Love Of The Mafia King

Love Of The Mafia King

By:  Tassel  Completed
Language: English
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Ever since Vexon Bevine first laid eyes on Ruby Gerund, he could not get her beautiful image out of his mind. Unfortunately, Ruby didn't notice him and disappeared while he was stuck in Mafia training. Years later, Vexon attends his elder brother's wedding, where he sees Ruby again. Even though he wants to make her 'his', Vexon tries to control his feelings. However, that night, someone drugs him, and he ends up marrying Ruby against her will, losing his control. Ruby can't forget the way everything was forced upon her, and out of hatred towards Vexon, she deems this a forced marriage and decides to never accept him as her husband. If Ruby hates Vexon from the bottom of her heart, will he be able to make her fall in love with him? Or will she just be the love of the Mafia King and never reciprocate his feelings? Besides, who drugged Vexon which made him forcefully marry her, when all he tried to do was control his undying love?

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109 Chapters
Book-I: Chapter 1 - When He Heard Her
Chapter-1VEXONBefore I knew it, I was in my second year of college. On my way home after my last class one day, I was hoping t
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Chapter 2 - Love At First Sight
Chapter-2VEXONWho and where is she? That was the only thing running through my m
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Chapter 3 - When We Meet
Chapter-3VEXONFive years had passed and my training was finally complete but I didn't want to go home. I wanted to go and sear
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Chapter 4 - Change Of Plans
Chapter-4RUBY"Hello?" I called, waving my hands in front of hi
Read more
Chapter 5 - Gunshots?
Chapter-5RUBY"No, the plan was-"
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Chapter 6 - Her Safety
Chapter-6RUBY"Oh, dear Lord!" I exclaimed as I heard the gunshots, I was beyond scared. Did some Mafia end up coming to the we
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Chapter 7 - Saving A Gem
Chapter-7 RUBY"Tsk. Tsk. Ruby," someone whispered my name, looking around, I found no one.
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Chapter 8 - His Confession
Chapter-8AUTHORThe arrangements for the reception party were causing her frustration, with each passing minute. She didn't kno
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Chapter 9 - Kill Or Marry?
Chapter-9RUBY"Ruby!" someone called behind me, bringing me back to the present, as I looked up to find Max looking at me with
Read more
Chapter 10 - A Sudden Decision
Chapter-10RUBYThe regret I thought I saw there, vanished. "Why don't you just superglue me to you, asshole?" I wanted to snap
Read more Protection Status