Chapter 2471

The scene of Mr. Martinez causing a ruckus and Fabian coming to the rescue with Lillian at the end was all recorded and posted on the internet.

This person was still a little conscientious and had censored Lillian's appearance, but Fabian's figure and face were clearly visible in the video.

Patty recognized the person in the video as Fabian at a glance.

After seeing the comments below, Patty was even more anxious.

“Julie, how could you fall in love with a single father?”

Julie frowned. “Yes, I won't deny it. I do have a crush on Mr. Johnson.”


“Tsk tsk… Julie, do you really like this single father?” The look in Mrs. Gill's eyes was very subtle. “Someone dug up all his information, and it turns out that this man is Yorick's younger brother. Back then, Yorick stirred up all kinds of troubles and did whatever he wanted in F Country. His sister, Lana, was also notorious in our circle.”

“What? He's Yorick and Lana's younger brother?” Patty was even more nervous, for fear that
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