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Prologue I am running in the massive woods to save my life from that psycho. It's night time and the darkness is making it impossible for me to watch anything around my surroundings. I don't know where I'm going or where I will go or how I will reach my family but I know only that.He is behind me and I know if I let him catch me he will kill me for sure.My feets are bleeding because I'm bare feet. My dress is torn courtesy goes to that psychotic bastard.My whole body is covered with bruises and cuts and obviously those ugly hickeys."catch her if I didn't find her you all are as good as dead," I heard him screamingOh no he is coming for me. What should I do?How did he get to know that I tried to run away?I don't have time to think over it but i have to run but it's like fate isn't on my side. It was never from the d
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Chapter 1 the not so good start
Chapter 1 The not so good start Author's pov A girl is running in a dark forest where an ounce of light can't be found. The night is moonless making it more dreading."run baby, run as much you want but at the end you have come to me," the girl heard a manly voice but she didn't stopShe ran until she couldn't anymore. She fell down on the muddy ground with a thud and saw a person Standing in front of her. She was about to look at the person when suddenly someone screamed. " Turvi! Get your lazy ass up now," Turvi's pov I woke up from my nightmare and looked around myself. I'm here in my room on my bed. And my annoying as fuck cousin cum best friend Stuti is screaming on my head. I don't know why I always see this nightmare only. Same t
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Chapter 2 love interest
Chapter 2 love interest Turvi's pov Me and Stuti both are seated inside an auto rickshaw that is taking us to our college. Stuti hasn't uttered a single word after that fight. And I know why that is.. She doesn't like unnecessary drama and fights. She is the silent one in us. "Stuti says something this year. Silence doesn't suit you baby doll." I said and saw the driver looking at me from the mirror "The road is in front of you, not in the backside so concentration on that." I told him and he looked at the front only "now please say something." I told her "why did you curse that man?" she asked what I thought she will "because that Richie rich deserves that. You saw what happened right?" I asked her "Yes I did. But did you see his car? It was from an exclus
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Chapter 3 suspicious
Chapter 3 suspicious Turvi's pov Me and Aashank both are walking towards the dance room where our teacher is found basically. I am looking at him like that idiot is doing god knows what in this damn phone. "Aashu if you don't want me to throw that phone of yours in dustbin then fucking place it inside your pocket." I hissed "calm down doll face, don't be so hyper. And yes don't curse in front of me you know I don't like cursing." He said seriously "and I don't like when someone ignore me," I told him back "Bhai is texting me, he is here and wants to meet me." He said with a smile on his face He looks so cute when he smiles.. "oh your brother, that's good you should meet him. By the way, why don't you introduce us to your brother?" I asked him and he looked nervous?&nbs
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Chapter 4 dance competition
Chapter 4 dance competition Turvi's pov Turvi why aren't you ready yet?" Stuti asked me."I'm practicing for the last time. Once done I will finish my make up." I told her I have worn my dress and jewellery just need to make up for it. "No first get ready," she says "Ok mummy," I mocked her and she rolled her eyes. I finished my make up and saw myself in the mirror. I'm not looking bad I see. Lol whom I'm kidding I'm looking gorgeous... I'm wearing a red blouse with gold thread work over it. And a net lehenga of cream colour with a red thread work cloth underneath it and a cream colour net dupatta with sparkling border on it.And about my jewellery I'm wearing Rajasthani maang tikka, and pearl work jhumka and necklace set with the same pear work kamidahani on my waist. My wrists are adorned
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Chapter 5 first official meet
Chapter 5 first official meet Turvi's pov I walked ahead and came in front of everyone. Our principal is here with the owner of A&A academy Mr. Aaryav Raichand. "I'm proud of you Turvi." our principal says with a smile "I'm glad that i could make my college and teachers proud." I told him with a big smile of my own "Now take the prize from him," he said and I looked at Mr Raichand. Oh my goodness what he is? He is so hot just like a greek god. His blue eyes with striking features... it's like god has crafted him taking his own good time. He is looking like he has come straight from some photo shoot. Don't give that look. I know I love Aashank but that doesn't mean that I can't praise or admire anyone. And surprisingly t
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Chapter 6 visiting Temple
Chapter 6 visiting Temple Turvi's pov I got up from my sleep because again I saw the same thing and to my horror this time I could hear his voice clearly. Normally I just understand the words and don't understand anything but today it was different. God, I will get mad like this. "Turvi! Oh great, you're awake. Get ready babe we have to leave." Stuti said. Leave? At 6 am? Has she lost her mind completely? "Our college won't start before 9 am so what's the rush?" I asked her to yawn."What day is today?" she asked me. What day is today? I took my phone and saw the day. Oh, crap today is Thursday we have to go to the temple. It's our daily routine. We always go to the temple on Thursday. Even back at home as well. Home I miss it and my parents as well. I will be able to meet t
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Chapter 7 punishment
Chapter 7 punishment Turvi's pov I walk towards my class and thankfully the professor hasn't come yet. So I won't get scolded for coming late. I looked at my usual seat and found that idiot sitting down there and smiling at me like a fool. I royally ignored him and walked past my seat and sat on an empty place. Our classroom is huge so we got extra empty seats. He frowned at me but I didn't give him a dam. I'm angry at him and he has to understand that. He got up from his seat and sat beside me. I was about to get up but he held my hand. "what happened doll face?" he asked me like he doesn't know "um are you talking with me? Because my name Is Turvi, not some doll face. And moreover do I know you?" I asked him with an over sweet smile He sighed u
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Chapter 8 night club disaster
Chapter 8 nightclub disaster Turvi's pov I locked our apartment and walked downstairs with Stuti. She isn't comfortable with the dress much but she will be. She is looking so hot and gorgeous. She always hides her beauty under those baggy clothes.. "babe calm down nothing will happen to you. No one will eat you alive. I won't leave you alone so don't worry." I told her and she smiled "I know," is the only answer I got We walked outside and saw a car waiting for us as the driver was Aashu. Last time I checked he doesn't own a car but a bike. Looking at us he came out of his car and let me tell you he is looking so handsome, hot and edible. Call me pervert but it's the way I'm. "wow," he said looking at us or i say looking at Stuti "wow
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Chapter 9 after shock of disaster
Chapter 9 after shock of disaster Turvi's pov Ahh! My head is aching so fucking much. My eyes are closed tightly like it's glued together. I am trying to open them but it's not working. Why god why? After trying a lot I opened my eyes but again closed them as the light blinded me for some time. I opened my eyes slowly adjusting with the lights and saw Aashu and Stuti kissing each other madly, forgetting their surroundings. Lol I'm joking it's nothing like that.Stuti is sleeping beside me and Aashu on the couch in my room. What happened? Why are they here in my room? And what happens to me? Why is it hurting so much? "stuti," I called her and cringe at my own voice Stuti woke up immediately. She is a light sleeper. "Turu thank go
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