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Chapter 11 There Was No Mother in Heaven…
"Ye Wanwan! Wanwan…"Bo Qing was stung by the sight of the scarlet blood. The grogginess he had been feeling from the alcohol was dispelled almost instantly. He picked up Ye Wanwan and rushed to the hospital as quickly as he could.Bo Qing wanted to stay by Ye Wanwan's side. He couldn't be at ease unless she woke up.However, Ye Ke'er had also cut her wrist to commit suicide, so he had to pay a visit to Ye Ke'er first.When Ye Wanwan woke up, she found herself alone in the ward. Recognizing the strong smell of disinfectant, she guessed that she was probably in the hospital right now.Holding onto the edge of the bed, she hauled herself up. She didn't want to stay here any longer. She had been dreaming of Qianqian, who said that the sea was very cold. Now she was awake, Ye Wanwan just wanted to join Qianqian.Her embrace was very warm. If she could hold Qianqian in her arms, surely Qianqian would not feel cold any more.Ye Wanwan fumbled around along her way. Surprisingly, she su
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Chapter 12 They All Said Ye Wanwan was Dead
"Wanwan!"Torn with heart-wrenching grief, Bo Qing roared. Suddenly, a red haze descended over his eyes. He reached out his hand, trying his best to pull Ye Wanwan back. However, the reality was that he was still just in his car on the way to the cliff by the sea. He couldn't traverse the physical distance between him and Ye Wanwan no matter how badly he wanted to. He couldn't touch her!Bo Qing floored the accelerator. The black sports car shot up the road like an arrow. Even going at this dangerous pace, it would still take half an hour to reach the cliff.He rushed there like a madman. The sea seemed to stretch on for infinity, and Ye Wanwan's figure was nowhere to be seen."Wanwan! Come back!"Bo Qing took off his suit jacket and jumped off the cliff.Ye Wanwan couldn't swim and it had been a long time, so she was likely dead already. However, he still wanted to find her.Wanwan was the only girl he had loved in his life. He could not lose her!"Wanwan, Wanwan…"The seawat
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Chapter 13 He Wronged His Wanwan!
After looking for Ye Wanwan for so long, Bo Qing knew in his heart that she was long gone, but he still had people continue to search for her in the area of sea into which she'd fallen.He wanted to find her, alive or dead. Until he saw the corpse with his own eyes, he wouldn't truly believe that she was dead.Ever since Bo Qing had come back from the sea cliff, he had been staying in his and Ye Wanwan's room. Actually, he had rarely gone to this room after their marriage because at that time, he had thought that Ye Wanwan had betrayed him, so he would often stay in a hotel rather than go home.Every time he came back, he would fly into a rage and take his anger out on her. Every time he saw Wanwan trembling under him, feeling her pain, he would feel in his heart that his love and desire for her had not died.But now, only when he stayed in this room did he feel some small spark of life come back to him. The proof of her existence was everywhere in this room. Soaking up the atmosph
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Chapter 14 Wanwan, It's All My Fault...
After Ye Ke'er finished her words, the voice in the recording pen stopped abruptly. The hand of Bo Qing was then shaking so hard that he could no longer even hold the recording pen properly.His thin lips kept trembling. It turned out that Ye Ke'er was the one who had tried to murder both Bo Qianqian and Baby Bao!He had blamed Ye Wanwan unjustly. It was all his fault!Even Ye Wanwan's death had something to do with Ye Ke'er. If it weren't for Ye Ke'er feeding her lies about Baby Bao already having died, Ye Wanwan would not have lost the hope and courage to keep moving through life.No! The one who had really forced his dear Wanwan to death was none other than himself. If he had ever just shown her even a little of the trust that she deserved, she would not become so desperate as to end her own life.He was the one to be blamed for killing his beloved girl!But when had the once loving relationship between he and Wanwan started to go south?It must be the incident of Ye Wanwan p
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Chapter 15 You Have to Serve Me Obediently
Bo Qing was not some naive and innocent little boy. As soon as he heard that unmistakable sound, he knew that a man and a woman were making love inside the room.The door of the room was not locked. Bo Qing pushed open the door slightly and, through a thin crack between the door and its frame, he could see clearly what was going on inside.Ye Ke'er was stark naked and in the throes of passion with a man on the bed. It was truly an unsightly scene.As soon as the man turned around, Bo Qing recognized him.Guan Bao.This was the man who had kidnapped both Bo Qianqian and Baby Bao.Ye Ke'er and Guan Bao were so engrossed in their carnal act that they did not even notice the arrival of Bo Qing at all. Though Bo Qing was observing the obscene affair, there was not the slightest emotional shock in his heart.Because he did not love Ye Ke'er, he could take her adultery like water off a duck's back.There was only anger in Bo Qing's heart now. He was consumed with anger over the fact t
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Chapter 16 Kill Her with Spiritual Agony
Guan Bao did not take Ye Ke'er's threat seriously. He laughed sinisterly and continued, "What's more, Ye Ke'er, you weren't blind, were you? You just pretended to have become blind, all with the intention of depriving Ye Wanwan of her corneas. Tell me, if Bo Qing finds out that you have made a fool of him, won't he just want to tear you apart?!"Listening to Guan Bao's words, Bo Qing's body could not help but tremble. Ye Ke'er had only been pretending to be blind!Wasn't it just pathetic that at that time he had still believed that Ye Wanwan was very sinful, and thus made the decision to force her to donate her corneas!What on earth had he done? How could he have treated the love of his life so savagely? Every single act of his was unforgivable!Ye Ke'er's chest was violently rising and falling, but before long she was able to calm herself down. The corners of her eyelids rose as she said, "And so what? Now Ye Wanwan is dead. You think she's going to come back to life and back up
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Chapter 17 Bo Qing and Ye Ke'er Got Married!
After hearing Shen Ning's words, Bo Qing felt a wave of dizziness, and at the same time was filled with self-reproach for Ye Wanwan.Ye Wanwan had grown up in such a family and had no one to rely on. Bo Qing was the only person who could have protected her, but he had instead trusted the lying words of others easily, and thus hurt his beloved girl very badly.Bo Qing really wanted to tear Shen Ning and Ye Zhiguo's disgusting faces right off, but he held back his temper in the end. He simply curled his lips and gave a faint smile that did not reach his eyes. "Of course, I don't trust Ye Wanwan. Baby Bao is Ke'er's child. How could he be Wanwan's?"Hearing his words, Shen Ning and Ye Zhiguo finally breathed simultaneous sighs of relief, then exchanged glances. Then Ye Zhiguo went forward and said with a flattering smile, "Bo Qing, you see, Ke'er has given birth to a child for you. Perhaps now would be a good time for you to reward the mother of your child with a guarantee of marriage?
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Chapter 18 Sex Scandal of Young Master Bo's Bride
The super-large LCD screen on the wedding site suddenly turned on, and then soft, affectionate music began to drift through the air. Ye Ke'er's heart was beating fast. "Isn't this the big surprise that Bo Qing prepared for me?"What kind of big surprise could it be?A moving love confession? Or a demonstration of all the sweet memories between them?The music soon faded away. The sounds that then poured into the ears of everyone listening were indescribable. Hearing the woman in the video's continuous groans, Ye Ke'er's eyebrows twisted. How could this kind of video be played on the large screen?Moreover, she felt strangely that this woman's voice was a little similar to hers.She did not know if it was her imagination, but she actually felt that the way the guests were looking at her now was a little strange. The reporters were also madly taking photos of the LCD screen."Ah! Brother Bao, you're amazing! Brother Bao, be quick..."Brother Bao...Guan Bao!In an instant, the c
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Chapter 19 My Heart Dies with Her
As the voice in the recording came to a sudden end, Ye Ke'er sank to the ground, feeling hopeless."It's over. I'm doomed." She was fully aware that her reputation and even her future had been completely ruined.The guests on the scene were all stunned by what they had heard in the recording. No one had been expecting to hear something even more astonishing than what they had seen in the video clip. The video clip showed that Ye Ke'er was a woman of easy virtue.However, even more shockingly, the recording had shown everyone that she was also a cold-blooded murderer!This woman had murdered the son and the daughter of Bo Qing and Ye Wanwan!Many of the guests knew that Ye Wanwan had fallen into the sea not long ago. They had suspected that her death had not been all that it seemed, but now it was almost for sure that it had something to do with Ye Ke'er!With that in mind, everyone at the wedding was starting to have feelings of either abject disgust, terror, or both, towards t
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Chapter 20 Ruining Her Face!
"No! Let me go! Let me go!" The ferocious look on Guan Bao's face made a ripple of fear spread throughout Ye Ke'er's slim body. She screamed hysterically and begged for mercy, but to no avail. It was very obvious that Guan Bao had no intention of letting her go at all.Fierce punches and kicks rained down on her body and the pain pushed her to the edge of passing out. She was lying on the ground like a piece of dead meat, and yet the real revenge hadn't even started. A flash of light suddenly shone, reflecting from the blade of a knife. She turned her head away to avoid it.She covered her face subconsciously. She had never imagined that even in the confines of prison there would be knives!Before she could even register what was happening, Guan Bao had already slashed her face with the knife in his hand."Ye Ke'er, you had the guts to make my life hard. Now it's your turn to go to hell! I'm going to ruin you! I'll ruin everything!""My face! Ah! My face!"Her palms were immediat
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