The moons gift

The moons gift

By:  Amanda Steel  Completed
Language: English
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Book 1 in The Moon Series Olivia Morgan is a seventeen-year-old alpha's daughter, a Siren shifter. She has been dreaming of her mate to have a bond as strong as her parents do. Being a cheerleader and a little to the nerd side, she is well-loved by everyone, but the one person who was supposed to care for her and love her unconditionally, her own mate. Marcus Silverman is an eighteen-year-old, soon to be Alpha of the Blue Moon pack. He is an outgoing, athletic, quarterback star player of his school and a bad boy. Girls lay under his feet, as he is known as a player. As of age when shifters are to meet their mates, and being a werewolf himself, he hasn’t yet met his, and he is not feeling in a rush to do so. But when he finally does, will he embrace the bond or reject it? Could Olivia step up to her destined task and fight for her destined one against all odds? Will Marcus accept Olivia as his own and they will have their happy ending? If they embrace the bond, are they strong enough to face the great danger that is lurking in the darkness to see them fall? Is war once again about to rise by the consequences of their choices and actions?

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91 Chapters
WARNING: THIS IS A COPYRIGHTED BOOK UNDER THE GOVERNMENT OF CROATIA, OWNED BY AMANDA STEEL. INFRINGERS WILL BE DEALT WITH ACCORDINGLY. THE AUTHOR HAS GIVEN GOODNOVEL THE RIGHTS TO PUBLISH THIS BOOK IN THEIR APP/WEBSITE.     *** Every supernatural creature was told a story when they were children about a great gift that was given to them. This gift is truly precious, for it is their other half, the other part of their own soul, and it is called a mate. But since the war that took place long ago, the Elders have forbidden mating between the species of the supernatural world.  So since that day wh
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Chapter 1: Cornal high
WARNING: THIS IS A COPYRIGHTED BOOK UNDER THE GOVERNMENT OF CROATIA, OWNED BY AMANDA STEEL. INFRINGERS WILL BE DEALT WITH ACCORDINGLY. THE AUTHOR HAS GIVEN GOODNOVEL THE RIGHTS TO PUBLISH THIS BOOK IN THEIR APP/WEBSITE. ____________ “Olivia, it’s time to wake up! Olivia, if you don’t get up, you’re going to be late!”  Groaning, I turned over in my bed as I heard my mother’s yelling from downstairs, grabbing my blanket and throwing it over my head as the warmth and comfort of my beautiful bed enveloped me, slowly lulling me back to sleep.  The door slammed open and the blanket was ripped away from my body as hands began to grab and tickle my sides. I tossed and turned to get away, laughing as my brother tickled me mercilessly and relentlessly.
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Chapter 2: Lunch break
An entire week passed, during which I felt more and more restless. That feeling of being watched never seemed to go away, and every now and then I caught a whiff of that intoxicating smell that I couldn’t get enough of. The only problem was that I never figured out what the source of the smell was. As Sirens mature fully on their eighteenth birthday, which is when they get to find their own mates. My siren was still silent, but she could feel my emotions and I can feel hers. It was Friday, which is the best day of the week in my opinion. And why is that? Simple, the weekend is next, which means no school for two whole days. As I put my books in my locker and picked up others for the next class, I felt goosebumps prickle my skin. I turned to look, but as usual, I couldn’t see anything out of the ordinary. “Are you looking for someone?” As I closed my locker, I saw Mandy. I smiled
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Chapter 3: Shopping
After school was finally over, Mandy and I said our goodbyes until we would be meeting a little later to go shopping at the mall to get new dresses for my birthday party. James was waiting for me near his car as I was descending from the front stairs towards him with my books in hands. As he waved me over, I noticed Tyler and Max were with him and they were all goofing around. Looking around, my eyes went to the edge of a parking lot on the right side near the grass area, and I saw those same three guys that I was watching in the cantina. The two—blondie and chocolate as I call them due to not knowing their names—were looking at something that seemed to be a phone, while the dark-haired raven guy was leaning against a tree whilst talking on the phone with a frown on his face. Even when he was frowning, he was attractive. To be honest, I haven’t seen any guy who has piqued my interest as much as he
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Chapter 4: Shifting
Waking up to the amazing smell of bacon coming from the kitchen, I stretched and a big yawn left my mouth. Wait… it’s Saturday! It’s my birthday! I turned eighteen today, and tonight at midnight, I will get to meet my Siren. Feeling excited about today, I rushed out of the bed and went to the bathroom to shower and brush my teeth. Changing into my white flowy dress and shoes, I rushed out into the hallway and was abruptly stopped as I crashed into a brick wall that wasn’t normally there and fell on my ass. “Ouch,” I grumbled from the floor. Hearing chuckles, I raised my head to see it was my brother. “Not funny, James.”  “Oh, little one, but it is,” James said, still chuckling. He pulled me up while still laughing at me. “That is one way
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Chapter 5: The scent
The weekend flew by, but the memories were still fresh. The feeling of shifting for the first time was scary and painful, but as my whole family and my family flock were there to help me get through it, guiding me and supporting me, it turned out to be exhilarating and felt out of this world once I let go and gave into it.  As soon as the Moon shone upon the stars that filled the sky and touched my skin, I felt a current of power surge up inside of my body and filled me with warmth. That was the first time I heard the soft feminine voice. “Hi Olivia, I am Aurora.” Hearing my Siren's voice and being able to talk finally after years of feeling her was like a long-lost part of myself had finally returned. Right after that was when the pain erupted and the shifting process began. My father
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Chapter 6: Mate
Sitting down in math class as our teacher Mr. Johnson was trying to teach us some equations that I was barely keeping my focus on, I couldn’t stop wondering about that scent and that blond girl. I wondered why did the scent led me to her, because it was obvious she wasn’t my mate, so it must have been some kind of mistake. Looking out the window, I saw that football practice was on, so I looked for Tyson and saw him running. That sad feeling of disappointment crept up inside me, like it had once before when I learned he wasn’t my fated mate. Knowing him for years and growing up together while I secretly had a crush on him, it is just, ugh… things would have been so much easier if I had just been a simple human. I know I have a mate, I just need to find him. And having these feelings for Tyson made me feel bad, like I was cheating, and yet I didn’t even know who exactly I was supposedly cheating on.
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Chapter 7: Confusion
Marcus POV I was walking through the hallway as we had just finished our practice, so guys were waiting for me at the cantina while I showered and dressed. I couldn’t get that girl out of my mind since the moment I first saw her. Shadow, my wolf, was jumping in my head since that day we first started at this school.  At first, I wasn’t sure why he was acting so strange, and then when I saw her in the cantina, she took my breath away. I couldn’t say for sure as Shadow said her inner animal was blocking him out, but when he said she might be our mate, that is when I flipped. So this weekend, I partied with my friends and still her eyes would pop into my mind. So I did what I do the best—hooked up with a girl to forget her. So here I am now, running through the hallway with m
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Chapter 8: Secret talk
Olivia POV   ~ Three days later ~    It had been three whole days since I found out Marcus is my mate. I couldn’t go back to school after that because I didn’t want to see him. I felt rejected, even if he didn’t actually reject me. James asked me what happened, but I lied, saying I wasn’t feeling well. Well, it wasn’t a complete lie as when I saw that she-wolf clinging all over my mate, it made my blood boil. I wanted to rip her hands off when I realized that she was the same person I ran into the other day when I followed his scent. I just couldn’t stay there and look at them. Aurora told me that Shadow tried to speak with her, but even she was furious and didn’t want to hear him out. So now here I was at home, being laz
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Chapter 9: Sunshine peak
I finally left my house and was on my way to meet Tyson. It’s funny how fate is. It was not so long ago that I would have been a nervous wreck and excited to have this late-night—I don’t even know what to call it—and now I am here walking to meet a gorgeous guy and all that is on my mind is what Lizzy told me about Marcus. Approaching the place where I was to meet with Tyson, I went to sit under the willow tree. It was beautiful here. One of my favorite places. Everywhere around me were trees and the grass filled with wildflowers. In the middle of it all stood a beautiful clear water lake. I would usually come here and sit right down where I am now when I wanted to clear my head and relax. It was my serenity. When Tyson found me here for the first time, it somehow became both of our “go to place.” When we were kids, we would come here and play or swim in the l
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