455 Chapters
Chapter 1 Foreigners
A sunny morning where Arunika has shown herself well. As usual my days are nothing special or even someone who needs me. I lived in the apartment alone, the apartment I got from my mother's gift. My name is An, an ordinary woman. My age is not far from the word 20 years.My daily activities are just going to campus and studying well. Like today, I prepare myself to go to campus. No need to rush, the distance from this apartment to the campus is not far so that I freely manage my time.

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Chapter 2 Trapped in an elevator
I felt a dreadful atmosphere, I ran full of fear and never thought it would turn out this way. The elevator to arrive immediately on the top floor to my room which I often use was suddenly jammed. I was trapped in this elevator, and no one could hear my shout. I really felt in a different situation."Aaaa .... help me! Anyone help me! " I shouted for help while banging on the elevator door until I was exhausted. My energy has been used up just to be wasted. I was sure that no one would help, yes, it wasn't b
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Chapter 3 Foreign man who helps
The conversation sounded very scary, and I also thought my virginity would soon be taken away in this apartment. I was increasingly sad, and didn't know what to do. But then this man kept holding out his hand to me, who knows what he meant but he never pulled his hand back."I ... what should I do? Come with him or will I die with them? " I said thinking. I'm really stuck. There are vampires here and outside there are perverted men. I also folded my hand and reached the man's hand. I immediately stood up wit
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Chapter 4 Cool man and strange place
"Oh my goodness! That's true, yes that's because this place ... ah how to explain it huh? You can ask Akira about that. I can't answer! " he replied with a sad expression."Yes, it's fine if you can't answer it. Where is he now? ""Maybe he's in his office, but we
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Chapter 5 A good new friend
"When?""When I picked him up and brought him here. I left him because he was still scared, I didn't want to knock him unconscious. Therefore I ask you to accompany him! ""Akira, yes, I understand now. Aresha and I will accompany him tomorrow, you just prepare yo
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Chapter 6 Flower City
Slowly we arrived at the city with an interesting and amazing view. This horse-drawn carriage stopped, I hurried out with Aresha."Wow, how interesting! What is the name of this city? " I asked him."Yes, of course like I said, very interesting right? The name of this city is Flower City ”"What? Flower City? " I asked, surprised to hear the name of this city, I felt familiar with the name of this city. The name of this city is similar to the name of the city in my novel."Yes, Flower City.""Oh, are they all doing a festival?""Festival? No, there is no festival this month. Why do you ask about the festival? ""Ah yeah because I think they like wearing festival clothes, their clothes are all interesting. Is this an event? "Aresha was silent, she said in her heart "What do you mean? There is no festival, no event! They sure are dressed like that stupid girl! ” annoyed while he was seen smiling sweetly at An.Aresha and I went to a crowded place. We headed for the trade center in this
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Chapter 7 What happened there, Mother?
I began to take out my cellphone from my bag, then started contacting my mother. The ringing of the telephone rang, waiting for a few moments to connect which was not long after my call was received by someone who was none other than my mother."Hello, An!"I hear
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Chapter 8 The girl who fell from the tree, Angel?
I who heard the woman's words suddenly shocked, I began to think something had happened to my family there. I think this woman killed my family. Suddenly I immediately shocked, and cried. I didn't immediately turn off my cellphone, but instead immediately saved a recording of the conversation I heard on this cellphone. My cellphone always does something automatic when contacting someone. My cellphone had arranged this recording from the beginning, and I immediately saved this recording and ended this communication.Read more
Chapter 9 Not a sweet dream
Foliage fell again.While in this big tree, I have seen who made a great vibration and almost made me fall from this tree. He is none other than a man who hit a tree with all his strength, along with three male friends. He did it again, and I could not survive well. I was released from my grip, and I fell from the tree along with falling leaves.Read more
Chapter 10 The meaning of the name Kazexian
I immediately drank water this man gave. Fresh and cool, and I get my energy again. That's what I feel after drinking this water. I felt relieved and regained my consciousness. After feeling enough to drink, I immediately return this drink to the man."Here, thank you for the drink!" I said while giving him drinks.Read more Protection Status