Mated To An Hybrid

Mated To An Hybrid

By:  Sun girl  Completed
Language: English
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He is wealthy and a billionaire but the Alpha of his pack. He found out that his mate was an hybrid and he had to obey the mood godess. Many challenges threathened his life and his rise to power as the alpha after the death of his father, the old Alpha. He only can succeeded through the help of his mate, an hybrid who posseses a great magical power. Alpha Brian tasted war, betrayal, near death experience but eventually, will he conquer it all and rise to power?

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I love this book
2022-05-02 16:23:12
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Dwmore Haven
this book was a lot of chapters of nothing but them riding un cars talking about nothing. i skipped chapters and only in the last chapter things kinda come together
2022-08-15 04:07:48
88 Chapters
Alpha Brian
Alpha Brian walked into his palace with his bodyguards who stood at attention as he walked in. He was one of the most important men in New York City, the heir to the throne and leader of the pack. His father, now an old wolf who was counting down to the day he would finally leave the earth and now, the pack business rested on Alpha Brian.Brian was a tall hulking man with chest hair and a huge eagle tattoo adorning his lower back. His eyes were the colours of a midnight sky but when he was in his wolf form, it was black. As he walked into the palace, Brian couldn't help but marvel at all the things he had achieved at such a young age.At only twenty six years of age, he could boast of companies spanning across the city and it's environs, top connections with government officials and to top the list, he was one of the most eligible bachelors in the whole city. T
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You're my Mate
As Serah put the last batch of cookies to bake, there was a knock on her front door. She wasn't expecting anyone as her parents had already travelled to Georgia the previous day. Serah tied her jet black hair into a bun. She removed her apron, quickly washing her flour filled hands before moving to the door. Through the peephole, she discovered that Alpha Brian was behind the door. Serah couldn't understand what would warrant such visit as she had already made it clear that she didn't like him one bit."Or could he have a message from Alpha Fredrick for my dad?", Serah muttered.Even at that, she couldn't understand why Alpha Brian would come himself when they could send their numerous guards instead.Serah opened the door slowly, she didn't trust anyone, not even Alpha Brian. Ever since her brother died in the hand
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She's a hybrid
Brian walked into his Mansion, ignoring the greetings from the workers. He was naked since he transformed back to his normal self but the workers dared not point this out to him since the expression on his face was grave. He barged into his room, slamming the door behind him."Moon goddess, I need you please", Brian said.There was silence as he waited for her to appear. After several minutes, Brian grew impatient.  "So you're just going to ignore me? Is that it, I thought you were better than this", Brian shouted.Just then, a blinding flash of light permeated the room. The Moon goddess appeared, looking resplendent as ever. She took a seat opposite Brian, staring at him. She knew he was going to summon her and the only reason she came was because she also ha
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You're mine
For several minutes, Serah remained quiet. She couldn't believe what Brian had just told her. Yes, she had this pull towards him but that was that. She never envisioned he would say something like this."How do you know this?", Serah asked. Brian pulled out the blue coral necklace from his side pocket, placing it on the table. Serah was entranced by it's beauty. She couldn't help but pick it up and when it was in her hands, the necklace glowed. The Moon goddess sure had a way of drawing people together, this just proved that Serah was his mate. "I was right then. Why do you think I keep coming here? There's this pull I feel towards you", Brian said."This is unbelievable... I'm short of words", Serah gasped. 
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An unwanted Visitor
"Sir, you have a visitor", his secretary said.Brian looked up from the files he was working on as he stared at the intercom. His secretary was a tall young man, with salt and pepper hair who was just fresh out of college. Brian decided to employ a male secretary because they were easier to deal with than their female counterparts who thought they loved him.Brian wasn't expecting anyone else today except his friends who were due to arrive later in the evening and even if they were coming, he knew they weren't guests and wouldn't even bother to disturb his secretary, they'll just barge straight into his office."Who is it?",he asked."A Miss Benita sir".Brian groaned, that was his ex-girlfriend, someone he desperately didn't
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Half Witch
"Man, you wouldn't believe what I just went through", Brian groaned.Jake and Killian had walked into the office half an hour ago. After sorting out the immediate problem, the duo decided to relax a bit before heading over to their crib."What?", Jake said.He was dressed in gray slacks over a white open collared shirt. Killian on the other hand was dressed in dark blue shorts over a red t-shirt. Both of them were comfortable in their clothes while Brian desperately wished he could shed his Armani suit and be free."Benita, that's freaking who", he said."Wait... Bitch was here? What's her business here", Killian said."I was surprised too when she popped up on my door. She had a
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Andrew Visited again
As Serah prepared to switch on the security lights, she heard a sharp knock on the door. It was pretty late for anyone to come visiting and her parents had informed her earlier that they wouldn't be coming back home anytime soon due to the amount of work they had to take care of.Serah prepped her magic, gradually bringing it to the surface. She wouldn't take any chances with her safety especially now that they lived in perilous times. Serah moved towards the front door, taking one step before the other. She checked the peephole but she couldn't make out anyone which only spiked her curiosity.She decided to be brave as she flung the door open. Instead of finding a human waiting at the other end of the door, what she saw was a big black wolf. The wolf was so huge that it nearly reached her shoulder."Who are you?",
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Introduction of mates
The next day, Brian made his way to the palace. He needed to see how his father was faring especially with his failing eyesight. The meeting with Wilfred was slated for seven p.m that evening and Brian was not ready for it. Nevertheless, he planned to face him squarely like the Alpha he was. "Son, is that you", Alpha Fredrick said.Brian met him in the large living room where he was sorting out a pack of cards. Brian couldn't understand how he was able to do this since his sight wasn't all that good. He smiled as he picked up some cards that had fallen to the ground, setting them gingerly on the table."Yes father, I'm here. I stopped by to see how you're doing this morning before I go into the office", Brian said."Well, your jolly old man is alive and well. I thi
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I don't like you
Now at the office, Brian went through all the pending work he had concerning the consignment he was to get back from Wilfred. Earlier, Jack had given him a breakdown of everything he ought to say. He knew that one wrong word from him could jeopardize everything."Sir, you have a guest", his secretary beeped.Brian groaned, he never went a day without having guests. It's either it was from his pack or business associates who wanted one favor or the other."Who is it this time?",he growled.Brian's wolf was getting restless now and he knew that soon, he needed to take the beast for a run. It was long overdue."Andrew sir".Brian was surprised by this. The last time he saw Andrew was
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Little after midnight
Over the next few weeks, things had been relatively quiet with Brian much to his discomfort. According to him, when things were quiet, it only meant that something disastrous was about to occur. Brian wasn't used to staying quiet, he was an action man, a man who was always on the move and staying like this was very odd.Last week, he had successfully introduced Serah to his father much to the old man's delight. He and Serah blended well like they had known each other for a long time.Asides that, he had finally convinced her to move in with him. He used her safety as an advantage and he couldn't believe his luck when she finally moved in."Sir, a woman is coming up to your office", his secretary said.Brian slammed his pen on the table, getting frustrated by the number o
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