Chapter 2

The red coffin was huge.

There were two red pillows placed side-by-side.

Sarah laid on the pillow and turned her head to look at the man next to her.

He was so good looking.

She thought she would be afraid of him, but she wanted to touch his face when she looked at it.

Although his face was cold to the touch, it retained its skin-like texture.

She thought his good looks were the result of his makeup, but she found out that James was naturally attractive.

“Hehe, you must’ve secretly admired me before, right? Or else, why would you drag me along even when you’re dead?” she whispered softly while wagging her finger at James’ face. Then, she heard the Marshall family closing the cover of the coffin on top of her.

The red coffin was moving.

The man next to her swayed along with the red coffin.

She knew that once the coffin was in the pit, the next step would be to fill the pit with soil, and then build the tomb.

At that time, cement would be poured on the coffin, and beautiful blocks of marbles would be attached to the cement.

At that time, she would be buried alive and suffocate to death inside the red coffin.

The movement untied James’ bow tie and revealed a necklace on his neck.

The jade on the necklace hit Sarah’s hand, and she picked it up. The shape of the swastika on it looked familiar.

Sarah was startled for two seconds and suddenly realized why the swastika looked familiar.

She lifted her red wedding dress to reveal a birthmark on her arm.

To be more exact, it was a swastika-shaped birthmark.

When the jade fell from her hand, Sarah was completely stunned.

The size of the swastika on the jade was not too big nor too small—it entirely matched her birthmark.

At that moment when she was shocked, she felt as if her body had been electrified. A light current flowed through her body like a spring breeze.

A thousand scriptures coursed through her limbs along with the electricity.

Astronomical Geography.

Medical Holy Book.

The Secret of Internal Energy.

The Art of Acupuncture.

Countless words poured into her body and flowed into her brain. In that instance, Sarah felt a stream of warmth rise from the birthmark on her arm, which then flowed back to her entire body.

The warm sensation grew stronger and stronger; it was so strong that she wanted to put a cold patch on it.

Therefore, she subconsciously leaned into the man next to her.

The combination of heat and cold converging made one feel comfortable. It made Sarah completely forget about the Marshall family who was progressively sealing the tomb on top of her.

All of a sudden, the red coffin fell with a thud.

The coffin landed in a grave pit that had been dug out a long time ago.

Sarah finally snapped back to reality from her shock after the heavy fall. She realized that she could still see James’ handsome face clearly even when it was dark in the coffin.

James was involved in a car accident, and the doctor declared that he had stopped breathing after he was brain dead.

This was a well-known fact in T City.

Moreover, the accident just happened three hours ago.

When James passed away, Sarah was chosen by the Marshall family for a ghost marriage with him.

Without having time to digest the sudden situation, Sarah subconsciously searched for an answer in her mind.

She thought of a method of acupuncture that could cure this kind of injury, but she was not sure if it would work. However, trying it would be better than dying with James.

With that in mind, Sarah fiercely and immediately carried out her idea down to the teeth.

She pressed the first acupoint on the middle of his body. Then, she pinched three important acupoints at the top of his head, two at the waist, and the lastly, at the soles of his feet. James would be alive as long as the two acupoints on the soles of his feet were opened.

However, the polished shoes on James’ feet prevented her fingers from pressing his acupoints.

Sarah took off the man’s shoes from his feet without hesitating.

‘The Marshall family is so stingy. Why can’t a pair of handcrafted leather shoes like these come with a pair of socks?’ Sarah thought.

She could not waste too much time thinking about that, and immediately pressed on the last two acupoints on the soles of his feet instead.

She was withdrawn from the situation.

She then leaned into James’ body again in order to awaken him with her body temperature along with her acupuncture.

If James could be awakened, she would be able to stay alive too.

She closed her eyes gently, and even her breathing relaxed; she waited quietly.

Suddenly, there was a breath of air coming faintly from the top of her head. It was accompanied by a slight movement from James’ chest that was right in front of her.

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