Chapter 44

Giselle's POV :

I was in a crisis! I needed a date for the event. I was ready. I had a navy blue, floor length silky dress on and my hair was in an updo.

I didn't even read that I needed a date. "Who should I call?" I asked Tolo.

He barked and I said, "Awesome. I hope he comes though."

I called Silvio and he picked up, "Silvio, are you free?"

"Yes, why?"

"Thank God! Will you be my date tonight? I need to go to a charity event and I need a date asap. I didn't read it before, but now I read it again and realized that I needed a partner."

"Calm down Bella. I'll come. Give me 15 minutes to get ready."

"Thank you so much! You're a life saver. I owe you one."

We said our goodbyes and I texted him my address.

"Baby, he said that he'll come." Tolo licked my hand and drifted off to sleep.<

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