Sold and Pregnant for the cold-hearted Billionaire

Sold and Pregnant for the cold-hearted Billionaire

By:  Lucia Love  Completed
Language: English
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Ariana Mends was auctioned to pay for her father's debt but never did she expect to fall in love with the man who purchased her, especially after finding out that he was the heir of the legendary Blade family and betrothed to another. Caddaric Blade was cold-hearted, ready to take over his dangerous family's multi-billion dollar company and rule the dark mafia, which he already did behind the mask. Being prepared to marry his betrothed, he wanted nothing from Ariana, and gave her her freedom but what was that strange thing cruising through his blood every time he saw her? And why would he kill anyone who dared to hurt her? These feelings were forbidden but with Ariana, they felt just right. Caddaric’s perfect life might just come crumbling when he gives in to those strange vibes especially when a seed is planted or maybe, his stone-cold heart, might have a taste of what he loathed the most, LOVE… This book is a read alone, though a sequel to *Trapped by the ruthless Billionaire*

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178 Chapters
Chapter 1 - sold
“You can be auctioned tonight at the Nightingale club to earn some money to pay for your late father’s debt, baby girl,” Dario Stephanie, the Italian Mafia Don cooed in Ariana’s ears, she shook from fear, taking a step away, tears streamed down her cheeks. The man had just tortured and killed her father in front of her and now, he wanted her to pay for his debt. Ariana wasn’t stupid. Wiping her tears, she looked him proudly in the eyes.“No. You already killed your debtor. If my father was alive, I would have done it but you already killed him so his debt should be canceled.”Dario grimaced and his countenance was deadly, as he gripped her throat. Ariana was out of breath and defenseless but her head remained high, as tears continued to stream down her cheeks. Her eyes were still haughty and she didn’t bat an eyelash. Even if she got away from Dario, she wouldn’t be able to escape from his bodyguards. It was the only reason why she didn’t try to defend herself. “I can kill you too, f
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CHAPTER 2 - Can I see your face?
Most people had heard about the masked man and only saw his pictures in the news. None had seen him in person. It was rumored that he was soulless and blood followed him everywhere he went. If he was here, then it was going to be chaos. Some people had already begun to make their way out of the club secretly but others wanted to see what would happen or why he bidded so much for a virgin. Maybe he was insane.Ariana opened her eyes at the sound of the voice. She thought her fate was sealed with eight hundred thousand and she needed to be auctioned again. This timely intervention was unexpected but her hope returned. Even if the man would be a sex maniac, the fact that she wouldn’t have to be auctioned again nor work in the club again was enough consolation.“Five million,” the MC was excited. The bidder would have to pay thirty percent of the amount bided to the management of the club so this was a good catch since twenty percent would be deducted from the victim's earnings as well. T
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Chapter 3 - Why did you save my life?
Since the voice was robotic, she couldn't discern the anger buried in it. “Aren’t you asking for too much?”Her head was still lifted high, her look haughty. “If you won’t take what belongs to you, then give me the privilege of knowing the man who saved my life,” she spoke in a polite pleading tone and his heart seemed to have softened towards her. “Will it make any difference?” He asked. “You have no idea,” Ariana responded while looking at him pleadingly. A moment of silence ensued and she knew the man was thinking about her request. Suddenly, he warned her,“If you tell anyone, I will kill you myself.”Ariana smiled and vowed, “I’ll rather die than offend you.”The man seemed satisfied with her response, turned his back to her, removed his mask, then turned to face her. She was shocked to see that the face behind the mask was the most beautiful one she ever saw but his eyes were so dark and piercing, she felt scared. His hair was long, heavy, black, and curly, almost falling on hi
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Chapter 4 - I am proud of my son, Caddaric
Ariana, who was in the company of Juliet, was swarmed with complicated emotions, seeing the three men coming from the other direction. She wanted to talk to him but recalled that the masked man was the one who saved her. This man didn’t tell her his name and warned her to not expose his secret identity. If she did anything to show that she knew him, it would create suspicions.Wiping her tears with the back of her hand and with her head lifted high, she grabbed Juliet by the arm and pushed her towards the stairs, knowing that the men were going walking towards the elevator. Caddaric, who was worried about her and confused as to whether to ask her reason for crying, thought that she was avoiding him and felt pained altogether. A part of him wanted to go after her but he was already late for his introduction ceremony. Throughout the drive, it was hard to get Ariana’s red eyes out of his mind.When they arrived at the Blade Towers, it was swarmed with media reps. However, they never gave
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Chapter 5 - Do you think that i’ll fall in love with a woman as you did?
"Miranda's mother was Caddaric's father's betrothed before. Unlike her mother, Miranda already won Caddaric's heart while she was in school. He already promised to marry her and the Blades do not go back on their words," Juliet said seriously, trying to debunk the girls having eyes for the heir of the Blade Towers. Unknown to her, Ariana was equally disturbed but there were pending things for her to think about at the moment, such as finding out Dario’s whereabouts. Since she didn’t believe that she could make a lot of money to pay him off, she had directly filled in his account details, and all her money less the club charges had been paid to him. It was the reason why she was teary this morning.The lobby was quiet because most of the girls were crushing on Caddaric but it seemed that there wasn't hope at all. "How do you know all this?" One of the girls asked Juliet. "Have you forgotten whose daughter I am?” How could they forget that she was Santiago’s daughter? Santiago was a maf
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Chapter 6 - Caddaric’s anxiety
“I don’t mince words, Miranda. If you want to marry for love, then I’m not the right person for you. You have three days to make up your mind and when you decide, Cassandra will bring you to me,” he said coldly and began to walk away. Miranda was anxious. Why was he offended by her question? She had someone who loved her as much as she loved him but chose to marry Caddaric to please her family. Now it seemed to her that her marriage wasn’t going to be a happy one and she couldn’t marry the man she loved because he wasn’t a Blade. Her family might even disown her if she tried to consider it. “I can’t call you?” She asked behind him when Colton and Carter joined them. “You have my number but I can’t do pep talks or Love chats as ordinary lovers do, I’m sorry. Our marriage is supposed to be a responsibility and a means to secure an heir,” Caddaric turned around and said. Miranda should have known this already so why was she asking for more? She had paled in that, there was no color o
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Chapter 7 - She said no.
Ariana took up the character of a bartender as soon as she arrived for her shift at the Casino. Most people who won bets would come to drink to celebrate and those who lost drank to forget their misery.She was just doing her job by being nice to these senseless rich men who had no value for women. She smiled and joked along with them but when thrown with the opportunity to earn more by gracing their beds, she refused politely as always. Situations might force her to do things she didn’t want but she wasn’t going to let those things define her. The only time Ariana had let her guard down was when she was auctioned at the club.She wasn’t the only bartender on duty but as usual, she attracted a lot of attention because of her sexy and attractive look. She was pouring a drink for some of the men when she saw from the corner of her eyes, a man who looked familiar, yet different.It was also the first time she got distracted from her job, overfilling a glass when she locked eyes with the
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Chapter 8 - you owe me nothing
At the manager’s office, Caddaric led Ariana to the sofa and said, “I won’t take much of your time.” He went to the manager, who had brought out some documents and sat in front of him. The manager, a man in his early forties, looking young and vibrant, seemed nervous with Caddaric’s presence. The man made a deal with him as a teenager and had come to claim what belongs to him. No one would have expected someone of that age to invest so much. His respect for Caddaric wasn’t because of his family background but rather, the intelligence and smartness he carried. The man knew that the man before him did not only own clubs and casinos but also hotels, jewelry shops, restaurants, and real estate. He invested everywhere the opportunity presented itself and without his family, he was still worth billions at twenty-five. In a few years, he would be swimming in trillions. “Before we start? What can I offer you?” The manager asked politely. Caddaric was flipping through pages of the documents
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Chapter 9 - On one condition
Ariana froze in a stupor, and as shameful sensual moans deafened her ears, she felt disgusted. She couldn’t believe it. Seth died last night and his girlfriend was being fucked by the assistant manager on his desk. Being so engrossed in pleasure, they hadn’t noticed the intrusion. Ariana only realized that she was in the wrong office after realizing that nothing in the office related to Caddaric and Jade, the assistant manager wouldn’t dare to do this in Caddaric’s office. She began to fear the repercussions of being seen by Jade and for Caddaric to think wrongly of her if she didn’t see him on time. The least she wanted was for him to be upset with her. She tiptoed backward, unfortunately knocking over a vase, which crashed to the floor but surprisingly didn't break so Ariana picked it up and placed it where it was before. Jade lifted his head, his gaze shifting to the door, as he startled and stared fearfully, relieved that it wasn’t Caddaric. Marcie, who kept accusing Ariana bitt
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Chapter 10 - helping her again
“What is the condition?” Caddaric asked in a deep low tone. The only thing he wouldn’t do was sleep with her and she already knew that so he didn’t think of anything he couldn’t handle. Ariana lifted her head proudly and said,“We’ll sleep on the same bed.” Concluding that Caddaric hated body contact, she was convinced that he’d refuse but rather, he amazed her.“Alright but no tricks.” Ariana took the opportunity because the man was hurt but she couldn’t say that she didn’t want him close to her. “Do you have a shirt I can borrow? I want to shower.” Caddaric gazed at the closet and she went to open it. There were quite a lot of clothes, all of them black. Caddaric loved his father’s style of all black and dressed the same way but their reasons were equally different.“No casual wear?” Ariana asked while she kept checking through the neatly hung clothes. “Just take any shirt,” Caddaric said in annoyance. For him, he was casual for as long as he wasn’t in a suit.Ariana obeyed and be
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