20 Chapters
Chapter Eleven ~ What's Happening To Me?
Tristan Cole I entered the office and slumped down onto the couch, while my father was sitting at his desk.“Hey, dad,” I greeted the Alpha. “Hi son, are you okay?” He asked while looking up from his paperwork. “Na, not really. I'm finding it hard to cope with everything at the moment,” I spoke honestly. “I know son, I saw what you did to your car just now. You know you're paying for them repairs, right?” He questioned but his voice sounded light and not stern.I chuckled in response and replied, “Yeah, I know dad.”He stood up from his desk and strolled over to me, then took a seat next to me on the couch.“Look, son. I know you're struggling right now, but you're going to be the Alpha of this pack in less than a couple of months. You need to start pulling your shit together.&rdqu
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Chapter Twelve ~ Turn Her
Freya Rose After a while, my eyes gradually returned back to their normal bright blue color. I was freaked out and wanted to know what had just happened to me, but Tristan managed to convince me that he would look into it tomorrow. He said he didn't have a clue why my eyes went like that, or why I had been having the rage fits. He couldn't explain the extra strength that I had every now and again, either. Right now, he just wanted to focus on what he did know, and he wanted me to the know the whole truth. We laid on the bed side by side, I had my head resting on his arm, and he stroked my hand with his thumb. “So, can I ask the questions? Like, we can have a turn each. On my turn, I can ask you a question that I want answers to. Then, on your turn, you can tell me something that you want me to know, sound fair?” I asked him while staring up at the ceiling. “Yeah, that sounds good b
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Chapter Thirteen ~ Little Black Wolf
Freya Rose I’d followed Tristan to the door, I couldn't believe he'd just said no, then left without even giving me an explanation. I sat against the wall next to the front door, hung my head and I began to sob my heart out. I cried for a while, then thoughts began to jump into my head.What the hell just happened? I had just basically told him I accepted the fact that he was a werewolf, and that I loved him so much that I was willing to become one. His reaction was to just say no, then storm out like a damn child. No explanation, no negotiation just a flat-out no. What the hell?I suddenly began to feel, the now all too familiar rage building up inside me. I wouldn’t let him get away with treating me like that. He needed to give me a valid reason for rejecting me.That's it. I'm going to find him, right now.“Tristan,” I screamed out
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Chapter Fourteen ~ The Truth
Tristan Cole I brought my paw down as hard as I could, slashing it across her exposed belly. My claws went through her skin like butter, and blood sprayed into my face just as she let out a blood-curdling scream. I knew that I was taking it too far, but I was furious, and I couldn't stop myself. I had to show her that I would not allow her, or anyone else to attack my Freya, their future Luna. She needed to be punished and she needed to know that her behavior was completely unacceptable. She also needed to learn her damn place.Freya was my mate. No matter what anyone else said, and whether the pack likes it or not, she was the one that I had chosen to spend the rest of my life with. If certain people within the pack couldn’t accept that, then they needed to be reminded that I was their future Alpha, and that they needed to show me and my Luna some respect. That wolf might have thought
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Chapter Fifteen ~ Decapitated Head
Freya Rose Tristan stood in front of me with a ferocious expression. He snarled while he read out the note that had been left with the roses.“I will see you very soon, you will be mine, Freya Rose.” I finally had to come clean, so I quickly explained to Tristan that I'd seen the guy with these flowers at our graduation. “Freya, why didn't you tell me about this?” He asked me.He sounded angry, but not at me, I think he was angry with the situation. “I know I should have told you T, but I thought it was all in my head.”He sighed and replied,“I know baby, this is all new to you. I should have told you everything sooner, then you would have known that he was real.”He glared back down at the note, and he looked as though he was deep in thought.“Tristan, it's him, isn't it? The one that was i
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Chapter Sixteen ~ Dirty Bloodsucker
Freya Rose “Freya... Freya, wake up!” I shot up in bed up and ripped my eyes open. The whole room was blurry. It was now early morning and the sunlight stung my eyes. I rubbed the back of my fingers back and forth across my eyelids. After taking away my hands, I opened my eyes again. They had finally begun to focus a little, just enough for me to see a blurry figure of a man sitting in front of me. I wasn't afraid though, because I knew that it was my Tristan.“Tristan!” I shouted with relief.I threw myself at him and wrapped my arms around his neck. I squeezed him hard, then pulled away and frantically covered his entire face in kisses. “Whoa, baby what have I done to deserve all this? Not that I'm complaining,” he said with a chuckle.I threw my arms around him again and started crying. “Babe, you had another bad dream, didn't you? I
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Chapter Seventeen ~ Lifeless Body
Freya Rose As I sat down on the couch, I glanced over and saw Tristan talking to himself while making two coffees. He turned around to me and smiled, then got his phone out of his pocket and put it to his ear. “Tyler?... Because Freya's here now and I want her to hear everything. I'll ring you from now on, whenever she's around, instead of mind linking, okay?”He winked at me, then finished off the coffees. It was sweet that he stopped mind linking the pack, and then called them instead whenever I was around. He wanted me to feel included. I walked over to him and picked up the two cups of coffee, so that he could carry on with his phone call. He smiled and leaned in to kiss me, I kissed him back, then took the coffees over to the couch and placed them down onto the coffee table. I sat down onto the couch, and shortly after Tristan joined me.“Right, good,” he s
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Chapter Eighteen ~ My Brother Was Gone
Tristan Cole I could hear Freya running behind me and trying to keep up, but I couldn't wait around for her. I knew she'd be safer back at the house with my mom and some of the others, so I sprinted even faster into the woods. My main concern was to catch that damn bloodsucker before he could report back to his Sire. I didn't know if to believe him, when he said that he knew what Freya was. If we could catch him and keep him in one piece, me and the boys had more than enough ways to get him to talk. I kept running, sniffing the air and trees as I ran by them. Vampires were ridiculously fast, and I would lose him for sure if I stopped to track him properly. I rapidly caught his scent and howled into the air for the pack to follow me. All vamps smelt like freshly killed prey and burnt iron. I can only describe it as being similar to a lit sparkler sort of smell. I guessed that the fresh meat smell was
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Chapter Nineteen ~ Brand-new Life
Freya Rose “Tristan, oh my God!” I cried out, dropping to my knees in shock. Clara sobbed while brushing her hand over Tristan's hair. Aiden carried him past her, and then up the few steps to the house. “Dr. Dobson!” Aiden's grumbling voice boomed loudly through the air.A shortish lady with long wavy red hair, and glasses came running through the house to meet him. She checked Tristan's pulse, and opened his eyes to flash a little torch into them.“He's lost a lot of blood and his pulse is very weak, I need to get him into surgery as soon as possible. We haven't got time to waste. Quickly, put him in my truck, I've called ahead to the clinic and they have everything ready for us,” she said as she ushered Aiden to follow her. “Get up Freya we need to go, now!” Clara shouted at me frantically.She grabbed my arm and pul
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Chapter Twenty ~ I Love You
Freya Rose I began to drop off to sleep, when I suddenly heard a man's husky voice speak to me,“Hi, um, the bus is pretty full, would you mind if I?” He asked politely. I opened my eyes to look at him and saw that he was pointing at my bag. I glanced around the bus, and he was right, there were no other seats available except for the one next to me. I let out a quiet sigh and plastered a polite smile on my face.“Sure.”Without even looking up at him, I rested my head back onto the seat and closed my eyes. I knew I was being really rude, but I was too damn stressed and tired to care. I heard him pick up my bag and place it gently into the luggage compartment above us. “Thank you,” he said in a soft and polite voice, before taking a seat beside me. “No worries,” I replied still holding my eyes firmly shut.I felt myself slow
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