All Chapters of XERRA: Chapter 51 - Chapter 57
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Chapter 51
I thought it was me but Kaiyahv commanded her people who were about to attack me and Kalith. My troop, on the other hand, surrounded us even though we were literally outnumbered. But we had advantage of the technology of the Elite Aryan Army. If what we had would be used properly, combined with our own powers and skills, there was no way that we’d be defeated by the Furezos. The Elite Aryan Army was named as so.“I just need your head to be delivered to the King,” I said.“But you heard what Harrupero said! We didn’t and hadn’t raided the Nazian tribe!” Kaiyahv insisted.I decided to probe into her thoughts to know if she was telling us the truth, if she hadn’t ordered it so. But what I saw in her thoughts surprised me. I saw Miryeob’s younger version, saw her talk to my mother before she became a Queen, and grieved when she heard about her brother’s fake death as well as my mother’s.“What do you see in my mind, Xerra?” she demanded, haltingly as my hand was
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Chapter 52
The Furezos spread out quickly and with agility that I’d never witnessed before. I realized that they indeed worked hard to be able to defend themselves and to protect their land against the King, although it was unsuccessful until now. The King and General Isoog just got out from the flying capsules, which obviously warped from the palace to get here quietly and quickly.I ducked when a flying sword was aimed at my direction. I quickly ran to take cover behind a tree. The leipods or simply called as follow-the-enemy flying weapons were deployed all over us to automatically track and attack us. They were as big as an Aryan hand with a triangular shape and steel gray color. They flew without sound, hence perfect for surprise attacks as well. Once it sees and locks in on its target, it won’t stop until the target is terminated.“Execute all the rogue warriors and the rebels!” I heard the King’s command.I swallowed and looked at my poniard that was in my hand.
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Chapter 53
“Or you’re going to break my neck? Is that it?” I sarcastically told him but my hand was still tightly holding my weapon. I refused to be threatened by him despite of the current situation.Rugien suddenly made a more-than-a-superbeing move. He stood right in front of us in less than a split dot. His face was grim that I’d never seen before. His eyes burned with fire as he looked at the General of the Elite Aryan Army.“Ah, my son!” The King followed as well after a dot passed by.I looked at his Creyer. With this distance, I could probe into the King’s mind. However, it was blocked somehow. He looked at me with a mocking and evil grin. He shook his head unaffectedly.“I know your ability, Xerra. However, you cannot use it against me.” He paused. “Even you, Rugien. No matter how powerful you are.” He turned to the Grand Crown Prince.Rugien reached out to my mind, I realized. I let him probe into mine. Now he knew what I discovered. His face went grimme
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Chaper 54
As the General told me his real name, he attacked me with a whip that he manifested. I barely realized that the name of his brother’s staff was Creyer, which was taken from his name after all. The impostor loved his brother dearly—it was crystal clear to see. It was quite admirable. I could understand since I had a precious sister that I loved so much.Anyway, it was good I was fast enough to dodge his attack. My poniard blocked it the second time, which was caught by it. In turn, I pulled it and slashed it. His hold was broken. I quickly bluffed a thrust but attempted to slash his leg. He was quick to dodge both times it was amazing. He was amazing. I gave him that. However, he just got motionless all of a sudden.I whipped around to look behind me to see who it was. Of course, it was Frith. He used his favorite weapon, the needle, which made the General paralyzed. I smiled, satisfied, at the unmoving Crey.I then paid attention to Rugien and the King who are stil
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Chapter 55
It was then that Rugien and I grabbed it at the same time that it was taken away from Isoog like his strength diminished. Together, we thrust the staff through his chest and to his heart. Blinding light erupted from within and it seemed that he just melted into a mist, into nothingness, only to appear the real King.I knew it the moment his green eyes were settled on Rugien. The Grand Crown Prince could tell it, too, that it was his real father.“Father!” He embraced the older man.The two males looked happy with this reunion. Well, who wouldn’t? I looked at the staff that was now solely in my hand. I couldn’t feel its surging power now. But I didn’t care. All is well now. My eyes met Zelian’s who stepped closer to us. He bowed to the two royalties and so did the others, including the Furezos and the remaining elite warriors. It looked like there was less than half of their number that was still alive.“Zelian! It’s been a long time since I last saw you,” the
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Chapter 56
“Free all the prisoners in Uzob. The only thing they did wrong was go against the impostor king. That means they’re all innocents,” Rugien said. He then informed them where Uzob was located.They nodded. They were about to go when Rugien halted them. “One other thing.” He glanced at me first before he continued. “Frith’s body.”“We’re going to take care of it,” Bullox said. “Right now, he’s going to be washed clean by a couple of our fellow warriors before he’s going to be sent to his family. That’s the least we can do for him at the moment.”However, Rugien shook his head. “No. Frith can still be brought back to life. Will talk to Healer Ulf regarding this matter.”I snorted. “Huh? Are you saying that he still has the chance to be alive even after his life source is sucked by the Creyer?” I asked Rugien about that unbelievable suggestion.He turned to me and all eyes were on him now. “The old palace healer has found something in their research, Xerra.
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Chapter 57
The celebration was held at the palace ground that very same night. Foods and drinks were served in a matter of less than thirty dots. It would last until midday. And before that was over, the prisoners of Uzob were all freed and joined this rare celebration. It must have been a very historic day for everyone in the Aryan world.But before that, Miryeob and my sister Shahrae, together with Kaiyahv, had a priceless reunion. It filled my heart with warmth and joy as they embraced each other. I smiled watching this happy moment for our family. I watched them with a smile on my face. They were talking animatedly like they really had a lot to talk about. Well, I thought that was true since it had been a long time since they had been separated from each other. Thinking that my sister’s father was already dead, there was indeed a lot to catch up. The whole evening would not suffice it, I’m sure.Rugien embraced me from behind, watching the scene that I was focused on. The King
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