Marrying The Devil Mafia Boss

Marrying The Devil Mafia Boss

By:  Bella Tells  Updated just now
Language: English
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Warning: Read at your own risk! Rated 18+ Abby Miller is the daughter of a well-known businessman. But when their business went bankrupt, the bank took all of their family's assets and property, and her life turned into a roller coaster when a dangerous man abducted her. Fabian Collins, the mafia boss, abducted Abby for marriage. But Abby continues to wonder why? Until she discovers the teeny-tiny family secret...which could cause her to lose her mind and hate the man she married! But how can she hate him if she is already in love with him?

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127 Chapters
1: Abducted: I Want You
Abby’s POV I look at myself in the mirror. My eyes are full of tears right now, and they are running down my hairline. Not tears of sadness but tears of anger because those traitors who betrayed my father had stolen our family business and led us to bankruptcy. “Miss Abby Miller?” The guard said. I looked up with a blank stare, “Yes?” I just finished closing down my dad's company as a sad way to say goodbye. I clenched my fists and looked around the empty building with anger. “Someone’s waiting for you outside, Miss Abby.” The guard said politely. Then I nodded my head and started walking to the hallway. I pushed the elevator button and went down to see who was looking for me outside the company. If these people were my fake friends, I swear to god I'd slap each and every one of them. But to my surprise, three men with guns pointed at me, and I swallowed so hard out of fear that my throat got dry. I raised my trembling hand in the air, and my voice crackled as I tried to spe
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2: Moaned In Pain
Abby’s POV He reached out to touch my face with the back of his hand, but I pushed him away and looked at him with hate in my eyes. "Don't you dare…" But he had so much patience that he grabbed my arm, dragged me to the table, and told me to eat. "I won't eat. I'd rather die than eat here!" "Do you really want to die? That's easy." He asked me this while looking into my eyes, and I lowered my head, unable to stare at him that long. I use the fork and the knife to cut the steak carefully while he watches me eat. He was standing in front of me, arms folded, and said, "Good girl." He put his finger on the table and slowly tapped the table while looking as I ate the meat. I looked up at him, and his eyes were still the same as before, cold. I chewed softly and felt so uncomfortable that a man was watching me eating, "Please, stop staring at me," "Why not? I'm enjoying watching a woman eating meat in front of me. You can call me, Fabian." He licked his lower lip with his sinf
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3: No Escape
Abby’s POV I kicked his stomach so hard that it hurt him and made him cough. He said tenderly, "Bad girl." I gave him a stern look, and he stood up with a sigh. "I'm not done with you yet," he said and slammed the door. I sighed deeply, wiped my lips with the back of my hand, and cried all day. I don't know how many times I cried today, but this is too much. "I'm not going to eat," I said when the door opened, and someone brought me breakfast. "You need to eat because you're getting married to the mafia boss tomorrow!" The maid sounded strict, and her eyes flashed with frustration as she looked at me. "I won't get married to a devil like him! Please help me get out of this hellhole. I'll pay you any amount and give you my savings account..." I touched her hand as I begged her to help me. She looked at me with her head down and said, "It's no wonder Fabian likes you. You're young, pure, stunningly beautiful, and have an alluring eyes that would make any guy want you...." "Why wo
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4: Be My Little Slut
[The Next Day] “Signed it.” Things are moving so quickly in my life that I don't know what it will be like when I marry a Devil Mafia Boss like him. I was so worried about it, so I asked him for a favor: "Do me a favor and keep my family from going bankrupt." "I did it already..." "What?" I stare at him with confusion, and my mind starts to wonder if I'm too naive not to know what is really going on! "All you have to do is sign the contract and that's it." I signed it with a sad heart and flung the black pen on the table out of anger. I left the living room and went upstairs, where I shut the door to my room, laid down on the bed, closed my eyes, and took a deep breath to calm myself because I was on fire right now. I wanted to scream and hurt myself badly because it felt like my soul and body were sold to hell. When nighttime came, I took a shower to get rid of all the disappointment I felt about myself. When the door opened, my eyes widened because I was so nervous to see
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5: Sinful Sex
*********Warning Explicit Content! Abby’s POV I was already wearing a dress when I woke up. I wrapped my arms around myself and walked downstairs on my tiptoes so no one could hear me, even though everyone else was half asleep. I went to the kitchen and opened the refrigerator so I could get a glass of water. I feel better and calmer after I drink the water. Suddenly, Someone turned on the lights, and I saw five guns aimed at me. I let out a soft sigh and opened my eyes wide. I put up my shaking hands, and when they saw it was just me, I could see the frustrated look on their faces. Then Fabian came, and they moved aside for him. My heart starts to beat like I've seen a hero. "It's okay," he said, and his soft voice put me at ease. He also told his guards to leave us alone. “What are you doing at this hour? It's 3 am…” He said as he leaned forward to look at my nervous face. “You look so pale, are you alright?” "No, I saw five guns pointed at me and ready to blow my head off.
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6: Run, Sweetheart, Run
Abby’s POV I awoke with a severe headache, and my eyes were puffy from sobbing the day before. I feel as though my body has betrayed my mind by desiring to be touched and kissed by him. My parents did not raise me to be Fabian's prey, as it was not who I was. I take a deep breath because I will try to get out of this hell place even if it takes me every day to fail, but at least I tried. Then, when I'm ready to leave, I grab the only dress left in the closet. It's a white minidress, and I bite my lower lip as I try to wear it because it's so uncomfortable. Then, when I opened my door and looked around, I didn't see anyone. I took a step forward while tiptoeing down the stairs and when I got to the front doorstep. A guard yelled at me, "Hey! Where are you going?!" But I didn't listen to him, and I tried to open the front door, which luckily wasn't locked. Then I took one more step through the gate and heard Fabian's loud voice on the front door. I looked at him with scared eyes an
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7: Why Me?
Abby’s POV "I will never come back to you again!" I yelled at him while crying and then walked away from him. My eyes are already swollen from sobbing as a result of the agony and misery that has been inflicted upon me. "Stop running away from me, Abby!" He spoke gently, yet his voice was so compelling that it could make me stop walking, and I looked at him with a fierce and penetrating gaze. "Do you know why I always try to avoid you? It's because I don't even know you." I answered him in a calm voice, and when I didn't hear anything back, I just turned around and got in a taxi to go somewhere far away from him. I took a deep breath and reached for my purse to find my credit card to pay for the taxi. When I got to the place where I used to live when I was young, I realized that this is where I tried to save all my money for a small apartment when I was in college, and now I'm here. I'm back in this place again. I opened the door to the old apartment with the keys in my purse and
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8: Messed-Up Princess
Abby’s POV "Well, I don't feel special just because I'm different..." I tapped furiously on the table with my hand. "Your family doesn't want you, Abby. I'm now your family, so you're my wife, and you signed the contract. remember?!" Then I looked into his eyes, which were as cold as ice and as deep as my soul. "What do you want me to do? What am I supposed to do as your wife then?!" "Do whatever you can to make me happy." “I’m not a clown!” I yelled at him. "No, you're not a clown but my wife. It's a responsibility of yours to please me." Then he leaned over to kiss my forehead, slammed the door, and left me in the spacious dark room. *********** I got out of bed and made an effort to investigate the goings-on in this mysterious mansion. I have no idea what the Mafia is involved in, but in my head, they are just as nasty as any other criminal, out to get rich quickly and kill anyone who stands in their way. I bring my phone along and take pictures all over the mansion. Th
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9: Hot Kisses
Abby’s POV When his hand squeezed the delicate part of my body, it made me feel nervous, so I took a deep breath and slapped his handsome face. I'm not happy with what he's doing to me because his hot kisses make me lose control of my body. "Why did you slap me, woman?!" He asked while rubbing the side of his face, then grabbed my face and playfully kissed me. I've been trying to get away from him, but I can't. He grabbed my lips and sucked me like there wasn't going to be another day. I took a breath between those kisses that almost killed me, and when he was done, I looked at his face. Then he said while panting, "Take off your undies...I want to touch your core..." "Huh?" I asked with wide eyes. "Don't you understand what I'm saying? Or do I need to say it again?!" He asked while looking at my face so I lowered my head and slowly took off my lace underwear. Then he put his finger inside my femininity, which made me gasp and look at him in shock. My face was red, and I could
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10: Scarier and Unpredictable
Abby’s POV "Hey, wake up." He touched the side of my face while staring at me intently. I sighed and looked around. It was a beautiful modern castle. There was a line of maids waiting to greet Fabian. "Is this your home?" I take a deep breath. "My parents' place." He told me, and then he opened the door for me. Then we walked to the aisle, and I was so nervous because those maids were staring at me. They didn't look like regular maids at all. I looked over at Fabian, who was standing next to me. He seems so calm, and his eyes are straight on the front door of the modern castle. When the big door opened, his parents and a few other people were there to greet us. "Oh, is this the sweetheart babe you were telling me about?" The woman in her mid-50s looked at me and walked over to hug me. I was nervous about meeting new people, but this woman seemed so friendly and warm. "Hey, you must be Abby Miller?" She asked. "Hi, Nice to meet you." I greeted her with a kind smile even though
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