All Chapters of Light of His Heart: Chapter 1 - Chapter 9
9 Chapters
The day was shining gloriously in the mid of the summers when Erin decided to take a break from his job and went back to his hometown to surprise his wife. He had been married for 3 years but it was an arranged marriage by his father. He did not object to marry a stranger, but it was difficult for him to make his heart understand that he is taken.
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Erin is sitting on the edge of the bed, lost deep in his thoughts. He wonders where he went wrong loving his wife. He gave her everything she asked for, more he wanted to surprise her with a diamond ring.Anna knocks on the door with a tray in her hands. The soft knock distracts Erin, and he looks up at her sister.
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Erin’s povMy head hurts badly, and my vision blurs when I try to open my eyes wide. The lights flashes, almost blinding me. The ceiling appears strange and I recall what happened earlier. Everything makes me upset.
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The sun has set, and night owls are hooting outside somewhere. I was sitting on the couch in the same position I was sitting earlier. It disturbs my thoughts since I heard my mother-in-law’s poisonous words towards me, and now my father is not supporting me in my decision.My world is collapsing and I don't even know what wrong
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Light’s povAs dawn sets upon the sky, I get up from the bed and wear my clothes back. My gaze fell on the naked body of the woman I spent my night. I covered her with the sheets and left her apartment in haste.
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Erin’s povLight Angelov! There is something about this man I can't shrug off, not intentionally. He is a charming, young and famous guy who is rocking his fame with his cases. His physique is well built and maintained, even I can notice his biceps popping out under the sleeves of his rolled up shirt.
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 Light’s povI was watching a football match on the T.V., in my room when my phone rings loudly. I check the caller ID and frown to see an unknown number and I rarely pick calls from an unknown number, especially when I am
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Erin’s povMy alarm hits at 5 in the morning, with a high pitch irritating noise that made me break the damn clock. I literally threw it on the wall. This is the first night since I found out about Malina's cheating ass, I have slept peacefully the entire night.
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Light’s povI yawn badly while sitting in my office. It overloads the work from a few days and I feel extremely exhausted. The subject cases are too much and there these which are divorce cases, that are blunt and baseless.
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