Chapter 26

"Things are going as you planned."

"Great! Don't let ya'r guard down though. They'll be coming in numbers from now on."

"Yeah, can relate. Already two came and asked for your info."

"How surprising! One of them must belong to the old hag."

"After looking thoroughly, they both were her people."

"Very cautious, I see…"

"It won't be easy to escape their doubt."

The cigarette in Howard's hands was burning down as the smoke circulated inside the car. He dived into deep thoughts while waiting for the traffic light to turn green from red.

Tany was waiting for Howard to reply regarding the ongoing issue. However, he abruptly asked something unrelated, "Boss…why don't you wipe out the Andersons? Going in a roundabout way is a bit…"

"It doesn’t suit ya, Tany…"

Tany flinched. He realised where he was going wrong and immediately apologised.

"I'm sorry. I bet I'm a bit tired these days."

The sudden quietness was frightening for Tany. He could feel his heart racing. The thumping sound
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