By:  Gio Lupe   Ongoing
Language: English
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Sofia spends her life dreaming of true love, born into a family with ties to the Italian mafia, she has always found herself caught up in her father's expectations! Isabella's life is turned upside down when her father forces her into a marriage with the new Don, Petros Sorelli A cruel and cold man who doesn't believe in love.

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5 Chapters
Chapter 1
Born and raised in a not-so-good environment, suffering for the same reasons that all normal people suffer, but in an environment where no normal person should live... this is how I was raised; this is how I lived, this is how I grew up, and probably this is how I will die.When my heart which is made of me, decides to stop the body that is also made of me.“ I already told Beatrice I have no interest whatsoever in our father's plans, I'm not like you” I said while my older sister fluffed my prom dress, she had been my mother since she put a bullet in my head on my fifth birthday, tragic, but I avoided thinking too much about it so I wouldn't end up going crazy than usual. It's not like it's the year 1500 when a woman doesn't have a chance to fall in love. I don't know how you don't mind this!“ I don't mind this because I follow orders, Antonella, and you should too! Because I'm tired of always saving you from our father's wrath. You know how hard it's been lately” by lately she me
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Chapter 2
Those awkward, disjointed moments affected me, I was after all, in my own fucking house, so why was I so distressed? I tried to keep my composure, however, I could, well, there was no composure looking at him made me nervous. “Oh... sorry... I didn't see that you were already busy...” I said dully, wanting to look at him and wanting to run away. “Don't worry, there is room for everyone who finds these fucking events unbearable!” I couldn't believe that he dared to say this, I thought the same thing myself, but to hear someone say this about an event that was about his sister... was hard. “They are not that bad... there is free booze... and the hostess is beautiful.” “What are you, related to the owner of the house?” he said in a super rude way. “Does it matter?” I replied harshly. “If I ask you of course it matters, are you a maid? did they let you attend the party and you're so grateful to be in the middle of high society?” What a clueless little man, all his beauty ende
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Chapter 3
I was so upset that I stumbled out of the hall until I finally managed to lock myself inside my room, I stood in the doorway trying to absorb what had happened, what was going on in the middle of everyone? My first thought was "Did Mirella, see?" "Was she upset with me?" "It wasn't intentional". Then I realized that I was justifying myself over something that I didn't need to justify since NOTHING happened. I just needed to convince myself of that as soon as possible. But if I closed my eyes I saw the green eyes of that insufferable devil, I think he impressed me with his ability to make me mad, that's why I was thinking about him, nothing special, just someone who challenged me... and that didn't happen normally. I was already wrapped in my covers when Mirella came into my room. - Isabella, are you still awake? I tried to simulate slightly closed eyes, I hoped that would work. “I was whispering to Mirella, what's wrong, is everything okay? “I acted disingenuous and acted as i
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Chapter 4
I started my day by spending the rest of the morning awake, how does one fold their eyes after what happened in that room during the night?I couldn't mask to my sister what had happened, she had this ability to read people that scared me... and I was always the target of her readings.I got up without feeling like it because I wasn't in the mood to talk to anyone that morning, but after brushing my teeth and rinsing my face things got a little better for me.The rush through the house was remarkable, were they already putting things in place for the damn wedding, or had something bad happened? I could hear my father shouting in his study, he was quite irritated.My sister was not in the kitchen as usual eating her light breakfast and prepared to criticize me for eating compulsively without any fear of judgment. "What happened, where's Mirella?" asked the cook "Her sister left early this morning, she said she needed to buy some things for her trousseau." "And my father, why is he
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Chapter 5
I sat down obeying my father, who seemed in no mood to say anything to me; I knew very well that he was scrambling all over himself to express exactly what he was feeling. Had I tarnished my family's honor? To me, it didn't matter at all, but to my father and sister honor with the Dons was everything, it was the air they breathed.We were excluded from the dome ... what had happened that was so serious and what had I done to deserve this treatment from my sister? She wasn't just talking out of her mouth, I could see that she hated me very much.Mirella didn't want to talk to me for obvious reasons, I had to try to deal with it. "And then Dad..."I dried my tears trying to stay strong, I didn't like to cry around anyone. Why was Mirella angry to that degree with me?"Sofia you saw yesterday that they were here, they came for Mirella's engagement but something changed in the middle of the way.Oh if I saw... well, I decided to let it go!I decided not to tell how I was being chased b
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