Warning: My Mommy is A Savage!

Warning: My Mommy is A Savage!

By:  Seeking A Peaceful Life  Completed
Language: English
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On their engagement day, her fiancé cheated with her sister, and pushed her down the stairs even though she was pregnant!Five years later, Charmine Jiang made an impactful return, rooted with a deep hatred for scumbags. She was cold-hearted, ready to fight for the family money, eyed to become a supermodel. She was ready to stun the world.Although she was determined to make her own money for revenge, hordes of men still insisted on helping her, spoiling her.“Who offended my lady? Get the gears ready!”“AK999 ready, I’ve got the scumbags! Dad, Mom, please bring me a little sister!”

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The novel is in Romance and Family genre and has 9.1 reader ratings out of 1655 ratings. It is written by Seeking a Peaceful Life and readers find the plot intriguing and unique. Charmaine Jordan learned about Julian Cabell's attempt to hurt her on the day of their engagement, even though she was nine months pregnant at that time. They intended for her to grab all that was rightfully hers. Charmaine returned five years and made the decision to make everything right and give justice to her past experiences. Will she be successful with this endeavor? 

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Chapter 1
Hilton Hotel Nine-month pregnant Charmine Jordan struggled to walk along the aisle while looking at her surroundings, as though she was searching for someone. Today was her big day, her engagement day with Julian Cabell. It was almost time, but he was nowhere to be seen. As she waddled, however, she then heard a soft yet familiar voice.“Julian, darling, are you sure you want to get engaged with that adopted daughter? She’s not even carrying your child!” Charmine stopped dead in her tracks and turned to the source of the voice. She saw her older sister, Tiffany Jordan and Julian—her fiancé—by the staircase. “Of course I knew,” Julian replied in his low and throaty voice. “I was in the room next to hers when she was assaulted. If she found out that you planned everything, she wouldn’t have given you her 15% shares,” Julian added, with one arm wrapped around Tiffany’s small waist. Tiffany, in her frustration, growled. “I don’t get it. She was adopted into our family, but
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Chapter 2
Five years later, at the Jordan family mansion’s gates...A dazzling black motorbike raced into the compound and, with a 360-degree drift, stopped by the entrance. Built with high-end tech, the vehicle was easily a beauty with a matte finish. An elegant-looking leg came into view from the clouds of dust. A woman got down from the bike and, taking off her helmet, her long hair fluttered with the wind. Charmine Jordan stared at the words ‘Jordan Family Mansion’ as her red lips curled into a faint smirk. She had at last returned after five long years. A whirlwind of tragedies fell upon her the last time she was here; she almost lost her life to the kicks on her belly, had suffered a miscarriage, and was framed to be cheating on Julian when she was—in fact—set up by Julian and Tiffany. With her dignity and reputation torn into shreds, the Jordan family took away her company shares and forced her to reside in Africa overnight. As though it was not cruel enough, they gave her bare minimum
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Chapter 3
Everyone was in shock. “Isn’t there only one of Czech No.1?”“How is Charmine gifting the Czech No. 1 as well? How are there two of them?”Amelia was the first to react, a mocking cackle escaped her lips. “Haha! What else could it be? She must’ve wanted to save her face and bought a fake one. Little did she know that Tiffany gifted the same thing. Shame that the cat’s out of the bag, no? Hahaha!”“Charmine, are you not ashamed of yourself? Can’t you bring something else if you’re that penniless? Why would you bring a fake item? I must’ve been blinded back then when I brought you home out of pity,” scowled Joey Young. Joey loathed Charmine since day one, but little did she know that the woman before her was her actual daughter. The Tiffany she adored was the adopted kid sneaked into the Jordan family, carefully planned by Tiffany’s biological mother, Lara Zabel.Before Charmine could even reply, Tiffany walked up to her. “Charmine, how could you do this? Don't you know that stones
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Chapter 4
The celebration gradually receded, and the only ones left in the garden were members of the Jordan Family. Worn out by today’s celebration, Senior Jordan decided to retire to his room and rest.The moment Senior Jordan left, however, Joey Young turned her hate-filled eyes at Charmine. “You’re an evil and cruel adopted kid,” she growled. “Tiffany had been protecting you ever since you were a kid and loved you dearly. How could you do this to her?!”“I didn’t do anything. Did I make her buy the fake meteorite stone?” came Charmine’s nonchalant reply, undismayed.This only fueled Joey’s anger. “She was scammed, and you didn’t even bother to warn her? You even humiliated her in front of everyone! Is this how you treat your sister?!”“Someone please drag her out. The Jordan family cannot accept this kind of person!” Adam Jordan, the patriarch, barked to his men.Several securities came forward, ready to drag her out. Charmine merely shrugged them away and coldly fixed her jacket. “No n
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Chapter 5
The moment their eyes met, Charmine felt as though a warm feeling was spreading throughout her being. It felt as though she was reunited with a person so dear to her. Chris Bailey—the little boy—held onto Charmine and clung tightly to her.“I was chasing a kitten before I came across you, Mom, but now I can’t find it,” the boy muttered. “But I’m happy now, since I found you again!” While this took Charmine by surprise, she soon recovered from the shock. Gently grabbing the boy by his collar, she pushed him away. “I’m not your mother. Where are your parents? I’ll bring you to them.”The boy’s initial cheery expression then morphed into one of pain. Suddenly, the boy began to sob. “Waa… My chest hurts…” Charmine released his collar out of guilt, but before she could get a word out, the boy went right back into her arms.“My chest hurts… Hug… Mommy, hug…” The boy nestled further into the embrace.Charmine was flabbergasted. Why would the parents leave such a cute boy behind? Jus
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Chapter 6
Anthony had no intention to do what he was about to, but this woman had undeniably piqued his interest. His family had been trying to get him married throughout the years, but now…“Daddy… Daddy…” Chris’s bright voice brought him back to reality.Anthony noticed that the two darkening spots were quite terrible to the eye. It might be too late to save this woman by the time the serum arrived.Pushing all thoughts aside, he bent down and started sucking the blood out of the wound. Chris, who was laying on the ground, saw this and chirped with joy, “Daddy touched Mommy, and Daddy kissed Mommy. Now Daddy needs to take care of Mommy!”The boy never ceased to surprise him.…When Charmine regained her consciousness, she found herself in a monochrome-colored room, and nicely furnished at that. ‘Where am I? Wasn’t I attacked by a cobra? I need to clear the wound now!’When she looked down, however, she realized her clothes had been changed. Moreover, her clothes were swapped with an o
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Chapter 7
Chasing after her, Anthony went to stand in front of her path, and it effectively blocked her. He took out the small box once more.“Miss Jordan, please consider,” he asserted, languid yet evident with determination.Charmine was speechless. Must she accept his proposal? Who placed such a ridiculous mandate?She gently plucked out the ring from its box. Needless to say, it was a beautiful heart-shaped diamond ring perfectly cut, and the exquisite workmanship was evident with the ring itself. It was one of the best cuts in the world.Yet…With a faint smile on her red lips, she tossed the ring away. Just like that, a perfectly cut diamond ring was thrown away like it was rubbish. Anthony and his assistant were stunned. The assistant felt like everything was a blur. Charmine literally rejected his boss and threw the diamond ring into the bin!Unperturbed, Charmine nonchalantly spoke, “I am thankful that Mr Bailey had saved me and nursed me back to health, but I won’t marry you.
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Chapter 8
Fists clenched tight, Tiffany called her manager, Veronica Ramos right away. “Find out who sent me the anonymous email in the next five minutes. I want his information,” ordered Tiffany. Tiffany believed she could blackmail this person into conceding defeat once she obtained their information. Nobody could ever walk over her. Alas...Five minutes later, Veronica called her again, but she came without good news.“Tiffany, I’m sorry. I found the best hacker in town and used up all my connections and resources, but we still couldn’t break in the sender’s IP address.”“How is this possible? I thought we had the best team?!” Tiffany’s fear had gotten the best of her as her voice raised a few octaves. “Now we can’t even break into an anonymous IP?!”She was the most celebrated supermodel in the world, armed with the finest of resources and best connections. There was no way such a thing could happen to her. “The hacker has skills we can’t compete against. We don’t know their iden
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Chapter 9
The following day had come, and Veronica came over to pick up Tiffany. Tiffany was dressed in her best gown, face meticulously decorated with makeup. Her mother, Joey Young, walked her to the door. “I’m sorry, Tiffany, but I can’t go to the audition with you today. Your dad and I have a project to discuss after all. We wish you the best for this audition and getting into the final appearance. Mommy knows you’re the best!”“Thanks, Mommy.” The mother-and-daughter duo shared a hug before Tiffany got in the car. Once the door closed, the sweet and innocent smile on her face was replaced by an entirely different look. It was darker. Tiffany had been plagued with anxiety and concern since Charmine’s return. Tiffany knew the truth: Her poor biological mother was sentenced to death three days after giving birth to her. To ensure that her child would have a better future, she swapped Tiffany with Joey’s actual daughter, and poor Charmine was left on the street instead. Would Joey love
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Chapter 10
Tiffany finally made her appearance in a white linen gown, simple and elegant, as though she came from a classic novel. Her hair cascaded down her shoulders, a floral band rested on her head. The gown fluttered with every step she took, and it was the autumn leaves that danced mid-air in a picturesque scene of a fairytale. Her exquisite face stood out from the other dull and tasteless models, though she still carried a fey-like poise. Her appearance was the personification of heaven on earth as she emulated the beauty of a goddess from a painting. The copy of the necklace was brought to life on her elegant neck.The designer of the necklace, Aida, was awestruck by what she saw. “OH MY GOD! That’s it! She’s the one!” she beamed. “This is exactly what I had in mind. It’s her! We’ll sign her!”“Amazing! Why is there such a pure and refined woman on earth? So honorable and spotless, like a blank white cloth!”“Definitely worthy of her immeasurable fame and reputation for being the bes
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