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Skylar's POV I felt like I would break apart. I could almost hear my heart shattering into a million pieces. Every possible emotion overwhelmed me, but only one stood out more than the others, Misery. All because today was Monday. The day that leads to a whole week of school. What can I say? I hated waking up so early –for such purpose– with a burning passion.  It's not like I got bullied, had to go through mean girls, or had really bad teachers. It just wasn't my thing.Read more
Skylar's POV "Why aren't you eating?" Alex asked, eyeing my lunch tray. Normally, food would've been my only desire, aside from sleep of course. But right now, just the sight of it made me all queasy.I glanced at my tray once more before muttering, "I got a C," With a frown, I looked him straight in the eye. "Again."I picked up a fry and chewed on it hoping to obtain my appetite again. It worked for all of five seconds before flashes of my Physics's test paper and a big red C on it appeared right before my eyes. I had to accept the fact that I was definitely not eating lunch today.A small snicker escaped his lips before he gave me the most sincere apology, "That sucks."I glared at him and he put his hands up in sur
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Skylar's POVI was ecstatic at the thought of going back to my house when the classes ended, lay around and enjoy the remaining day with Chicken.However, when Alex dropped me in front of my house and I opened the front door, I realized that it wasn't locked. Which either meant that I had forgotten to lock the door this morning, or somebody had broken in the house.Both the thoughts were highly terrifying.Cautiously, I stepped inside the threshold, wishing Alex had waited for me in the driveway for at least few more minutes. He had drove away the moment I stepped out of his car, something that he did all the time."Hello?" I called out as I closed the front door behind me.A big part of me was expecting the worst, all credits to each and every horror movie I had ever watched in my life. Seriously, I needed to stop
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Skylar's POV1:00 am. My parents were sound asleep in their room. Chicken was sound asleep in my room, curled up on my bed. The moon was up in the night sky, glowing brightly. And I, Skylar Anderson, was dressed up in a black T-shirt and jeans, my favourite denim jacket, and some butt-kicking motorcycle boots.When I looked at myself in the mirror, I realized that I kind of resembled those actors in gangster movies. I looked like one of those sketchy dudes lurking around the creepy alleyways of New York city, having anything but good intentions.Maybe this was the exact reason why my mom never approved of my dressing style.With a
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Skylar's POVWhen I woke up, Mom and Dad were gone like always. Which was actually better since they wouldn't have appreciated my disastrous morning state.Not the usual drowsy morning look, it was way worse than that. My hair had developed itself into a nest over the few hours I actually got to sleep. I hadn't even realized that I was still wearing my mud-smeared sneakers, flopped face-first onto my bed. There were small cuts and scrapes on my arms from jumping down and climbing up my window. Also, my head was aching really badly.All in all, I looked like a sleep deprived zombie, so much so that I was left shaken for a few seconds when I looked in the mirror. My hair were tangled into a frizzy mess, my brown eyes casted with exhaustion, and my skin almost looking pale.Once again, I was extremely grateful that my parents wer
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Skylar's POV"My head's gonna burst any second, Chicks." I groaned, clutching onto my forehead as I slumped down on my bed. Chicken purred in response and curled around one of my legs, something that didn't seem to help in the slightest.I really couldn't understand why my head was aching so badly right now, the pounding in my head seeming to increase if I sat up for too long. Now that I thought about it, the hit hadn't been that severe.But what if I had accidentally bursted a vein or something? Or maybe cracked my skull?Read more
Skylar's POV"East Gang?" I asked him. "What kind of gang is that even?"He stared at me blankly for a few seconds before opening his mouth to answer me. But I cut him off first,"I mean, I do know there are many gangs here in New York, people who deal drugs and stuff." I said, then narrowed my eyes ever so slightly. "But why would a gang involve itself with me?"He closed his mouth shut and gave me a look of disbelief."Do gangs prank these days? Because that's way too immature. If my parents found out about this—" I stopped and narrowed my eyes even further at him. "You're not messing with me, are you?""Why would I try to mess with a person like you?" He made sure to emphasize on that last word, giving me a really offensive look. If I th
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Skylar's POVTrying to act like everything was completely normal –the next day in school– felt a bit too hard, especially when I had one of my hands wrapped up in a bandage. Every time I moved that hand even a bit, the constant reminder of last night flashed before my eyes along with the stinging harsh pain. The gash hadn't been that deep and it had stopped bleeding after a while, but it still hurt. And each time, it felt extremely hard not to wince out loud whenever the familiar jolt of pain ran up my arm.I would've told Alex about it, but something inside me prevented me from doing so. I was still creeped out by the whole incident that had happened last night, way too paranoid for my own good. That guy in that ski mask was still lurkin
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Skylar's POV"How did you get your hand cut this deep, honey?" The nurse questioned, passing me a worried glance.I've never really been in the nurse's office except for that one time, when that kid in my gym class threw one of those heavy basketballs right at my face. And it wasn't a nice memory. But it hadn't hurt like it was hurting now.I looked away from her and gazed down at my legs, dangling them from the small recovery couch I was sitting on, which was situated at one corner of the nurse's office.I hesitated a little before telling her the first thing that came in my head, "I was slicing some onions and I accidentally cut my hand."That was nowhere near the truth. It was a total lie since I didn't even know how to cook in the first place. B
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Skylar's POVTurns out that Caden found out about my house address from Alex. Or atleast that's what he told me,"So, how did you find out where my house is?" I asked him with evident curiosity."From that boyfriend of yours." He replied in that blank tone of his.I frowned at him, surprised at the same time. "Alex's not<
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