Mr. Mafia

Mr. Mafia

By:  Mariama Abdul Bari  Ongoing
Language: English
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Sofia Ramos is a Mafia Princess in the Amarican/Spanish Maifa. She just finished University and is moving back into her parent's mansion. She now has a degree in Fashion Designing because of the inspiration from her best friend's mother. Sofia had a sweet, kind, carefree personality, but when it came to her Mafia, she was anything but that. What will happen when she meets Vincenzo Moretti. Vincenzo Moretti is a cold Italian Mafia Don, he never believed in love until he met Sofia at a dinner in Spain. The first time Vincenzo was ever scared was when he couldn't introduce himself to Sofia that night at the dinner. Ever since that night in Spain, Vincenzo knew that Sofia would become the love of his life. What will happen when he finally introduces himself to Sofia.

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11 Chapters
Chapter One
Prolouge.One and a half years earlier.The dinner in Spain.Sofia was on the opposite side of the room, while Vincenzo secretly admired her beauty. It had been two hours, not the Sofia caught Vincenzo attention without her even knowing. Her smile alone was so alluring, and Vincenzo wanted to be the reason she smiled every day, but he was afraid of what she would think of him. For the first time in his life her was afraid, afraid of her opinion of him, afraid of if she would even like him, just afraid.Present Day.It had been two weeks since I graduated from university and moved back home with my parents and brothers. My father, Romero Ramos, is the leader of the Spanish/American Mafia until my eldest brother, Mateo Ramos, takes over next year. My mother, Maria Ramos, was born into the Mafia just like the rest of my family and lastly my second brother, Sebastian Ramos will be my Mateo's second in command for Mateo when he become leader. The there's me, Sofia, I have been involved in
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Chapter Two
The next morning, I woke up to someone knocking on my door, "What!" I shout.My door flew open, and my mana's angry face came into view, "Don't raise your voice in my house, Sofia." She scolds, pointing her finger at me."Lo siento, mama." I aplogize. [I'm sorry]"Now go change and come downstairs to eat." She orders walking over to my curtins, opening them for the sun to come in."Hurry, we are having a guest." She informs me.I got up from bed, walking to my bathroom to take a shower, and Mama left my room when I did.I brushed my teeth, showered, changed into a long blue dress, and put on some lip balm.When I was finished getting ready, I left my room and headed to the kitchen. On my way there, the bathroom door across from my father's office opened an extremely beautiful man. His shirt was folded on his elbows, and his tattoos were on display. Our eyes met, giving me a full view of his perfectly sucplured face.His eyes were dark brown, and he looked over six feet tall. As we con
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Chapter Three
It's been two weeks since I met vincenzo, Gabrielle, and Valentino. My mafia is hosting a ball to welcome the Italian mafia, which means I'll be seeing Vincenzo. The ball is on Saturday, It's Monday and Mia, Gabrielle and I are going dress shopping.They are forcing me to go, I was just going to have Mama buy me a dress or buy one online. Gabrielle, Mia, Charlotte, and I have made a great bond over the past two weeks, Gabrielle's personality is similar to Mia's. Diego and Valentino are still making eayes at each other.Last week, mama invited the Moretti's for dinner, Isabelle (their mother) is also like mama, I think they might become best friends and Antonio (their father) is very intimidating I see where Vincenzo gets it from. Unfortunately, Vincenzo didn't come, I don't know why, but I was upset the whole dinner because of it.Anyway, I'm currently getting ready to leave for the mall. After my shower, I put on a short black dress. I was feeling to wear jewlery today, so I wore som
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Chapter Four
Wednesday arrived, and the ball was slowly getting closer. I didn't have anything planned for today, so I decided that I was going to the warehouse. There were recuits to be trained, shipments to finalize, and I want to be knowledgable of the Russians every move.After showering and getting dressed, I left the house soon after. Since I didn't get breakfast, I stopped on my way to the warehouse for coffee and a few grilled cheese sandwiches.It had been two hours now that I was at the warehouse, I finalized five shipments, the recuits were in the shooting range, and the Russians were being sloppy as always. They were leaving important information everywhere they went.My thoughts were cut off when someone barged into my office."Sofia!"Of course, it had to be the one and only Diego Garcia."Diego, stop being so loud." I say."Sorry," He says, "But you wouldn't believe what happened.""What?" I ask, giving Diego my full attention. God knows if I didn't, he would throw a trantum."Valen
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Chapter Five
It's the next day (Thursday), and Mia and Gabriellle are dragging me to get our nails done. I haven't ever done acrylic before, but they wanted me to get them. Who am I to turn down having me hands lookk presentable for once in my life.I shower and change into a long long sleeved shirt and shorts.When I went downstairs to the kitchen, I saw my brothers (Mateo and Sebastian), Mia, Gabrielle, and Gabriel Hernandez (Mateo's bestfriend) there."Buenas dias." I greet them, and they all return my greeting.I walk over to Gabriel, slapping his butt (something I did since we were small). "Gabriel." I say playfully."Sofia." He replied, glaring at me."Can you stop harassing my friend." Mateo says, pushing my head slightly.I slap his hand away and say, "Nope."They all laughed at our interaction.A few minutes later, Mia, Gabrielle, and I left for the nail salon."How do you know Gabriel, Sofia?" Gabrielle asks randomly."He has been Mateo's friend since they were small." I explain."Oh."
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Chaper Six
Our lips moved in sync, I could feel Vincenzo gripping my waist, causing me to let out a soft moan. Vincenzo bites down on my lower lip softly, making my mouth open slightly. He takes that opportunity to connect our tongues. At this point, we were having a full make-out session, I pulled away to catch my breath, causing my breath, causing Vincenzo to groan. He buried his face in my neck, leaving wet kissed down my neck and collor bone, and I was releasing soft moans, I could feel myself getting wet. He raises up from my neck and was about to kiss me on my lips again but was inturupted by Giovanni speaking."Capo." Giovanni says. [Boss]."What!" Vincenzo replies harshly.I pinch his thigh, indicating that for him to use a nicer tone, he just smiles at me and kisses my cheek."We have arrived, shall I wait." Giovanni asks."No, we'll be coming out now." I reply before Vincenzo could.I turn towards Vincenzo and almost burst out laughing at his annoyed expression. His face relaxs once I
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Chapter Seven
SOFIA RAMOS' POVVincenzo came out of surgery but he was in a coma, the doctors said he shoud wake up soon and that his body needs rest. Gabrielle, Valentino and Isabelle are in Vincenzo's room talking to him because the doctor said that some coma patients could hear what people around them are saying.They move Vincenzo into his room upon Isabelle's request, I haven't been alone with him since he came out of surgery, I'll just have to come back in the morning.It was already 3 am, I plan to leave now and come back around 11 am. After saying my goodbye's to everyone, Isabelle had Giovanni drop me back home.When I got home, Mateo (her brother) was stitting on one of the kitchen stools, eating. I sat on the stool next to him, resting my head on the counter, I was so tired."Are you okay?" Mateo asks rubbing my head."Yeah." I lie.I was not okay, I was scared that yesturday's event could happen again. Not just to Vincenzo but to anyone I cared about."We'll be fine, Sofie." Mateo assu
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Chapter Eight
Amelia, Gabrielle and I are currently at the mall, they went into six stores so far."Let's go into Victoria Secret." Gabrielle says pointing at the store.They went into Victoria Secret, while I stayed outside the store."Sofia!" I heard a familar voice call out.It was Andrew and he had a girl with him, I flash the an awkward smile not wanting to have any conversation with them. I was staring to think I should've gone into Victoria Secret with Gabrielle and Amelia."This is my girlfriend, Brianna." Andrew says wrapping his arm around her shoulder.What does he expect me to do with that information.I look at Brianna to see that she was smirking at me like I was supposed to be jealous or something."Are you here with anyone?" Andrew asks when I don't say anything."Yup." I reply, nodding my head.As he was about to say something, Amelia and Gabrielle walked out of Victoria Secret."Sofia, we brought you something to wear for Vincenzo." Amelia says."Who's Vincenzo?" Andrew asks, cle
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Chapter Nine
After two long hours of waiting for everyone to arrive, we were finally taking off. Vincenzo,, Valentino, Antonio, my brothers and my father were at the the dining/conference room at the front of the jet, Isabelle and my mother were both in one of the three bedrooms and Gabrielle, Amelia, Diego and I are in one of the other bedrooms."Sofia, can I talk to you for a minute." Diego asks.He has been looking sad the whole time, I didn't push him to say anything because I know he would talk to me when he's ready."Yeah." I reply.We left the room and went into the third bedroom for some privacy."What's wrong?" I ask him once we were seated on the bed."Valentino has been acting weird since the night of the ball," Diego tells me, "I feel like he's trying to push me away.""Did you try to talk to him about it." I ask."Yes but he doesn't want to talk to me, Sofia." He says.Diego looks so sad, I could tell he really likes Valentino, from the was he talked about him. Valentino's brother alm
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Chapter Ten
SOFIA RAMOS' POVThe next morning, we all had breakfast together at around 9:30 am. Gabrielle promised Amelia, Diego and I that she would show us around the city. I am currently getting dress so we could leave soon. Vincenzo left right after breakfast, along with my brother, father and Lorenzo because they had work to do at the warehouse.~It's now an hour later and we were all sitting at a table, enjoying our gelato. Amelia and Gabrielle got up and went to the bathroom, so I took the opportunity to ask Diego about him and Valentino."Did you speak with Valentino on the jet?" I ask him."Yeah, we decided to give each other space for a while." He replies."Are you okay with that?" I question."I was the one who suggested it," He answers," I don't think Val was okay with it but I think it's best we distance ourselves from each other till we figure out how we want to move forward."Diego never had a boyfriend before so I knew that distancing himself from Valentino was going to take a to
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