By:  Sherri Tang  Ongoing
Language: English
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People say I have the face of a greek god and a personality of a gentlemen. But trust me when I say, I also have a heart of steel and a mindset of a psycho. That's why when you see me, don't fall for my looks, just run. I, might just kill you.

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Clarisa Matus
Omg I’m in love with this story I need more lots more when will more be updated and posted?
2020-11-22 12:32:58
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Simp bitch
Good one till now!!
2020-12-22 19:56:44
user avatar
I loved this book !!!
2021-12-16 13:55:21
56 Chapters
Even though the storm is coming, there is still a calm before it. But don't be fooled, it's not all the time like this.The wind blew into his jail cell very lightly. He felt it and looked up and saw some leaves had blew in.He picked up those leaves and
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1. Intro
This story starts out very simple. There is a girl, named Carmen. She's a senior in high school in Mexico.She has friends. She has popularity. She has money. She is sweet, kind, caring. Basically, she's is a very innocent girl who everyone adores. Nothing special.
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2. Party
Carmen's POV2 weeks have past and I have to say we have officially settled down. Kiara and I were coincidentally dorm mates and we were both delighted. It's like fate ya know?And we have recen
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3. Brian Garcia
NAME: Brian GarciaDATE OF BIRTH: 29 May 2001RECORDS: Imprisonment for the murder of 30 victims, age 20
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4. Let's Start
"Alright alright you caught me. Brian is my brother." She confessed. "Gosh Kiara, why didn't you tell me?" I sighed. "It's not like it was important." She pouted. 
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5. Attack
 Eh?How-He's been sitting there for 15 minutes already! Was the drug not effective?! But it was the strongest drug in the world! How strong is he?!
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6. Chemistry
 The days continued after that night started to be annoying. Well, he is a top criminal for a reason. I can't believe i'm actually having difficulty. *sigh*
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7. Incident
"Have you killed him yet? This is very unlike of you." "Uncle, he is a top criminal. Killing him isn't that easy. ""Just assassinate him. I want that 300 million." He bluntly said.
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8. Sparks
"Really? You agree?" He widened in shock."You asked me." I said, rolling my eyes at his question. "Sorry I just never thought you would help me out. Guess you're beginning to take a liking to me."
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9. Our Hands
 Our ride there was nothing but silence and awkwardness. I always found myself looking at him once in a while to see if he would start a conversation, but i understand that he was busy driving. "I know my face is handsome love, but can you stop staring at me? I can't con
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