Chapter 8: Saved Her Again

Hunter’s POV

I had to re-adapt to life in the Storm pack. It was so different here, far from the human world, without the dizzying nightlife and crowded city streets; the air was clean and crisp, with no exhaust fumes clouding over the sky. There were no electronics, no modern technology, nothing to distract myself with.

And it was quiet. Too quiet.

Nothing had changed since I’d last been here. Home. I wanted to scoff at the idea. It didn’t feel like home. Not after what had happened to my mother…

I shook myself. There was one way to distract myself: Reg. As the sun lifted its groggy head over the horizon and my clock ticked towards six, I let him out for a run around Lake Pear. It was the Alpha’s exclusive lounge area, which meant nobody else could enter it. Peace, or something close to it, beckoned at last. I hoped.

Life was a boring bliss here, except for my inexplicable headaches. Daisy said that I was indeed poisoned, though she had no way to cure it. The Omega, Jane, had turned o
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goodnovel comment avatar
The author is speaking from both characters' point of view. So we have to relive the same event twice. It can get quit annoying. This repeating scenes also makes the book longer. I wish all of their feelings were in the same chapter, telling us how each of them feels in the moment that they speak.
goodnovel comment avatar
Brandi Tate
Why is the book repeating the stories?

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