18 Chapters
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Stop Sugarcoating, Baby
Stop Sugarcoating, Baby Calliope Syndey "Casy" Fryxell is a Mathematics teacher in Felghana National High School. People don't know that she is lesbain. Unfortunately, she is living in a country where being a part of LGBTQ+ community is strictly prohibited, and anyone who will be proved as a part of it will be punished to prison, or 100 lashes. Casy needs to sugarcoat in order to save herself. Everything is fine until she met Kataleya "Kate" Carson, another teacher, English major, was hired in the same school she is working.  Will Casy continue on sugarcoating despite of what she feels for Kate? Or will she pursue her love and face the inevitable death? - Title: Stop Sugarcoating, BabyRead more
Chapter 1 : Break Up
"Good morning, class," I greeted the whole class of Section-A as I enter the room. All of the students stand up and bow down in 30 degrees before greeting back. They sit back on their chairs with a good posture. Of course, what do you expect? This is the cream of all cream sections in this school. It is normal and they are really supposed to act that way. "Last Friday, I told you to read advance and study the Arithmetic Sequence for that is our lesson for today. Did you do that?" I asked them while looking for my marker that I'm going to us duting the discussion. "Yes, Ms. Fryxell," they answered in choir. " Good. Ms. Masamayor, what is arithmetic sequence?" I asked. The small girl with the br
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Chapter 2 : Public Execution
Yesterday night passed with full of sadness. I can't even sleep for my brain kept on flashing Zac's gloomy and crying face. I tried to sleep early for my class will start at 7:00 am today, but I ended up sleeping late in the midnight. "Oh, Casy, you look tired. Did you get enough sleep?" Dhaile asked, my close friend who is also a teacher in the same school I'm working, Felghana National High School. "I'm fine. I just slept late yesterday night," I answered while scratching my eyes. "By the way, did you heard the news?"  We stopped walking. It is still early for our first class so I think it's fine to have a small chit chat with her. Besides, I'm not going to do anything important. I finished everything yesterday.Read more
Chapter 3 : New Teacher
All of us walked back to our places. After the public execution, everyone acts like nothing happened. When I turned my sight back to the center of the capital, I saw the police officers putting Mr. Lacsa's body inside a sack. Blood is scattered in every part of the area. I can't look at it any longer. When we finally arrived in the school, the students went back to their classrooms and continue their classes. I look at my schedule to find out if I have my next class.  "Oh. I have my three next classes," I said to myself. Luckily, those are higher classes. They wouldn't be stressful for me. I continue walking to reach the Secondary Building where my next class is. When I reached that building, I heard several shouts for the second floor. "Give way
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Chapter 4 : Chase
Today is another day in school. I only have two days to finish collecting all of the requirements of my students. I don't want to wait for next week to to my job. The earlier I can create their grades, the better. "Hays. Boring," I said while walking alone in the street. I don't have Dhaile with me so I have no one to talk to. Her first class will be on 10:00 am while mine is 8:00 am. I hate it when our schedule isn't the same. I feel alone if she's not here since she is the only one that I am comfortable to talk to.  To ease the boringness I'm feeling, I get my earphones and my cellphone and started playing songs. I played the heavy metal songs to rise up my energy.  After minutes of walking, I finally arrived on the school. That wasn't that exhausting since my apartment is just half a kilometer aw
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Chapter 5 : The History
Kate lends all of her ears to the three of us. She is listening eagerly and waiting for Unah to start speaking. "In this country, most of the people hates the LGBT community," Unah started her explanation. "LGBT? You mean lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender?" Kate asked even if it is obvious that it is the real meaning of it.  "Yup." Kate's eyebrows met. "Why?" I was shocked when Kate asked why. I mean, as a person who lives in this country, she must know that kind of law. Public execution as the punishment for the LGBT members is already circulating in this country for almost 50 years.  It seems like Unah noticed that Dha
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Chapter 6 : Search for Mr. Cambri
Friday comes and this is the last school day of the week. All of the teachers are busy for the first quarter exam is coming. We only have two days before that event comes.  Now, I have a big problem. Mister Cambri from Class - B isn't coming to school since last week. I'm worried about his grades on my subject and also to other subjects.  "I've gotta go," I said to Dhaile who's still typing something in her laptop. I'm now in Dhaile's office or the office of Music Teachers. I don't like to stay in my own office for I'll just get bored there. There are no any other people inside my office so I decided to join Dhaile here. "Why? Do you have your next class?" she asked without looking at me for her sight is focused on the laptop's screen.<
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Chapter 7 : He was Arrested
"Ms. Fryxell? Are you going home already? It's still early," the school guard asked me when he saw me walking to the gate with my backback. "Uhm, no. I'm going to my student's home. He's absent for a week and I need to check him," I answered. "Oh, that's bad," he reacted. "By the way, ma'am. Will you come back immediately?" he asked before sipping in his coffee. "Maybe I'll be here at three in the afternoon. This is included in my time, right? Or I have to have my  time out now?"  "Yes ma'am. You're still on your duty so you don't have to check your time out. Just fill this up after you came back here," he explained. "Good thing. I'll go now. I need to go back immediately," I replied
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Chapter 8 : Pleading for Life (Part 1)
Mrs. Cambri and I rushed to the school. We need to talk to Madam Principal as soon as possible.  "Ms. Fryxell! You came back so fast!" the guard said while opening the gate of the school for us. "Who is she?" he asked when he saw the woman in my back. "She is Mrs. Cambri, the mother of the student I'm saying to you. We're going to talk to Madam Principal," I answered. "Okay," he looks at Mrs. Cambri while handling a ballpen. "Kindly fill up this form, ma'am. It is necessary because you are an outsider." Mrs. Cambri filled up the form and after that we walked to the Main Building where the Principal's Office is located.  "Ms. Fryxell, I don't know but I feel so nervous right now," Mrs
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