Tequila Hours

Tequila Hours

Oleh:  Ariadne Ellie  On going
Bahasa: English
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A young but successful engineer, Gabriella Summers, got promoted and enjoyed drinks with her friends where she met a young CEO with twisted family background, Aquille Axton. They ended up in the same bed that night which accidentally made Gabriella pregnant. Aquille found her but fate seems not to be in their side. Will Aquille be pleased with the idea of being a father? Will they be able to fight for the destiny brought to them by tequila? Or will it just be another tragic love story?

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"Mom. I wish dad is here with us." My daughter whispered to me before dozing to sleep.It has been 6 years since we left Aquille in the Philippines but he never left my mind ever since. I always wonder if I made the right choice of leaving him and doing everything alone. If it wasn't for her mom, we could've been a happy family. I went downstairs and made myself coffee. I sat down beside Samantha, my bestfriend. She smiled at me."Are you okay? You seem a little anxious.". She said and sip on her own tea."Aillie just told me that she wish her father is here." I told Sam everything that happens. Eversince we fly away to escape all my problems, she never leave my side. She helped me raise my children."You know you can't take that away from them. But it doesn't mean that you're not doing your job as their mother. Maybe they are longing for a father's love specially now that they know who yheir father is." She said and shrugged."Sam, do you t
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Chapter 1
"Engr. Summers, the board of directors would like to see your presence in the meeting today. The meeting will start at 2 in the afternoon. Please be there 30 mins prior for Ms. Avery would like to have a word with you." Alexis, my boss's secretary, approuched while I'm doing my inventory. "Thank you Alexis. I'll keep that in mind." I smiled at her."I'll message you at 1pm just incase. I'll get going. My papers are piling up." She smiled back at me and walked away. I finished my inventory and checked the equipments in the plant. Everything seems to be working well in my station. I saw Thalia waving in her station and gestured that we should have lunch together. It's almost 12 in the afternoon. So i prepared for lunch. I saw Engr. Albert so I instructed my workers that I'll be off shift. "Engr. Summers". He teased me."Drop the formalities, Al." I rolled my eyes at him and started giving him reprts about my shift. It didn't take lo
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Chapter 2
I woke up with the snooze of my alarm. It's almost 5 in the morning. I went to the bathroom to do my morning routine and proceed to my closet to grab my workout clothes and duffle bag. I ride the elevator and went to the gym located at the ground floor of my building.  I started with some stretching then i did my workout routine. I also did some treadmill and noticed that the guy beside me is staring. I did not pay attention to him and cool down. I grabbed my water and chug the water in it. After that, I went back to my place to shower.  I grabbed my work stuff together with my car keys and my new office keys. I still can't believe that I am getting the promotion. I drove to the office and parked at my usual spot. I wore my heels. I'm not used to wearing heels at work since I walk around the power plant most of the time but now I would usually stay in my new office and sign a lot of paper. I went to my old office to pack the rest of my stuff. I saw
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Chapter 3
"Annie, can you come for a moment please?" I said in the intercom. The door immediately opened and Annie entered. “Yes, Miss Gab?” She fixes her eyeglass as she mutters these words. “Can you please tell me why Mr. Smith is calling me on my personal phone for the nth time now?” I asked her while showing her my phone with Mr. Smith’s number calling. “He’s been calling me about your date with his nephew. I said you were busy. I never gave him your personal contact number so I don’t know where he got it. Should I call him now to tell him to stop?” She asked. “Where the hell did he get my number?” I yelled without any hesitation. It’s been a busy year for me since I got promoted and everyone knows that I am not dating anyone right now. I don’t have time to date besides I am still young. I’m just turning 27 this year. I don’t have plans to settle yet. “It’s from me.” The guy who entered my office said and I froze in my seat. “Annie you may g
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Chapter 4
“Wanna continue this at my place?” He asked and I just nodded. I grabbed my purse and texted Annie to bring my car in her place and make sure my friends got home safely. I told her I am with another friend. I know that I’m drunk because I cannot remember how we got to his door. All I know is that Aquille is kissing me again while tapping his keycard on the door. He supported my back and after a while we were in his bed. He took his shirt off and I saw his perfect masculine body right in front of me. He kissed me again and his lips went down on my neck. I felt his hand go from my legs to my waist then to my back. He is trying to find the zipper of my dress while kissing me deeply. I let go of the kiss. He was shocked when I let go. "It's on my left side." I told him and he looked for it. He pulled the zipper down and started kissing me again. He took my dress off revealing my uncovered breast and my underwear. He kissed my neck again and went down to my breasts. He sucked on my left
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Chapter 5
The sun was peeking in my window the moment that I tried to open my eyes. My body is aching all over and I don't feel like moving. I tried to search for my phone in my side table and looked at the time. 7:30 in the morning. "Shit! I'm late!" I hurridly stood up and went to the kitchen to brew my coffee and went to the bathroom to start preparing for work. I should be in the office by 8am. I saw a sms notification from Annie saying that she is buying breakfast for both of us. Thank the Lord for Annie. I don't know what will happen to me if I don't have her. I did not mind my aching body and proceeded to my morning rituals. I grabbed the first long sleeve and trousers that I could find and put on my shoes. I grabbed my blazzer and my coffee and hurried to my car. It's quarter to eight and the office is not that far from here. I'm going to make it. I saw Annie as soon as I arrived in the front door. I parked my car in my spot and hurridly went to her. "You are almost late Miss Gab."
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