84 Chapters
A10: It's Not So Interesting, Is It not?
Cafes in this small town are very different from cafes in Jakarta. Even so, still the aesthetic appearance did not disappoint me. Especially the Ananda Cafe that I—we—stopped by.I sip a cappuccino ice drink with brownish granola topped with pleasure. A boy and a part-time vampire in front of me were staring at a group of girls in shorts across the place where we sat. The girls who were mostly wearing minimal tops were giggling when they realized Saga was watching them.“Seriously,” Saga grunted on the green ice-colored basil drink under her nose. “The girls think I'm admiring them or something. Their clothes lack material.”I laughed. “You're so old-fashioned, Saga. How old are you?”Saga pouted. “I'm only one year old!”I almost sprayed the espresso milk liquid into his face.“Don't say it's true!” I shrieked under my breath.Saga rolls his eyes with bored. &ldq
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A11: His Statement, I Think
I gape to hear the explanation. If he is joking, the composition is very good. If he is serious, that sounds weird.“Why don't you publish yourself in this world?” I said curiously. “And… gosh, do vampires really exist? How could I be so far behind?”Saga grinned. “Bara, humans will hate us when they see us truly in this world! Again, the law really exists. It's just that only vampires know.”I leaned with an unsatisfied attitude.“But, you see? We love movies and stories about vampires because they look cool, handsome and pretty too! So why not?” I tried to argue based on impromptu market research in my head.Saga laughter bursts out. The waitress girl who was passing by turned to be curious.“Try to imagine,” Saga whispered, leaning toward me. “Just imagine first. You beautiful girls are gossiping somewhere about Damon Salvatore's good looks, then a similar creature s
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A12: I Want Damon Salvatore, Not a Gutter!
The boy continued as if I had never interrupted him. “One day she couldn't take it anymore. She is often ridiculed, harassed and humiliated. Therefore, she came to a remote cave to meditate. There she begged the devil to help her avenge her pain.“On the seventh night, a terrifying-faced devil finally appeared. The devil asked the girl's wishes and the girl said she wanted to kill without hurting the victim much. First, the devil told him to do gulf or witchcraft, but the girl refused. She wants to spend the blood of her victims without grievances or significant injuries.“So, the devil says he can make it happen. However, the girl must swear that she will still devote her soul to him: life or death. That will also apply to her grandchildren. The girl agreed and that was the beginning of the birth of vampires now.“Even so, the girl never married nor had children. However, she created new vampires of her own free will. Her revenge was gon
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A13: Should I Feel Nerveous?
In eighteen years of living, I had never felt so sweaty when I was in a car with the air conditioner on. My palms are so moist and slippery that squeezing hands is so easy.I breathe heavily, as if oxygen is slowly being sucked out of the car. My anxiety and worries increase by one percent every second. I did not even dare to look into the driver's seat beside me.The atmosphere in this private vehicle is no better. It feels like there's a secret bomb ready to be detonated anytime. My body that feels cold inside and hot outside doesn't help at all.It is not the right time to catch a cold.For the millionth time in these few minutes, my heart cried out all kinds of curses for Saga the stupid vampire of all time, who now has a situation similar to mine.After the rest of Saga's motorcycle was loaded into a patrol car and we were escorted into the vehicle, we were taken to the police station. We got an extra lecture from the law enforcement uniforms
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A14: I Don't Know Who I Am
I came out with my feet almost feels like jelly and accidentally closed the car door rather hard. I ran to get to my room and closed the door until it thudded. My heart is racing. I closed my eyes while controlling my breath slowly.I walked slowly to the bed, and then sat there feeling tense. I took the smartphone from my pocket with a trembling finger.When we were at the cafe with Saga, we exchanged cellphone numbers. We decided to notify each other if there were important matters concerning the world of attachment that I should know.In this case, Saga must be aware of the development of our efforts in uncovering the mystery of the implementation of Barbara the Family Prisoner. Although I don't feel we have tried for it for real.On the fourth ring tone, the call is picked up. Saga greeted from across there in a low voice.“What's up?” Saga asked suspiciously.My hands were still shaking, so I gripped the edge of the mattress
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A15: I'm not That One, But This One
“Barbara!”Sunlight peered in from the ventilation gap above my window. A knock on the door woke me. I stretch like a lazy cat. I looked at the watch that was past fifteen minutes past eight.“Wait a minute!” I said hoarsely.A knock was no longer heard, but because of that, I froze. I turned quickly toward the door. No doubt, that was my mother's voice!I got up in a hurry and ran to the bathroom connected to my room. I showered as fast as I could with my heart beating fast again. My heart returned to feeling full of anticipation.After about fifteen minutes, I was standing in casual clothes and a simple brush. I did not forget to use cherry flavored lip balm. My long, curly hair is still half-wet. However, I do not have time to dry it using a blow dryer.Feeling like the one you were going out on a date would be embarrassing enough without having to maximize it.I took a deep breath and opened the door to my
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A16: Both
“Barbara, you aren't ordinary human being,” my mother said sadly. My heart is searching again. “Please still think of us as your parents. We love you more than the responsibility given to us.”My tears have dripped once, but my forehead wrinkled.“Responsibility?” I asked, not understanding.Dad finally looked down at me. He sighed. “Yes, Bara, responsibility. Your own biological parents handed you over to us. They asked us to look after you.”I still do not understand.Gran opened his voice. “Your parents were killed, Bara. Their killer has been eyeing you since you were born in this world.”My heart started to mess again. “Why?”My grandfather could not answer. However, Dad took over answering my question.“Your biological parent… your father is a vampire and your mother is a wolf-shifter. You are a wolvire, a wolf-vampire. However,
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A17: What a Seal
My back is bristling. I am not a pious person, but that does not mean I do not mind being a slave to Satan. I don't want to be enslaved by anyone.“I will never be like that,” I promised: to the world and myself.Dad shook his head. “It's not only yourself who can control your blood, Bara. Anyone from vampires and shapeshifters in this world who can use dark magic like Seven Breath Ritual, he will be able to make you control the world.”“What is that?”“That’s kind of dark ritual for immortal beings like us, which deals with absolute control of the soul.”I looked at him in horror. “I… so they can control my soul to control the world? Including humans?”Dad leaned his back. “No, you can control vampires and shapeshifters, but you can't control humans. They control their own souls. Vampire-like soul….”I swallowed my saliva that felt bitter. &ld
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A18: It's the Beginning, I Think
“Wait!” I cried angrily. “Before deciding… something, is someone wants to tell me what the problem is? I still don't understand anything!”“That doesn't matter!” Gran shouted angrily. “You'll die if we all slow down here! Explain later!”BANG!The four of us gasped. Dad and Gran flashed toward the living room. I was about to catch up with them when Mom held me in place. My mother shook her head. Mom's body stiffened so tightly when we both heard the soft voice of a man from the living room.“Hello, Eli's father and… ah, yes, Rudi's best friend is here too. Burhan, if I remember correctly?”I opened my mouth to ask, but Mom held me close. My eyes widened. Mom motioned for me to remain silent. I nodded, then she let go of her hand.“I heard you ran away from the Lorentz Papua Security Booth,” I heard Gran's voice say.The newcomer laughed crispy.<
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A19: Boar, Boar! Come Here!
A wild boar is seen sitting on a molt bush below the wild trees. From the tree here, I could see the animal's snout clearly, when he sniffed carelessly.I sighed while hugging the branch beside me. It has seems fun to be a boar. They do not need to worry about the vampires who will chase them to the end of hell once.I fell silent for a moment, and then sighed again, feels tired.“I'm sorry, Boar,” I muttered to myself. “I'm too jealous of you. You must have been chased by vampires too because they needed your blood… or not?”I looked at the clear sky from behind the tree canopy. The boar below limped away when he found nothing behind the dry leaves. The four footsteps made a crackling sound, along with the chatter of monkeys and birds chirping around me.These past few days my life's spirits have diminished somewhat. After leaving Gran's house, my mother and I continued to flash until we arrived in a dense forest. I
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