Warm Wedding

Warm Wedding

By:  Kp_46  Ongoing
Language: English
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Chu Nian became his nominal wife because her elder sister ran with his brother leaving his fiancé. Causing a turmoil between two leading companies due to the sudden halt in the marriage, he decided to punish her for her elder sister crimes. As time passes he fell in love with her but the feelings for revenge were more stronger than love. While Chu Nian was all unaware of this President Han was constantly playing tricks trapping her more and more in an indisputable world. ---

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Michelle Heasley
Starts out with a great story and I was hooked. Then the author throws in multiple short stories that are completely unrelated in the middle of the book. Author says we can skip them. Well, we still have to pay for completely unrelated stories to get to the rest of the book.
2022-10-31 13:05:36
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some chapters were confusing
2021-05-02 01:08:41
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Emerald Splash
love this story!
2021-03-16 13:32:23
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Belle Cassy
Added to my library. ?❤
2020-10-27 00:18:59
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Dazzling Star
sweet and captivating story ❤️❤️❤️ you are awesome ??? keep up with your good works ☺️☺️☺️
2020-09-21 01:24:11
139 Chapters
Her Misery
Chu Nian was dragged by two tall bodyguards and brought into the president's office. Chu Nian, an eighteen-year-old girl aspiring to earn money quickly got into this company. A pure-hearted soul, she had her face full of collagen, no thick makeup to boost her perfect facial features. Chu Nian had curves in all her right part of bodies. Now she was in a completely disheveled state wherein both her arms which used to look pure white now had purple bruises. The perfectly tied bun was now open and her hairs were swaying side to side as she was pleading those tall bodyguards to leave her which was a futile attempt. As they entered the president's cabin those tall burly bodyguards ruthlessly threw her on the floor. Trying to withstand the force she slowly looked at president Gu.  Her teary eyes which were pure, innocent now had questions in them. He was a president of GU enterprise which was a well-established firm for training and grooming young and beautiful girls who aspired to be
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First meeting at the club
There was an executive red backless gown kept along with matching jewelry and shoes. Chu Nian after wearing the gown looked no less than a celebrity. Slightly heavy ruby red earrings casting its shadow on her bare shoulders. Her smooth milky white back leading to a slim waist. Wine red lipstick which seems appetizing along with slight blush which changed the temperament of the whole person. In order to take care that Chu Nian doesn't cause trouble president Gu himself went to drop her.In the car president Gu said, "Chu Nian, tonight I will see your performance. You don't have to worry much, the people who come here are all filthy rich and don't care about spending money, so as long as you work well you can earn highly and quickly. Also if you return my money to me ASAP you can have a stable life for yourself as well as your family"Mr. Gu tried to encourage Chu Nian so she does not create problems like last time. Though last time she was forced while today she is goin
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President Han's decision
As Chu Nian was drunk, the second generation heir was constantly trying to reduce the distance between both of them. There on the other side goddess Su Mo came near President Han and started swaying her body near him trying to show her ample boson which can make any man go drooling over it. But it seemed as if her charm was not enough, President Han was unmoved as his mind was wandering somewhere else. Taking the opportunity, the second generation heir got up holding Chu Nian in his arms while saying, "president Han, we all know this is your property and today you are here just for some routine financial inspection and not for any accompanies. So I think there's no need to be formal between us regarding this girl. I will take her". Saying this as they started walking forward, something passed into President Han's mind and he snatched Chu Nian from someone else's arm and placing her beside him. This action startled everyone present in the room including Chu Nian.
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President Han's anger
As she moved forward to kiss president Han, she was suddenly pushed aside by him while saying, "Zhu ling ling, right now I am in no mood to see you, get lost."  His voice contained a hint of impatience.Zhu ling ling understood president Han's tone and directly told what she longed for, "President Han, I want to become the main lead in the film survivor. It has all A list actors and is sure to be the best movie. The role is very much important to me president. Can or not?""That will depend on your performance if you can fit the role or not." said president Han while smirking.Hearing this Zhu ling ling's eyes had a spark and she immediately came closer to president Han again while saying, "Han Yuren, I love you soo much. Let me accompany you tonight. I will definitely satisfy you."Zhu ling ling's hand which was trying to slide in President Han's coat was suddenly caught by Han tightly which caused a sharp pain in her wrist.President HAN loo
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Sleeping Beauty Chu Nian
[Never regret the past neither worry for the future...Nothing was brought in the world for it to be lost.....]Looking at the check that president Han threw Chu Nian kept it inside the bag while President Han went towards the couch and sat down. Folding his one leg on top of another he opened the alcohol bottle kept there and poured it into two glasses.After keeping the cheque inside her purse Chu Nian turned around. When she glanced at president Han, he gestured her to come near him by curling his index finger in the air.She has already taken the bait so now there was no choice of going back on her words or decisions hence, taking a deep breath Chu Nian calmed down her nerves and started walking towards president Han slowly.Looking towards the petite girl walking towards him with a conflicted emotion through the alcohol glass president Han smiled lightly. Asking her to sit beside him he handed her another glass and told her to drink it.
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[ A new dawn always gives us the opportunity to change our destiny.All that we need to do is just grab it..."]After the breakfast was over, President Han got up and asked Chu Nian to follow him to the study. In the study, Chu Nian was presented with a document, Opening the file she was scared, confused, all her emotions were in a mess.Looking at her ever-changing emotions President Han panicked and thought about his decision, if what he did was a little too abrupt or if he should have waited or thought about another way. But in between of those thoughts suddenly another thought cropped up which said, 'Why should I think?'Shaking away all those thoughts and coming back to the present he passed a glass of water to Chu Nian and asked her to drink it. The file was nothing just a compilation of information about her family. Her mother's sufferings, her father's debts, her sister's life everything was present on the file in a detailed description. What she
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Same Bedroom
"This is the house where you will live with me from today" Entering the house president Han spoke while gesturing his hand towards the house and added"I don't like people always following me around so I never hired maids and butlers but if you want one I can hire them. No need to worry about cleaning, there's a maid who will come every day around noon and clean the house. "A little surprised Chu Nian asked, "Food.... you cook?"Laughing President Han nodded and said: "It must seem difficult though but surprisingly I can cook.""Okay, let's go I will show you the room. You can get fresh, unpack your stuff and then come downstairs for dinner"Nodding when Chu Nian started walking towards his room President Han got amused and asked, "Why are you going in my room???"With a questioning tone, Chu Nian answered,  "Didn't you say dating? Then ...we.....different bedroom ....or ....same bedroom????"Walking towards Chu Nian President H
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[And suddenly you just know its time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings]Han Yuren might have never thought that one day he would be sitting patiently and answering someone's questions. He was an unquestionable authority, his all decisions were final. No one would ever have the guts to question him back about any decision made by him and here this girl... Time and again he had to explain her, answer her."About that.....Sleeping beauty, do you also have a habit of losing your memory after sleeping???"Hearing a completely unrelated statement Chu Nian became more alert and kept on staring at President Han."I, singlehandedly built Feiren corporations, if I don't have the ability to observe how can I be such a successful person. Only if you remember last night in the hotel room the table cloth was of purple color. Even though you did not say anything about it but your eyes started blinking rapidly after looking at it and also y
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Morning routine
Han Yuren spent around a couple of hours while hugging those clothes and other things drowning in those memories. Realizing that he had spent a good amount of time he kept them back at their place and went to freshen up with determination filled in his emotionless eyes.It was around two o clock at night when Han Yuren decided to take a tour inside the house or probably he just wanted to pass by Chu Nian's room. Walking slowly with light footsteps, Han Yuren stood outside her room door and smiled hearing light music playing inside the room. He knew that many people have problems when they change places and Chu Nian was one of them. That is why he prepared a playlist of soothing music for her to play while sleeping. Noticing her hearing his playlist made him feel happy for no reason. Spending some time in front of Chu Nian's door hearing those soothing music he also started to feel drowsy. Han Yuren then returned to his room and slept peacefully after a long time.In th
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Chu Nian simply dropped a small text to her mom explaining that she had reached safely in the workplace and was now about to head for breakfast. As soon as the text was sent out Chu Nian gave herself a last look in the mirror before heading downstairs.  Chu Nian had just come downstairs when she heard some voices from the kitchen. She already spoke to Han Yuren and was well aware that he knows how to cook. Feeling nervous Chu Nian held her hands at the back and carefully walked towards the k
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