The Lycan King's Affection

The Lycan King's Affection

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Fate seems to have it out for Camille Gallagher. In 24 hours, she wakes up from a one-night stand with a stranger and discovers her parents aren't really her parents. Finding out she is the true daughter of a powerful Alpha does not seem to make life easier for her in the coming months as she is treated like dirt by her new family, discovers her mate is cheating on her with the girl that stole her life and that she is pregnant from her one night stand. It then all comes into full circle when the man from that night turns out to be Dimitri Galdina, a Lycan King who needs her to survive. What's a girl gotta do?

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52 Chapters
CAMILLE'S POVBreathing shouldn’t be hard. But for some reason, it felt incredibly difficult. That should have been a dead ringer that something was wrong but I didn’t move a muscle until the harsh rays of the morning sun hit my face. “Goddess,” Even my voice sounded groggy.The weight and the pulsating ache in my temples was the first clue that this was no ordinary morning. Blinking against the blinding light, I found myself staring at a ceiling that I did not quite recognize. The alcohol in my system had subsided so I could think clearly and I had lived in my parent’s home for more than twenty years. Drunk or not, I would recognize our home’s signature popcorn ceiling. The ceiling I was staring at was smooth. It looked like white cement. It looked expensive. When I tried to take a deep breath, I found it hard to take in air again and that was when I realized that the weight in my temples was not the wonderful afterglow of drinking. I looked and a gasp escaped my mouth. I put m
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CAMILLE'S POV (Three Months Later)In the solitude of the Dumont family's new kitchen, I stirred the pot, the fragrant blend of herbs and spices enveloping me. Cooking had become my sanctuary since I arrived in the Dumont family home and it had slowly become a grounding routine in this unfamiliar chapter of my life.A soft knock interrupted my culinary focus. At the doorway stood a man with a basket of fresh vegetables."Hey, Camille," Hector greeted, his eyes crinkling with a warm smile. "What's cooking?""Something special," I replied. Hector Menard was probably the one good thing that had happened to me since I was realized to be the long-lost daughter of Lucian Dumont, Alpha of the Lily of the Valley pack. He worked as a personal assistant to my biological father and was the son of the pack's Beta so he was always around the house. In this strange place that was supposed to be my home now, the goddess in her infinite mercy had given him to me as a mate and for that, I was eterna
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CAMILLE'S POVI still didn't understand why after what I had seen. I walked back to the dining room like nothing had happened. My eyes were probably still red and I could still taste vomit on my tongue. But it wasn't like they were going to notice. I was a ghost in this house. "Eva and I have sorted things out," I told my stepmother. Adele nodded, seemingly satisfied with the response.I looked at my food and contemplated whether I should keep on eating. I still felt sick to the stomach. What boiled my blood even more was the fact that neither Eva nor Hector was back. I wondered if they were still inside each other's mouths. The goddess knows they must have done much more than that. Hector rejoined us soon after. He was happy. His smile was the kind of smile that showed all thirty-two of your teeth. It made my stomach twist and turn again. So I reached for a glass of water and gulped it down."Eva is settled now," He made it known.I held on to the glass in my mouth so tight that I
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CAMILLE'S POVNeal followed me all the way to the second floor. I believe he was that worried about me. He only stopped when I reached the room I would be spending the night in. As soon as I opened the door, my children raced in, marvelling at the spacious surroundings."It's so big," Sophia blurted, her eyes bright with glee as she joined her brother to jump on the surprisingly springy bed. That would be an issue."I should leave you," Neal said.I turned to face him. "Thank you for earlier.""It is no problem. Do try to avoid Eva."It was no issue for me. As long as Eva wasn't actively out to get me, the castle was big enough for both of us until I left."I will."With that, Neal left me and my kids. I stepped inside and shut the door behind me."The bed isn't a trampoline," I warned, rushing at them. I picked Collins first. He was the instigator. Sophia would become bored of it if he wasn't there to rile her up."We are guests," I told my little boy. "it would be rude to leave a
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DIMITRI'S POVThe leather of the car seat cooled the warmth radiating from my body. Neal, my Beta, sat across from me, wearing his customary frown."What is it now Neal? You look horrible without your smile." "We should notify the Lily of the Valley pack about our visit," Neal insisted, his voice edged with caution.I chuckled, the resonance carrying a tinge of mischief. "You've always been opposed to these visits, Neal. You fear the perception it might create among the werewolves. So does it not make sense that a feared man like me damns the rules and just shows up? Adds a little bit of spice to the story and throws off whatever other werewolves already suspect."Neal nodded, acknowledging my point. "That is true, but this is the last pack on our list. What if the healer you seek isn't here?""Have faith in Lycaon," I replied with assurance as the car pulled to a halt. "We are there, Your Majesty." The driver announced our arrival at the Lily of the Valley pack.I looked outside an
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EVA'S POV"Did you see that?" I demanded Hector answer as he dragged me out of the council room. He didn't and no matter how hard I tried to pull away from his hold, he wouldn't let me go. "unhand me, you brute."When we were out of sight, Hector finally let my hand go and faced me. "Are you crazy?" He asked me. Without waiting for a response, he continued. "You are about to explode in that council room and for what!?""My father protected her!" I retorted."Alpha Lucian did not do such a thing."Hector was a fanboy of the Alpha so of course he was going to protect the man. I didn't expect any less from him. He was used to kissing the feet of those stronger than him. That weakness probably stemmed from his daddy issues. "He didn't?" My scoff came naturally. "...remember that vile as she is, my daughter is the granddaughter of Abigail De'crescent and could be a major asset to this pack. Did that not sound like protection to you?""No. Alpha Lucian sounded like someone who was looking
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DIMITRI'S POV"Do well to remember that vile as she is, my daughter is the granddaughter of Abigail De'crescent..." Yes. That was what I had heard the Alpha of the Lily of the Valley pack say before his sentinels opened the doors to the council room. The girl I had been looking for since my father's passing existed. Exposing myself to the werewolves and causing them to question why an enemy was doing a peace visit was worth it after all.I had been buried in my thoughts and in the wine in my goblets as I thought about my next move. I had instructed Neal to keep watch on the girl as I figured out a surefire way to manipulate the Alpha to hand me his most 'prized asset'. The same asset that was in the dungeons for my sake.The chicken on my plate proved it. I called a servant over to refill my cup. Their wine was the only thing I could stomach. As a true Lycan, I could only stomach a predominantly meat dish. However, because of my condition, pheasants were the only thing I could keep
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CAMILLE'S POVMy legs ached as I stumbled onto the road. I must have looked a sight. My hair, a dishevelled mop, tangled and stained with blood. Ash and dust clung to my battered body, while torn clothing and bloodied jeans adorned me as if I'd emerged from a battlefield. Tears streamed down my face as I weakly waved down a passing truck."Are you alright, miss?" the driver asked, concern evident in his tone as he pulled over the truck.I wiped my tears away and gave a weak nod, trying my best to compose myself. "I am alright," I finally managed to croak, my voice filled with exhaustion. "I am alright now. What route are you going?"The driver's brows furrowed as he took in my dishevelled appearance. "Are you sure you don't need help? Are you hurt?" he continued to probe. It was out of genuine worry. I could see it etched on his face. But what I needed was a ride and not a kind samaritan."I fell while hiking. I am better now.""Where do you want to go?" He asked."Marblefay," I repli
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5 YEARS LATERCAMILLE'S POVNo really told you blood wasn't the worst hell you would have to face in the hospital. The vomiting and the poop was the true hell. I walked into the bathroom, holding my breath so I wouldn't throw up with a face mask hanging over my face. The gloves went in the bin first, then the nose mask. I stared at the revolting regurgitation on my scrubs and let out a sigh. The blood was the mild part. After getting rid of my soiled scrubs, I scrubbed in again. My hands methodically lathered with antiseptic as I prepared to put on another glove.My morning routine in the hospital was a roster of routines and precision and I was needing with the routine. I put on my gloves and secured my mask before entering the bustling ward.There were beepings, murmurs, and distant chatter everywhere. It was a wonder to me how people came here to heal. But it was why I chose this line of work. After my father's letter, I wanted to save as many lives as I could."Are you alright
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DIMITRI'S POVGreat days didn't happen often in the Galdina Estates. Today would be much worse because my body was rejecting the pills. It was days like this I would be at my worst and keep up my reputation as a heartless man with too much power in his hands. But I was happy. It had been five years since Camille Dumont died because of the nefarious intentions of her stepmother and her then mate, taking away the hopes I had of a normal life. It had been five difficult years of struggling to keep my disease under the covers. But all that ended today. Neil's digging around and my conversation with the human elites had led me to strike a gold mine. Another healer was alive and well and this time, I intended to keep her close. I stepped out of the bathroom with a towel dangling loosely on my hips. I needed to be in the proper regalia to address her. I was also pondering on what words to say to her. Considering we kidnapped her children, she wouldn't be so keen to help out.There was a
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