Chapter 35

Giselle's POV:

I immediately called the ambulance and tried to stop the blood.

I was full on crying now. I continuously tapped his cheek so he wouldn't black out.

He put his hand on my face and said, "Never forget me. I love you so darn much that it pains. I will always love you."

I couldn't form a reply because I was choking on my own tears. His eyes were slowly closing, but at that time, the ambulance arrived and we drove off to the hospital.

He was in the ICU for God knows how long. The whole time, I was crying and praying.

Then finally, the doctor came out and said, "I'm sorry."

My heart stopped beating and I fell to the floor.

"You must me Venettio Martinez's granddaughter."

I was fuming. I slapped the doctor. "I'm here for Venettio Salvestro."

He recovered from the slap and

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