72 chapters
The night was a special kind of blackness, the kind that wants only to hold the stars and help them to shine all the brighter. It was a warm black that hugged you no matter what, and within it's the safety I could feel my own soul all the more clearly, that innocent inborn spark.Bathed in the light of the sun, the moon was more beautiful than even the stars around.The werewolves move by the twilight moon, coordinated, but rarely in the company. Their target is prearranged and all that matters is a confirmed kill. Gone are the days of raging beasts with no thought to conceal their identity, anonymity is priority number one.The only shining things other than the stars were their sparkly coloured eyes...warm brown...hazel and deep blue with flecks of silver.The wolves appeared silently...trying to stay low as long as they could.It was a small tribe they were keeping their eyes on.Although they had no intention to kill the whole tribe but a particular
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2. Snowy Day.
It was six in the morning when a girl walked through the empty streets of a small town in Alaska.The weather was almost as cold as it ever been. Predictions were there might be a snowstorm arriving soon, she has to reach to the destination as soon as she can.Covered in warm clothes, she tucked her scarf under her long fur coat...but her long red hair was let loose in the air.The wind howled, piling up snow in drifts, blinding the night with ice-white dust.The storm has arrived...Trees, posts, cowsheds loomed into her vision, then vanished, swallowed in white.Breath pales against the numbing air, she blinked thoughtfully as the frost patiently kissed her face, captivated by the soft, dusty illusions of light that sat heavily on her eyelashes. She adored the snow, more so when it was falling.She opened the lock and twisted the doorknob stepping inside the shop as she felt warmth around it.The bakery was in one of those little stores in the run
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3. Baker?
The week has passed by, the weather was the same, sometimes the cold wind blew along with the snow...other times the snowstorm covered the area.People living in the city were habitual by now...the work goes on and on."Winter, prepare a latte for Mrs Willow...she might be here soon," Pidge said decorating the cake.The door pushed open and the bell rang as a cold breeze immediately came in along with a woman.Dressed in a skirt and blouse, the woman was wearing a navy blue coat, a warm scarf wrapped around her neck...dark shades covering her beautiful eyes.Lia always makes fun of Mrs Willow wearing a skirt down with her upper body fully covered.Maybe she doesn't feel cold on her lower body.As soon as she removed her shades, she spoke, "Hello..." exhaling the frigid smoke out of her mouth."Good day, Mrs Willow. Please have a seat...your latte is ready..." Pidge smiled pouring the coffee in a cup.The girls were behaving professionally
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4. Wet Dream.
"Why would a handsome guy like him be so rude to you?" Rosina narrowed her eyebrows."I don't know and I don't care...he wasn't my type anyway," Pidge flipped her hair back."The first principle to make a guy flatter on you...make an impression.""Guys like women who are independent and intelligent." In this way, Lia's lecture began.The girls were having dinner in a restaurant next to the club they went to.Saturday night is said to be extraordinary...after a working week people gets together with their friends or have dinner with their families...everyone comes out for fun.Alaska is one of the northern areas in the US and the place they live in is known as Anchorage, Alaska.Even with such coldness, the people of Alaska love to enjoy the nights out."Who is your type then, Pidge?" Lia asked wiping her mouth with a napkin."Someone who can dominate me..." she murmured but it was loud enough for the girls to hear.Pidge was qu
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5. Mittens Matters.
Tossing and turning her sides after every five minutes Pidge kept on thinking about the handsome guy Dylan.He was handsome from the depths of his eyes to his tan skin, his muscular biceps pumped up from the winter coat he was wearing.She imagined him without a hot does his body will look?She only wonders...a ghost of a smile touched his lips when she recalled the scene of him winking in her direction right before he pulled the door of the bakery.Pidge was going mad...she was thinking about Dylan all the time...seeing him in her dreams.She needs to see him...Pidge opened her phone and looked for Dylan on the Facebook search engine.A lot of guys named Dylan appeared on the phone screen while she scrolled down just to see his picture.Clicking on his name his profile picture remained open when she saw the very handsome face of the guy.Her heart skipped a beat seeing the shirtless profile picture of Dylan."Dylan Maxw
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6. Decorate Me.
On the verandah were plants that reached up past the cedar railings and branched out gleefully into the cold wind.The pots were works of art in their own right. Everyone was a pleasing shape and glazed in the same vibrant shades of blue he accented his home with.Some were like snapshots of midnight and ribbed like waves. Others were classically smooth, widening to a rimmed top, brilliant cyan glaze clinging to them like animal skin and dripping down the sides to add just the right dash of Chaos.Dylan twisted the doorknob and pushed the door open.As they went in she was amazed to see such a beautiful sight to behold.It was a magnificent chalet made of glass, the interior was modern yet elegant."Wow!" she whistled unbelievably."You like it?" he asked and she rushed towards the glass window...the majestic view of the mountains and the snow couldn't describe in words.In the living room, there was placed an undecorated Christmas tree.
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7. Owner Of The Bakery.
"Hurry up, Winter. Mrs Willow will be here soon," Pidge said mopping the floor rapidly.Just then the door of the bakery pushed open and two figures stepped in.Pidge was looking at the floor mopping the spilt coffee which a child has thrown by accident.Her eyes got fixed on the shoes of the was wearing simple black court shoes...she was probably a female.Another figure was wearing neatly pointed dark brown shoes, his feet were larger than the woman.Looking up she was stunned to see the man and a woman."Hello everyone," his voice sweet and a smile touched his lips."Girls, this is my son...Dylan Maxwell," Mrs Willow simply announced.Winter, Rosina, Lia along with Pidge were in a if they all were caught redhanded."Her son?""She spent a night with the owner's son.""Pidge..." the girls said together in a mumble...staring at their best friend who was just glued in her place."Hello," Dylan walke
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8. Invite Her.
"What are you doing here at this time of an hour?" she asked putting the red roses on the vase.Turning to him she just realised that he was too close when she bumped into him.Holding her waist and pulling her closer, he tucked the strand of her hair behind her ear."Baby, I can't sleep without you..." his whispers were low and arousing.She blushed and he lifted her chin to meet her eyes and spoke, "Is this possible if I spend the night with you?" She didn't say anything when an idea popped up his mind and he immediately blurted out, "Come with me.""Where?" she asked as he held her hand and was about to twist the doorknob when the voice of an old lady came through the door who was pushing the door.Pidge with wide eyes quickly locked the door, silently and hushed him up."Pidge? Pidge? Are you in there? What is that noise?" the old lady asked knocking the door."Yea...yea. It's me...I'm here, Ms Green." The answer Pidge gave was
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9. Christmas Bells.
Mrs Willow never mixed business with family but when her stepson insisted she couldn't deny.Christmas was near...and as the city had snow everywhere it was a great time to cherish the Christmas spirit.People roamed around with their children and buying gifts for their loved ones.The decorated reindeers...fake and real were standstill in the streets.The fake Santa was waving the little candies to them.At night, the decorated streets with Christmas lights enhanced the view. It was so perfect for Pidge...she was excited.The bells rang in a peal. The little elves distributing candy canes to the children.Pidge and her friends, Winter, Rosina and Lia were helping her with all the bakery items Mrs Willow has asked them to make."I can't believe he just invited me like this..." Pidge has this unusual pretty smile on her face."I think the guy is interested..." Lia the clever one uttered."You think?""I
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10. He Put A Ring On It.
"Pidge? Pidge?" Mrs Willow walked by, her hands flatten in the air as she looked around trying to find one specific figure."Where is Pidge?" she asked the rest of the three girls who were busy eating."Oh, Mrs Willow...Pidge had an emergency," Winter blurted out.Rosina and Lia eyed her sternly."What emergency?" Mrs Willow asked unaware."She...she..." Rosina had her mouth stuffed with cookies when she could not speak properly."The old lady she lives with called her in an emergency as she thinks that the burglar is there to rob the house.""What?" Rosina and Winter along with Mrs Willow said together."Yea didn't she told you guys?" Lia eyed them as if to say to agree with her and both of the girls quickly gave a nod."Let me call the police..." as soon as Mrs Willow turned to speak, Winter hushed her up by saying, "Oh, no...Mrs Willow. There is nothing she can't handle. If she will need anything she will call us or you...""But t
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