and soon we reached in our room with Andrew carrying me in his arms which was amongst the best moments of my journey by far, “How could you be so careless, now you aren't going anywhere without me as it won't be good for your healing process, so whenever you want to go anywhere just ask me”, he ordered me like an army general replying to which I told him to come close to me and I kissed him on his cheeks again    Which again left him red-faced with shyness, and we again started our chatting process till midnig
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I started shouting while stepping towards balcony but before I could reach there , Andrew pulled me towards himself and we both fell on bed where he hugged me tightly laughing loudly ,"Oh my god , how childish you are Blythe , I was just joking and you are getting ready to die ...." The more he spoke , the harder he laughed because of which I got annoyed and started hitting him on his chest stopping which he continued unable to stop his laughter ," I am sorry , I am sorry it was just a joke you mad girl " intervening which I jumped with my question , " Then how my dress hot changed ?"   Replying to which he started explaining the whole incident which happened last night ," it all started when actually party begin and I really don't know what went wrong with you that you started bringing like mad and soon left the party and when I came behind your following you in order to know what is exactly wrong with you are what is making you do so then you started scolding me
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But any how after that throughout the journey he was poking me for whatever happened in hotel and we kept giggling all this while until we reached Thailand and soon reached hotel and as soon as I reached hotel I felt so sleepy that I didn't even changed my clothes and went directly to bed as I was super exhausted due to journey but as soon as I settled on bed no sooner I woke up hearing loud sound of Andrew in excitement ," Wow ! What a scenery it is" , and he pulled me out of bed even after my opposition to show me something unusual which he might have seen out of our balcony and as soon as we reached there ," I think you should give another try to your thought of dying as it's quite a great scenery to die before ..."     And even before completing his statement he started laughing hard , barely able to continue again ," if you jump from here you'll directly go to heaven " , and again continued his loud and mischievous laughter express which was interrupted s
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But on our second field trip itself we got a surprise that our partners are going to be swapped for whole month although we will be staying with the partner with whom we shared rooms right from the beginning of the competition which actually shocked us but at the end of the day it's a competition, and we all are here to win so taking it sportingly on the orders of our mentors we began our journey with new partners but still it was difficult for me to digest the surprise as I wasn't ready for anything like these which almost ruptured my thought process for a while but on the other hand I had peace somewhere in my mind regards to the fact that still we'll be having same room partners and soon the field trip for the day started with the announcement, but I was unable to focus because of which I lost the day's competition which really disappointed me and no sooner we reached hotel I got into quarrel with Andrew Most probably not because of losing but because now he was work
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Now with passing time I was getting more and more close to Andrew, and we were sharing a really great bond, he always used to listen to me calmly even though I talk nonsense, he never used to get angry on me and used to make me feel special always and his cutest habit was that he always used to ask for forgiveness even though it's my mistake, now my feelings for him started changing as in the beginning I was only attracted to his physique but now I was getting attached to the beauty of his soul, the purity in his nature and the intensity in his care  I wanted to convey my feelings for him but at the same time also wanted to know what he actually feels for me as I didn't want to offend him in any way as he was too sensitive to handle sometimes which was quite complex behavior of him, well as our partners were changed but still he used to help me on the field but unfortunately I was unable to take the fact that he is working with somebody else on the field even thoug
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But after that day I didn't interfere in anything especially on the field trips because Andrew was punishing himself for everything even though it used to be my mistakes hence I started thinking practically not just from the heart because of which I started avoiding childish behavior with him not only on the field but also in the room as I never fought with him or gave him any chance because of which fight might take place between us, but even though I tried to but one fine day a quarrel between us took place when we returned from the field trip as that day Julie somehow fractured his legs because of which Andrew was taking extreme care of him which was making me go crazy    With anger as by as even though I didn't show up my feelings but the limits of my tolerance were already crossed by seeing both of them together everyday just because of Andrew and as soon the field trip got over we came back to hotel and I started ignoring him as I was afraid that if I'll
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Now my priorities started changing with time and everything seemed like new with each passing day which brought something new for me as until then I started thinking from mind as well not just wholeheartedly as I don't know why but I as I was getting closer to Andrew, I was getting more and more mature whereas he was turning more and more childish nature day by day and our characters even started reciprocating with each other, now the result for me was reply of Andrew but not who exactly emerges winner in the competition    The days kept passing like a sand slipping from hands and finally we reached towards the ending of our journey in Thailand where finally I got Andrew back as my partner according to the rules of the competition, and I was much more happy as that day I really enjoyed working on the field by finally having him back as my partner again and as usual we won the competition as well and after returning from the field I enjoyed a lot in which Andre
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