Their Forever

Their Forever

By:  Sweetcheeks   Completed
Language: English
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Billie is a young she wolf who sticks to herself. As the betas daughter she trains hard daily but not enough to take over for her father one day so the position falls to her twin brother Blaine. At 19 she has yet to find her mate until one night a neighboring pack hosts the Annual Mate Matching. Every year a different pack hosts it. Every unmated wolf 16 and older must attend every year until they find their mate or reach the age of 30. Not really looking for a mate, Billie sneaks off into the beautiful garden only to come face to face with her mates. Will she accept them? Will they accept her?? Follow Billie through her adventures with her friends, family and dominant mates.

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ch 21 is Missing pls update it
2022-09-18 06:13:08
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Christina Howard Porath
what is update schedule
2022-08-19 05:41:28
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more pls pls pls!!!
2022-06-20 20:17:06
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Can’t wait for updates xx
2022-06-17 00:59:40
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I love how the author gives a list and description of all her characters at the beginning of her books makes you want to read it more having an understanding and visualisation of the characters plus you can keep track and understand the book and characters relations ...️...️‍...Sweetcheeks great work ...
2022-06-15 00:31:58
31 Chapters
Billie19Blonde hair Blue eyes5’7”Blonde wolf-Aspen(The twins mate)Moon Ridge PackBlaine19Blonde hairGreen eyes 6’2”Gray wolf-Archer (Jordyn’s mate)Moon Ridge PackJordyn 18Light brown hairBlue eyes 5’4”Tan wolf- Chloe(Blaine’s mate)Solar Ridge Pack Shelby19Black hair Gray eyes5’6”Brown wolf w/black paws-Nova(Billie’s best friend)Moon Ridge Pack Killian & Kaden22Brown hairGreen eyes 6’6”Black wolves- Titus & Talon(Billie’s mates)Alpha’s of Stone Ridge PackLogan 21Blonde hair Hazel eyes 6’3”Blonde wolf- Ace Beta of Stone Ridge Pack(The twins best friend)Micah20Black hair Gray eyesDark gray wolf- Aiden6’1”Gamma of Stone Ridge Pack(The twins cousin)Rick19Brown eyes Brown hairDark brown wolf- KnoxMoon Ridge Pack- the next Alpha6’4”(Dana’s mate)Dana19Dirty blonde hair Bright blue eyes Blonde wolf- Rose5’3”The twins little sister (Rick’s mate)Shane23Black hairEmerald green eyes Pitch black wolf- Edge 6’4”Alpha of Sm
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Chapter 1
Billie’s POV:Tonight is the night of Annual Mate Matching Ball. Smokey Mountain Pack is hosting it this year since we held it last year and Stone Ridge Pack hosted it the year before. All of the unmated wolves 18 and older, ranked or not, will be there dressed in their best clothes. Mated wolves will be running the event as well as guarding the perimeter during the event. I have yet to meet my mate. My twin brother, Blaine hasn’t met his mate either. As the Beta’s kids, the urge to find our mates gets stronger every year. Shelby is our head warriors daughter and my best friend. My brother Blaine is going to be the packs next Beta. It’s not a sexist decision. He’s more suited for the Beta position. Our father was going to make us lead together but changed his mind as we got older and shifted for the first time. My wolf is big but not as big as Blaine’s so I stepped back and he’s been training for it everyday since we shifted at 14. The three of us are going together to the ball as the
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Chapter 2
Shane’s POV: As I finish my announcement I start smelling something amazing. It smells like honeysuckle and vanilla. God it’s so intoxicating. “Mate” my wolf growls out in my head as I proceed to find my mate. I walk down one of the side hallways and the smell gets stronger. Finally stopping outside one of the smaller bathrooms I hear a male voice inside fussing about his clothes. I gently open the door and notice this male omega trying to get some stain off his dress shirt muttering something about his friends are idiots. He’s so focused on trying to get the stain out that he doesn’t notice I’m just a few feet away from him. “What seems to be the problem sweetcheeks” I ask him making him squeal out in surprise and I can’t help but chuckle. He turns to glare at me but his eyes widen when he realizes I’m a Alpha then he sniffs again and he lets a low growl in appreciation “Mine” he whispers out and next thing I know he’s wrapped around me like a koala shoving his face in my neck inhal
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Chapter 3
Logan’s POV: I’m so ready for this to be over with. It’s been a long week of bullshit and I’m ready for bed. So sitting here at a mating ball was not what I had in mind. Or that I don’t want to find my mate cause I really do but I miss my bed. Finally having enough of this I get up and head towards the library that I saw on the way into the ball room. As I near the door I smell this amazing scent of mangos and the beach. Oh shit is this what I think it is? I don’t immediately hear anything so I gently open the door where the smell intensifies. I look around the room trying to pin point where my mate is when I hear some light snores coming from one of the couches. I gasp at the beautiful girl in front of me. She has long black hair, olive skin and I bet a beautiful body under the blanket. Oh my perverted self needs to stop this is kind of creepy. Before I can gather the courage to wake her a voice says “ it’s rude to stare ya know” I hear my mate say as I look into the most beautiful
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Chapter 4
~later that night after the ball is over and they’ve cleaned up ~Shane’s POV:I couldn’t get back to my room fast enough. After we cleaned up the ballroom he jumped onto me clinging to me like I might disappear. The smell of his arousal is intoxicating making my wolf and I growl out in appreciation for our mate. I lay him gently down on our bed kissing him gently as I slowly start removing his clothing. “Are you okay baby boy?” I ask him as I pull my shirt off throwing it across the room. “Yes perfect. I want you to mark me and make me fully yours” Kai purrs out as I get completely naked, as he takes off the last of his clothing. I look down at my beautiful mate spread wide in front of me with slick dripping out of his tight hole. “Goddess you look and smell amazing my sweet boy” I tell him as I climb between his legs and start teasing him with my tongue. His little moans spur me on as I slide one of my fingers in his tight hole making him gasp “Shane” my little mate whines out “shhh
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Chapter 5
~the next morning~Billie’s POV:I wake up to two sets of arms wrapped around me somehow, with Kaden wrapped around my lower half with his face nuzzled into my stomach and Killian has his face in my hair and his arms wrapped around my boobs. I feel the urge to pee so I try wiggling out of their arms but they only wrap around tighter. “Guys wake up I gotta pee” I whisper shout at them. “Uh huh go ahead babe” Killian mutters into my hair. Sighing loudly I scream loudly making them jump up growling looking for danger. I could tell their wolfs were running the show. Whoops! “Mate. Scream. Danger.” Kaden keeps repeating while Killian just growls at everything. [let me talk to their wolves] my wolf Aspen says so I let her push forward to speak to her mates too. “Hello mates” her sultry voice comes out making both of them sandwich me. “Mine” they both kept repeating as they kept smelling me and rubbing their scents all over me “what’s your name mate?” One of them asks “Aspen. What about you
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Chapter 6
~in the Beta’s wing of the pack house~Logan’s POV: “Are you ready baby” I ask Maggie as I smack her clit with my dick before placing it at her entrance “ yes please make me yours” she moans out as I slide inside of her warm wet heat making us both moan out loud as I proceed to thrust into her hard and deep making her scream in pleasure. Placing her legs on my shoulders I slide even deeper inside her and begin slamming into her so hard the bed starts banging against the wall. ~2 hours later~“Oh god Logan please don’t stop I’m close” are the words that make me flip her into all fours and slam back into her slapping her ass hard, firmly gripping her hips and jackhammering into her. Pretty soon both of us cum for what seems like the hundredth time today before collapsing onto our fluid covered sheets. “I need to shower and go meet the Alphas to discuss the Luna ceremony and the welcoming to the pack for all the other newly mated couples in the pack. Let’s get cleaned up while I ask so
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Chapter 7
Billie’s POV:We quickly run out of the pack house, stripping before shifting into our wolves. The guys run in front of us as Maggie and I follow close behind. It doesn’t take too long to get to what’s left of the Tundra pack. We all quickly shift back throwing on our clothes as we take in the carnage around us. There’s bodies everywhere, dead and injured. Women and children are crying over their losses. The guys quickly find the Beta amongst the injured trying to hold down a teenage boy that has a massive wound on his back the pack doctor is trying to clean up so he can heal quicker. Logan walks over to assist as many as possible while my mates decide to take charge. “Okay everyone it is crucial that we leave within the next 20 minutes as the rogues are circling back from the west. Take only what you need. Anything that can be replaced leave it behind.” Kaden says as one of the buses pulls up with several warriors from our pack. “All of the women, children and elderly into the bus. W
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Chapter 8
~over in Moon Ridge Pack~Rick’s POV:I can’t believe how beautiful my mate is and how lucky I am to have found her so soon. We did the Luna ceremony and new pack members ritual last night. Everyone is settling in nicely and now I’m waiting on my mate to come to bed. I don’t wait long as I see her walk into our room in nothing but her blue lace thong making me growl lowly in approval. I’m glad I didn’t fuck everything that walks cause she’s going to be my first and my last. She slowly makes her way to the bed and my cock hardens in anticipation. She crawls up in the bed to me where she straddles me rubbing her clothes core against my prominent bulge making both of us moan out. “You’re killing me love” I groan out as she grinds herself against me leaving kisses down my neck putting a few hickeys on my neck. [okay enough of this] my wolf Knox growls out and takes over flipping our mate under us as I slam my lips onto hers making sure to pinch her nipples as I caress her body. “Goddess I
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Chapter 9
~4 weeks later~Billie’s POV: The past few weeks have been crazy with getting all of our new pack members settled in their new homes. Two days after we welcomed them into our pack, the warriors went back to their old pack making sure to bring their dead here to be buried. There was a mass burial held the day after we brought them home. We had several orphaned pups that have been placed in our small group home we set up. Shelby, Maggie and myself take turns visiting with them every day. There are now about 15 orphaned pups age ranges from 2 years old up to 10 years old. I’m hoping some of the couples that weren’t blessed with pups naturally will decide to step up for these cuties. Right now I’m hiding in the bathroom in our room waiting for this timer to go off for this pregnancy test. Yes that’s right I might be pregnant. I’m now 9 days late but I wasn’t convinced pregnancy was a possibility til I threw up yesterday morning and late last night. Plus my boobs are sore and I’m just dra
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