The Alpha King's Slave

The Alpha King's Slave

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Language: English
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If you don't find your mate by the age of 18, you will be forced into slavery. Your fate is decided by The Alpha King. My name is Brinley James, I'm 18, and due to rejection: I am mate-less, or I should say... Slave No. 508. BOOK ONE AND TWO OF THE ALPHA KINGS SERIES. Book one - The Alpha King's Slave, Book two - Return of the Banished Alpha King BOTH BOOKS CAN BE READ AS STAND ALONE

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The Alpha Kings Slave is a werewolf mythology stories, and Brinley James is a werewolf who is about to come of age. She must find her mate before she is 18 or she will be forced into slavery. In the story she supposedly finds her mate, but he leaves her in a pool of his own blood and cheats on her. In the stories of girls and women who are abused, it is incredible that they choose to forgive and accept the abuser, and return to him, and this is why and what kind of emotional impact, generally makes us think about it. So unequal, but the story still has a happy ending. Can't wait to read The Alpha Kings Slave novel.

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Suzy Williams Kozi
Great stories!
2023-10-27 23:48:16
user avatar
KuraOtera Joseph
my apologies this is book is correct I love the two stories in this ...
2023-09-06 07:38:55
default avatar
I had enjoyed both stories. Saying this, one book has disappeared from my library and now this one is locked. Paying for both of these books already, I am greatly disappointed.
2023-04-22 09:52:31
user avatar
I love this story!
2022-07-12 02:58:05
default avatar
Lizzy Spidell
Honestly thought the first few chapters were great, more detail would have been nice but once paying for chapters started the book went down hill super fast! Only saying it’s got 5 stars so you all see it don’t waste your time as the author goes back and forth on the story you can’t understand it!!!
2022-07-08 14:10:37
user avatar
Caitlin Donohue
great book I'm done one and I'm almost finished two I really love the story ...
2022-05-24 00:47:50
user avatar
Author BjPassions
The Alpha King’s Series is a three book series Book 1 The Alpha Kings Slave Book 2 The Alpha Kings Cursed Mate Book 3 A Kingdom Of Snow And Iron They will be posted under the title Alpha King Series The Alpha Kings slave rewrite is already out Hope you enjoy Bj
2022-05-08 06:21:45
default avatar
Diamond Thomas
Is there a difference if I read the rewrite or the completed version
2022-04-28 14:34:00
user avatar
Author BjPassions
Hi everyone the rewrite of the Alpha kings slave has been posted under the the alpha kings slave series’s
2022-04-19 11:12:28
default avatar
Heather McArdle
Any idea when the 3rd will be released?
2022-02-13 01:18:36
user avatar
What happened to the second book?
2022-01-15 10:59:08
user avatar
N Hidayat
nice work on the one
2022-01-06 11:16:18
user avatar
Love it so much . Great Read .
2022-01-05 21:27:53
default avatar
Jodie Lynn Asselstine
Absolutely love it
2022-01-03 10:59:27
default avatar
Loren Mi'chele
Decently written with a good flow to the storyline.Kudos to the author!
2022-01-02 17:35:37
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79 Chapters
"I can't believe you're leaving". Amanda pouts. I rolled my eyes.   "It's not like we have a choice do we". My wolf sage growls In annoyance."Be nice sage". I warn her. She Growls and blocks me out. I mentally roll my eyes at her behavior It's such a sage thing to do."What time will they be here?". Katie asks. I shrug.
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Chapter 1
I fell asleep during most of the ride. I'm not sure how much longer we have to go and I'm kinda too nervous to ask."Just ask Brinley and stop being a baby". Sage pushed. I roll my eyes"What if they were giving orders not to talk to me? I don't want them in trouble because of me". I exclaimed."True but just try". Sage encouraged. I sighed.
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Chapter 2
It's been two long miserable days. They bring me food, but I refuse to eat as much as my stomach protests against me. I will not give in to their commands.Beta Kyle brought me food about an hour ago. I refused it, which pissed him off. He slammed his fist against the metal Bars and told me I would be sorry because I have left him no choice. What does that even mean?.Sage also refuses to talk to me because I am keeping her from
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Chapter 3
"Wake up."I groan and roll over, pulling the blanket over my head. Talk about having a hard time sleeping in a new place that you can't even explore? And What the hell is the deal with keeping us blindfolded? 
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Chapter 4
The Alpha King's Silver orbs burn holes in my own. Just his stare alone caused my heart rate to quicken, but I was determined not to back down, so I held my gaze intensely and let me clarify. If I weren't on his bed right now, I'd be on my knees kneeling at his mercy.Damn, how can someone be this hot?."I..I.Im sorry". I stuttered, breaking the eye contact. I watch through my eyelashes as he runs his fingers through his messy hair tha
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Chapter 5
Katie.I watched as my best friend took her last breath. My heart sank. Tears flowed on their own, and before I knew It, I was on my knees cradling her lifeless body.Five months earlier.It was nearing dawn, and the sky lit up this beautiful orange and yellow color. I walked along the stone path that led Into woods only Amanda, Brinley, and I knew. We call It are secret getaway.The breeze was warm as It blew; I wanted to cuddle In Its warmth. My day had not gone as planned, and I needed to be alone.I was nearly nineteen and still haven't found my mate, my mind won't stop thinking about the outcome If I don't see him?. Slavery isn'
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Chapter 6
It's been two weeks since my episode. It's been two weeks since Xander rejected me.The pack doctor told me If I don't want a repeat of what happen to me, I need to make sure that I eat properly and drink fluids, I had to stay in the hospital for four days before Jacob, the pack doctor would release me.I have not seen Xander since I woken, am I that repelling? That he can't even make sure that I am alive and well?, Katie said that he had visited me the first day but did not come back since.When I arrived back to the mansion after I was released, I only got one day of rest then it was back to work.  Kyle the Beta said today I was to be escorted by Tyler to finish the slavery process.  What does that even mean?.I had finished my work for the day and as promised my escort Tyler was waiting for me so he could take me to where it is that I needed to go.Nothing has really changed m
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Chapter 7
Wolfsbane can send your wolf into hibernation, for the goddess only knows how long. Being without Sage meant that I was human; I no longer had my sensitive hearing, sharp eyesight, or my wolf's strength; I was on my own with this fight and what little power I had.I managed to punch Julia a few times in the face, and she whimpered in pain as my fist collided with her nose, blood splattered at the contact.On the other hand, Julia knew of my wolf's absence and used her wolf strength against me. She dug her claws deep into my side, and I cried out in pain as she twisted them in my flesh. She managed to roll us over with her on top of me now; she smirked.Because Julia knew or thought she had the upper hand, but what she didn't know about me was I never give up without fight!. Even though Xander rejected me, I somehow felt the urge to fight for him?. The mate-bond was still there, for I have not accepted his rejection.I g
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Chapter 8
It's been a week and still no sign of Sage. The doctor said she would return all in good time.I sure hope he's right.Even though I missed Sage I loved the time I spent with Xander, although I can't say the same for him he has been putting a lot of distance between us.  I only see him when he comes back to his room, and sometimes that's not till late, and I am already asleep.But I have been seeing a lot more Katie and she has a theory as to why Sage has not come back yet, she seems to think Sage is trying to get Xander and I closer which makes perfect scenes.Xander left before I woke. I found a Note that he wrote for me, it read that he had to deal with rogue attacks and not to wait up for him.  Like always.My slave number that has been burned into my skin has healed, I still have to do my slave duties. No exceptions. And being human while doing all this is pure
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Chapter 9
Brinley.It's been a month since I accepted Xander's rejection. I am an empty shell, I do not speak. I'm going through the motions of living, but feel so empty,so miserable.My brown hair has dulled, my green eyes that once looked like bright Emeralds now look lifeless, and have lost their color.Sage has locked herself away in the back of mind, she refuses to talk to me.Tyler has tried countless times to talk to me, but I just stare at him with a blank expression. No desire to do anything. I eat small portions and sometimes nothing,I don't have an appetite lately.  Katie visits with me, or should I say the shell of me!. She goes on and on, about how great her life is and how she's expecting her first PUP. I just sat there staring at her golden orbs, tears rolled down my face, she tried to comfort me and ask me what was wrong. But I did not answer and just simply cr
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