Chloe stirred in her sleep. She was fully exhausted and tired. She groggily opened her eyes. Her throat was parched as she blinked several times to adjust her eyesight to the surroundings.

She was still in the hospital. Her eyes widened slightly when she found Andrew pacing the length of the room while holding a fluff of a blanket in his hand. He was making weird funny faces while looking down, completely unaware that she had woken up.

"Aww my little princess is hungry. Mommy is sleeping. She is tired. You make mommy work a lot little sweetie." Andrew said in a babyish voice giving a funny baby tune to each word.

"So as your mommy is sleeping, let me teach you your first word. Say dada. Da. Da. Say dada." He cooed to the baby and Chloe couldn't help but stifle her giggle.

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